Well, K-drama lovers, we're past the halfway point of supernatural romantic comedy Please Come Back, Mister! Are you having as much fun watching it as I am? Another person who's having a lot of fun is the show's production designer. Since the premiere, the PD has regularly posted behind-the-scenes images and episode stills in a collection of PD notes, and earlier this month released a fun poster that parodies award-winning 2009 film Castaway on the Moon.

Here is the original poster:

Castaway on the Moon is the official English title given to Korean film 김씨 표류기 (literal translation, Mr. Kim's Experience Adrift), which is about a man who attempts suicide but gets stranded on two islets in the middle of the Han River instead. The islets are a nature sanctuary off-limits to the public, and situated to where the odds of anyone seeing him there or rescuing him are slim to none. He might as well be on the moon, just like Lee Jae Hoon (Rain) and his pilot (Lee Moon Shik) in Please Come Back, Mister. The deserted island they get stuck on when their little plane goes down is so remote, they might as well be on the moon. 

The production designer also released these fun episode stills. Enjoy them! 

Translation: Mister's Experience Adrift, Jung Ji Hoon + Lee Moon Sik's emergency landing.

Translation: Find the real me.

Translation: For some reason, Jae Hoon is really uneasy.

Translation: Blowing off steam in disbelief about where he is.

Translation: Gotta get out of here without anyone dying.

Translation: Lonely. Sad. Solemn. Angry.

Translation: But tries flagging down a rescue...

Translation: Powdered milk! Starving in the midst of loot!

Translation: Two men hurriedly sucking up that milk.

Translation: (And... the tears fly. Really)

Translation: Lee Jae Hoon is a real 21st century Robinson Crusoe.

Translation: Come Back, Mister.

Translation: A pilot in crisis...!

Translation: Ma Ya (Ra Mi Ran) handling things... nervousness... Is this her first time dealing with an uninhabited island?

Parody poster & PD Notes: SBS

Castaway on the Moon posters: Amazon.com / BYU


Please Come Back, Mister

Starring Rain (Bi) and Oh Yeon Seo

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Castaway on the Moon

Starring Jung Jae Young and Jung Ryeo Won

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