Angels! (っ˘̩╭╮˘̩)っ Our journey back on Earth has come to an end! Young Soo and Gi Tak were able to make their amends, set things right, and finally move on (though some people completely disappear from everyone’s memory!) *reaches for the tissues* Join Firnlambe, DeShonda and Marakeshsparrow as we discuss all the tears and goodbyes, and weigh in on our final thoughts of this hilarious and heart-wrenching drama, Please Come Back, Mister.


Please Come Back, Mister

Starring Rain (Bi) and Oh Yeon Seo

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Marakeshsparrow: Awww… I have to say I’m sad to see this one come to an end. I really enjoyed these last two episodes and personally was pretty satisfied with the way things ended. EXCEPT for one (kind of big) thing--why did Han Gi Tak have to disappear from everyone’s memories!?! Why writers, why? That really had the tears flowing. Was it because he gave away who he was in front of Da Hye? Did she even fully register that? #depressed

Firnlambe: Well there was that reveal, but I think it was really his goodbye to Yi Yeon you know, the goodbye but I’ll forever be by your side /kiss/ //ahem// that was what really gave him away and caused him to be removed from everyone’s thoughts. I hated that they went that route, but at the same time I feel like it was the right move so everyone is able to move on with their lives and not be depressed sacks of human for the rest of their days.

DeShonda: I have to agree with you ladies. I was very sad that Gi Tak had to disappear as well. I actually went back and re watched the episodes to make sure I was getting a clear understanding, but then I realized that it must be his final goodbye to Yi Yeon. I was happy how his story ended.

Firnlambe: You know, I really am quite upset that all of this intense action and story plot only happened within the last 2 weeks of the show. Not only was there action there was heartbreak too. I mean, if you all could have heard my shouts while watching the Korean pedestrians just stand over a MAN THAT WAS FREAKING HIT BY A GOSH DARN CAR!!!! And do absolutely NOTHING except gasp, hover and ask “are you ok” over and over again, you all would have gone deaf. And don’t even get me started on Mr. Shy Bodyguard just bleeding out after ignoring common sense and venturing out into a dark alley by himself //begins to fume in her dark corner of the internet//

Marakeshsparrow: Yeah, these episodes were definitely intense--and I loved it! But there were frustrating moments. Na Suk Chul was totally out of hand and I’m not 100% sure I know why he went off the deep end. Insanity brought on by greed? Whatever the case, the fact that he hit Young Soo/Hae Joon in the first place killed me. I was praying he’d be ok, and when he was actually able to walk to the restaurant to make his date with Da Hye, I was like, “Oh, he’ll be fine--you can’t kill someone who’s already dead.” But nope--he had to go fall into a coma and Gi Tak’s had to give him half his remaining time. (╥﹏╥)

Marakeshsparrow: Seriously though, so much of these last two episodes were so sad! I guess I should have expected that. Oh, and if Shy Bodyguard (also known as my lovely Seung Jae) died, I would have lost it (though I was wondering if they writers would have him meet up with Gi Tak in heaven or something). Needless to say, super glad he got to the hospital in time. It would have been unfair for him to die when he has so much more ahead of him!

DeShonda: I enjoyed the action and intenseness of these final two episodes, even though they did come a little bit later on. I was wondering from the previous episode how Young Soo/Hae Joon would survive the car accident. I think it was a good thing that Gi Tak was willing to share his time. I was concerned how this would play out at the end however. I honestly thought that Shy Bodyguard was dead when I saw him stabbed. But I was happy that he did survive that incident. As far as Na Suk Chul is concerned, I was trying to figure him out as well. But I also think it was just greed as well.

Firnlambe: I thought the way they played out the whole Na Suk Chul bit and him blackmailing Jerkface Ex was brilliant. Plus the more I watched Jerkface Ex the more I got the feeling that he just had massive anger management issues, and deep down he really does care for his family--even if it’s currently broken. That’s why I was happy with how things ended for them after Gi Tak was “removed”.

Marakeshsparrow: Honestly Jerkface Ex grew on me in a weird way in these last episodes. //ducks to avoid flying garbage// I mean when we learned he was behind Gi Tak’s death, that was devastating--and the way Yi Yeon responded to that news was so heartbreaking!

Marakeshsparrow: But then we learned Jerkface Ex really didn’t have anything to do with it, Na Suk Chul had been a rogue agent for a while. I think you’re absolutely right, Firnlambe, deep down inside he does care for his family, but he’s incredibly prickly on the outside and self-centered. Not to say he’s a great guy or anything, but he wasn’t really as bad as I thought he was.

