Greetings Angels! We're back with another week of Please Come Back, Mister! This week we had a lot of Awwww moments with both Young Soo and Gi Tak showing their love for their families. It was really heartwarming to see, but we know it can't last forever. The two "men" only have one month left to set things right and make sure their loved ones will be able to carry on without them. Will they be able to enact their "revenge" (shhhh, don't tell Maya!) and move on peacefully? Join Firnlambe, DeShonda and me, Marakeshsparrow as we discuss! 

Marakeshsparrow: Well I don’t know about you ladies, but these last two episodes had me really torn. On the one hand I was actually kind of enjoying the interaction between Young Soo and Da Hye. I like that they are getting a little closer and that he’s had the opportunity to interact with his family (all though I thought it was ridiculous when he first suggested moving into the house with them) BUT at the same time I have a really big problem with what he’s doing. Is he not thinking about how he has to go back to the afterlife in a month? What good is it going to do for Da Hye to fall in love with him when he’s just going to disappear? I feel like he’s being really selfish here.

Firnlambe: I for one am not happy about it. Yes it’s nice to see him giving his family some well deserved attention, but like you’ve said . . . he has to leave in a month. All of these “happy” feelings he has been giving them is just going to //poof// vanish. And then what? More heartbreak, that’s what.

DeShonda: I was happy that Young Soo was getting the chance to be with Da Hye. After all, it is his wife, but I was afraid when he moved in the house as well. I think he just wants to be back with his family again like things used to be. He is also a bit jealous and does not want another man wooing his woman, and I can understand that. But he is clearly not thinking that this little romance will be a bit short lived.

Marakeshsparrow: I do get it and I find it sad that he hasn’t been able to really embrace her and show his love since he so clearly has strong feelings. But he acts like he is going to step in and take care of her from now on when he won’t be able to. Da Hye’s been so careful to keep her guard up and now I can see she’s starting to let it down. But like Firnlambe said, it seems like this will only lead to more pain and heartache! He’s waltzed into their lives, totally won over his father and Ha Na (I thought it was so sweet when she told her mom she thought “Dad” had brought this “new man” into their lives). I don’t know. Sometimes I really can’t understand Young Soo’s actions. As much as I enjoy his antics, he really drives me up the wall!

DeShonda: Well I can say that Young Soo is acting on impulse. He really misses his family but I agree that the more he gets closer to his family again, the more hurt that they will all be when his time is up. In his mind, he thinks he is doing the right thing, but in reality he is not. . . It’s a double edged sword and I have a feeling that this may not end well and I will be crying like a baby. Maya will need to knock some sense into him again I think.

Marakeshsparrow: So while we’re on the subject of Young Soo and his family, one of my favorite moments this week was when Young Soo called Gi Tak to come help him make food. And then “he” brings his whole makeshift family unit too! Awwwwww! I loved seeing them all interact with each other and Ha Na with Young Chan was the cutest. Also, how hilarious was that whole ‘hide the porn moment’ --bwahahahahahaha!

Marakeshsparrow: Then when they all sat around the dinner table with that feast laid out before them, I was super happy. And Sung Jae almost didn’t know what to do! I get the impression he’s never had an experience like that, never felt the warmth of sitting around the table with the whole family outside of Gi Tak and his restaurant crew. Squeee! The Feels! (If it’s not clear, Sung Jae has become a favorite of that strong, silent type!)

DeShonda: That was one of my favorite scenes as well. I really loved seeing them all together like a big happy family. The children were so adorable! I also got the feeling that Sung Jae must have never had a family from the way he was acting at dinner. It makes me wonder about his backstory. I am starting to like Sung Jae as well….and so is Maya. I was laughing when she was hanging all over him. I thought it was so very cute.

Marakeshsparrow: Hahahaha! Omg! That was too funny! I felt so bad for poor Sung Jae! I was wondering why he looked so haggard and then I saw Maya was still clinging to his back.

Firnlambe: Dear Lord, Maya will be the death of me I swear. If Sung Jae doesn’t kill me with feels first that is. His crush on Hong Dan is just too damn cute, even though it is also bound to end in heartbreak.

Marakeshsparrow: So something else I was glad to see--Young Soo (acting as Hae Joon) has finally moved on from his crusade to prove himself innocent of suicide and is trying to make some actual changes at the department store (while continuing his and Gi Tak’s revenge of course). I like that he’s trying to make life easier for the workers, realizing that a happy staff will increase productivity and quality of service (this is coming from someone who’s spent far too much time working retail). It’s fascinating, and somehow not surprising, that the real Hae Joon is only interested in the numbers and was ready to cut half the staff. I’m so excited to see what happens when he finally makes it off that island! (Oh and by the way, Rain fans--did you guys notice that whole homage to ‘How to Avoid the Sun’ in one of the epilogues? hahahaha)

Watch Rain's original Music Video for 'How to Avoid the Sun' HERE

DeShonda: Yes I am so happy that Young Soo has put his “suicide” to rest and finally focus on sales. I liked the way he was treating his staff and being more lenient on them. That was a good gesture for sure. I loved the epilogues and as a Rain fanatic, I noticed the homage! Ha ha...I love it!

Marakeshsparrow: So one last thing we haven’t discussed--who was the little boy in that picture of Han Gi Tak? I mean, we were told it’s his younger brother and that he sent him away at a young age so he wouldn’t get involved with the mob, but what’s his importance? How does Jung Ji Hoon know about him? And why does he know about him? I’m really wondering if his younger brother is someone we’ve already been introduced to… but honestly I have no clue. Thoughts?

DeShonda: I am scratching my head on this one as well. At first I thought it could have been someone we've already seen as well. Then I thought, could it be Sung Jae? But that doesn’t make any sense to me. But there is something about that picture he knows for sure. Like Marakeshsparrow, I have more questions than answers on that one.

Firnlambe: Whoever it is, I’m sure they will be bound to show up at the most inopportune time. Though if I have to be honest, my money's on the missing sibling being Mr. Manager. Why else would he have a picture of the exact same small child, complete with matching green tracksuit and boxing gloves?

Well there you have it, Angels. Another week down. What did you think of the cute family moments in these last two episodes? And do you all think Young Soo is doing the right thing by getting close to his family and Da Hye, or is he just being selfish? Also, what are your predictions for who Gi Tak's younger brother is? Let us know in the comments below and join us again next week for more discussion on Please Come Back, Mister!

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