[caption id="attachment_17303" align="alignleft" width="396" caption="Lee Tae Sung"][/caption] Now that Kim Hyun Joong is officially on board Playful Kiss, the rest of the cast is being quickly revealed. One of the biggest names to be added recently is Lee Tae Sung, who's appeared in Time Between Dog and Wolf and several other dramas. For a complete roll-call of the new and familiar faces of Kiss, check out the comprehensive coverage right here. Kwon Sang Woo, star of the upcoming Dae Mul and lately infamous for a rather strange hit-and-run accident (no one was injured except a tree), apologized in a handwritten letter posted on his website. Reportedly, the online community is still steamed at the actor for 1) taking so long to put out an apology, and 2) apologizing to his Japanese fans first. Viewers hoping for a longer Dong may get their wish, as both Dong Yi and the hit Baker King Kim Tak Gu are under consideration for extensions. In Dong Yi's case, that would potentially mean ten additional episodes! Want to watch Music Bank? You'd better be at least 15 years old! That's the new ratings suggestion for the show that has recently been featuring pop idols wearing less and less. Previously, the recommended age was 12 and up. Finally, sit back with Coffee Prince's Kim Jae Wook and enjoy his top five most addictive songs, compiled here.