DeShonda: I have to agree with the both of you. Jerkface Ex did seem to come around in the last two episodes and I can tell that he cares about his son and YI Yeon.

Firnlambe: If we get technical, Suk Chul killed Gi Tak before Jerkface Ex ever said the “command” that was one of his many security blankets during his time as the boss for hire.

Marakeshsparrow: It seems like a lot of what Suk Chul did was because of his jealousy and inferiority complex regarding Han Gi Tak. At the very last moment I even felt a teensy bit bad for him! (I don’t know why I was feeling so forgiving during these last eps...) But really, the guy had pretty much been miserable his whole life and now had sold his soul to the devil to get his hands on the Big Boss’s money. You kind of have to pity him. Kind of. But when Gi Tak/Hong Nan sacrificed himself/herself to bring it all to and end, letting go of Young Soo’s hand so Suk Chul would fall--that, my friends, was epic. And I think this is why I was confused about his end. I thought the fall had “killed” Gi Tak and that then he was allowed to appear in front of Yi Yeon as some kind of special favor from Maya. But it was this “reveal” that caused him to disappear?

Firnlambe: Who really knows, at least there were able to keep the tears to a minimum. Though I have to admit I was worried when Da Hey rushed to Young Soo when she seemed to figure things out. I almost thought that no one would have a happy ending, but thankfully my instincts were wrong.

Marakeshsparrow: Yes! Let’s talk about the happier side of things. I’m so happy Young Soo was able to have some actual closure with his family. His last few moments with Ha Na, his dad and Da Hye were all so precious. And honestly, I think Da Hye realized the truth at the end--when she ran out after Young Soo/Hae Joon I’m pretty sure she knew. But I guess they were safe since neither said anything. Loophole? Hahaha.

DeShonda: I was very happy that Young Soo/Hae Joon had a happy ending as well. All throughout this series he just wanted to be close to his family again and he did achieve this. I was pretty sure Da Hye knew his real identity at the end and I thought that was touching, yet sad at the same time.

Marakeshsparrow: So a couple things were left up in the air and I wanted to hear both your takes on it! At the end, after the real Lee Hae Joon returns we also saw a real version of “Hong Nan” ( is that still her name?) She crossed paths with Yi Yeon and Sung Jae and he kind of sensed something in her. Do you think there’s a chance he’ll end up with her after all? Also, do you think there’s a chance Hae Joon and Da Hye will come together? They had a little moment on the elevator, but I wasn’t sure how to read it!

Firnlambe: Honestly, I could care less . . . heartless I know . . . but in the grand scheme of things there at the end, who ends up with who for the secondary characters holds no purpose to me. That being said, I could see Hae Joon and Da Hye potentially together.

DeShonda: The writers sure did leave this up in the air. That’s why I need a second series of this drama so this story could continue. But I could also see Hae Joon and Da Hye together as well.

[Da Hye and Hae Joon on elevator]

Marakeshsparrow: See I felt really attached to all these characters and I want them all to be happy so was really intrigued by all the little clues and hints left at the end. I would definitely watch a second season, though I know there won’t be one. (I mean, how often does that happen anyway?) One last thing that had me intrigued: it almost seemed like real-life Hong Nan and Lee Hae Joon recognized each other at the end. I really don’t know how that would be possible, but honestly I liked that touch. What were your opinions of the series overall?

Firnlambe: Overall? I liked the series as a whole, but I probably wouldn’t rewatch the series. The characters are worth watching but the story itself felt lacking to me at times, to the point where sometimes I just couldn’t bother with it.

DeShonda: I enjoyed the series overall. I liked the story and the characters as well. I thought Rain did a pretty good job as well as the other actors. The story I thought was interesting because these characters did get a second chance at life. They got to go back and try to change certain events that happened in their lives. Watching this made me wonder, if I died and got a second chance, what would I do? How would I change things and what would I do differently?

Marakeshsparrow: I liked it a lot! It had a few trying moments, but I felt like the story was refreshing and broke the mold from the typical K drama. It also had a lot of gender identity confusion and hilarity which I always enjoy. Add to that Rain and one of my new favorite comedic actresses, Oh Yeon Seo, and I find the positives far outweigh the negatives. I’d even go so far as saying this is probably my favorite Rain drama since Full House!

Well it looks like we’ve come to our end. Our time on Earth is up and it’s time to return to heaven. Meet you all on the other side, Angels! But before you go, tell us your final thoughts on Please Come Back, Mister. Did the ending bring you life or did it leave you weepy and unsatisfied? Did you enjoy Rain’s antics or were you hoping for something else? Let us know in the comments below!

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