[caption id="attachment_21870" align="alignleft" width="360" caption="Chae Si Ra"][/caption] Playful Kiss fever is being stoked by a barrage of new images and video for the romance, marking the drama return of Kim Hyun Joong. We've already seen one suggestive teaser, now here's another--this one including actual footage from the show. Kim has also posted his character's graduation photos, the first including his TV family, to his Twitter account. Fans in Japan, where the original manga was created (and where an animated series has already been produced), will have to wait a few months before a localized version of the drama begins airing there in December. Playful Kiss starts September 1st. Is Dong Yi raiding Yi San's closet? Check out the similar... make that identical outfits that have appeared in both period dramas right here. Behind-the-scenes maneuvering over at the fantasy drama Secret Garden has fans wondering if Jang Hyuk will make his comeback in the drama after all. The trouble seems to have started when 2PM's Jaebum, slated to make his acting debut in Garden, made moves to get out of the drama. This may have started a domino effect, with Jang Hyuk and Kim Sa Rang now looking for the exits. For now, this is all speculation based on rumors planted by the company that manages all three actors. However, Hyun Bin has acknowledged receiving a copy of the script just in case he is asked to replace Jang Hyuk... Gold medalist/gossip magnet Kim Yu Na broke ties with her longtime coaches Tracy Wilson and Brian Orser... via her mom. Kim didn't bother to attend the meeting, possibly angered at Orser, who was offered a job by Kim's figure skating archrival Mao Asada. The two have been on the outs for months, with both angrily taking their stories to the media instead of working it out face to face. What do you think of Shin Se Kyung's new hairstyle? Netizens, never shy about their opinions, are hating on the bangs, calling them "awkward." Giant is under consideration for an extension, but the decision is all a matter of counterprogramming. Recently, the revenge drama has beaten even ratings juggernaut Dong Yi. All that could change, however, when the historical drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal begins airing in a few weeks. If Giant keeps its audience high despite the newcomer, it appears likely that the extension will be granted. Finally, Chae Si Ra and Kim Mi Sook are featured in the new Allure, portraying screen legends Audrey Hepburn and Greta Garbo. See a sample of the beautiful photo shoot right here.