The wait is over, and we can finally see how the story progresses in the tenth episode of Please Come Back, Mister. Ready to recap it together?


Please Come Back, Mister

Starring Rain (Bi) and Oh Yeon Seo

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        So we were left with Hae-joon’s confession, and Da-hye shrugs it off, telling him that he just needs someone by his side, he’s not in love. She was like that one and that’s why she got married. Ha! See? She admits she didn’t get married because she loved Young-soo.Hae-joon doesn’t get that well and proposes to figure out at the end who’s the one misunderstanding, him or her, and he warns her not to fall for him.

When they are heading home, it’s not in an awkward mood and she asks him why he’s doing that to her, besides he’s not even her type. He asks what’s his type, but she doesn’t answer and tells him he could never handle a woman like her, which once again she doesn’t reveal. Hae-joon muses how Young-soo didn’t know the real her either, and asks about him. She confesses he was really kind and all, he never pushed her to talk about painful things but because of the same they couldn’t have meaningful conversations.

As he realises that is true, he runs after her and decides to start anew, introducing himself all over again. She laughs at him for that. Later that night, he gives her shoes as a thank you for being good to Young-soo. It doesn’t look like she wants to accept them, but the next morning all of her high heels are gone. Even if Hae-joon acts innocent, it’s too clear it’s his doing so she has no other option but using the heels he gave her.

Hong-nan is using a horrid and smelly bag, so Lee-yeon says she can’t anymore and give her one, very cute and that suits her style so well. She’s touched for receiving a present, being her first time, she even tears up. Lee-yeon helps her to doll-up a bit, Hong-nan want stop keep that going, asking how to use another thing but Lee-yeon disappears.

She’s at that when Seung-jae texts her that Big Boss is in critical condition. When she arrives, my love is being beaten up so she has to interrupt. She confesses she’s Gi-tak’s younger sister even if Seung-jae tries to stop her, she also confesses that Big Boss gave Gi-tak money and if Suk-chul cooperates, she’ll give him half of it. With Hae-joon against President Ew, Suk-chul only has to choose sides, and he picks Hong-nan’s, apparently. I don’t trust him.

My poor love, all beaten-up is just waiting until Hong-nan catches a cab, but Suk-chul appears again. He figures out Seung-jae likes her, and the baby doesn’t deny it, so the thug uses that against him, threatening her so Seung-jae will bring him all the money once she finds it. His plan is just to make everyone fight while he watches, even using Song Lee-yeon to push President Ew.

At the store, Hae-joon is trying to be charming to Da-hye, helping her with a heavy box. They bicker a bit, well it’s mostly her telling him not to act like that and Hae-joon ignoring it, while Ji-hoon watches, he even listens when Hae-joon reminds Da-hye of the date they’ll have tonight.

Ji-hoon comes out and the animosity is so heavy between the two, but there’s just more work to do. As they walk through the store, Hae-joon is ordering him to create break rooms for the employees, making him take notes of it and such and there’s a picture in his notebook. Is that a picture of Da-hye. perhaps?

They stop near Da-hye and Hae-joon makes sure to point out she’s wearing the shoes he gave her. Ji-hoon fights back, telling him to notice how everyone is watching him. All the female employees that were swooning before glare at him, and it seems it’s not Ji-hoon’s doing, but Hae-joon’s.

President Cha has a proposal Hae-joon sent where he indicated to fire half of the employees and make them part time instead of full time, so that’s why everyone is glaring at him. However, he refuses to take action and promises to get in President Ew’s way. He’ll do his best.

Then Hae-joon calls Maya to ask why it happened, and apparently it was something the real Hae-joon did before, something that’s how he behaves and she couldn’t stop it.

He goes to talk to Da-hye after that, asking her if she also doubts him, and he explains that yes, the rumour is true but he won’t launch it, for as long as he’s there no one will get fired. She admits she knew that, she trusted him, and leaves. He watches her walk away, musing how it seems she’s already falling for him.

Hong-nan carries and drops Seung-jae very unceremoniously. He finally gets angry and yells at her for telling that to Suk-chul, worrying about her for the threat and asking about the money. She doesn’t know where it is. After reminding him she doesn’t have much time, asks him if he’ll help her. When he mentions revenge, she smacks him because Maya immediately appears to remind him revenge is not allowed. As she focuses on Maya trying to tell her with the yes to go, Seung-jae wants to see what’s caught her attention so turns his head. Hong-nan holds his face in her hands, making him look at her instead. I squealed, I confess.

As Hong-nan holds him so close, Maya does exactly what I’d do, leaning on him and saying just how handsome he is. I agree wholeheartedly!

Lee-yeon shows up then, interrupting them and making Seung-jae nod his agreement that she’s quite charming. Maya whines when they leave. I do the same every time, Maya!

Ji-hoon is asking Da-hye what’s going on with Hae-joon, trying to make her stay away from him. She tells him he’s living with them and he just can understand, he gets agitated and tries to tell him he’s not a good guy. However, Da-hye states all in all, she knows him better than Ji-hoon.

As Ji-hoon is watching her from afar, Hae-joon shows up next to him, watching her too. When she looks to be a bit hot, he ask the air conditioning to lower a few degrees. When he sees her tapping her foot at the rhythm of the music, he asks to turn it up a little bit more. All for her, in front of Ji-hoon.

She finally gets in the elevator and when Hae-joon seems to go after her, Ji-hoon gets in the way and they fight over Da-hye. Ji-hoon laughs when Hae-joon says he’s a better match and bumps shoulders with him, saying he doesn't know anything about her. Young-soo thinks how much he wants to hit Ji-hoon. I also want to punch him.

And because of that, he calls for all the employees to the rooftop to have a boxing match, it seems. He of course calls Ji-hoon. Confident in his new body, Hae-joon thinks he’ll destroy Ji-hoon but this shows his skills and even I am impressed! The crowd cheers for him and then the match starts, Ji-hoon seems to dominate it and they argue whether who’s a better man for Da-hye. Gentlemen, that’s something she has to decide, though.

Finally, Ji-hoon punches Hae-joon hard in the face, and even if he asks for Maya’s help, he just has to receive that. It’s clear he’ll lose so before that continues he stops the match saying that’s enough for Ji-hoon to release his stress so the next contestant can come. A big and strong woman and beats him ruthlessly.

Back to Hong-nan and Lee-yeon, President Ew came to pick Young-chan and hand some papers to Lee-yeon. When Seung-jae is opening the door for Young-chan, he shows him the picture he found of Gi-tak and a little boy.

The papers demand for custody because, with her alcoholism, lack of money and scandals, she’s a bad influence. But Lee-yeon doesn’t let that defeat her and remains strong, acting as if that never happened because she's playing fair, it'll be okay. They need to keep working, but the boss guy disregards her as just a minor character and makes her stand by with all the extras. Seung-jae has been glaring at her all morning and Hong-nan in her annoyance for waiting, also snaps at him. Some other teenagers are there, who don’t even know Lee-yeon. It gets worse when the guy in charge comes to say the shooting has been cancelled.

When they are leaving, Hong-nan sees the teenage girls and asks them what’s wrong. The guy in charge doesn’t want to pay them and as she is getting worked up, Lee-yeon intervenes, asking where the boss guy is.

The lady gangsters are back! Cornering the boss guy and telling him off for what he’s doing. They start making pressure, making calls to ruin his work and he gives up, declaring he’ll pay the extras.

Da-hye walks into a place, apparently she was called to help, but only Hae-joon is there, asking her to sit. She tries to tell him to stop, this is not the way to get a date, but Hae-joon says it’s not a date, it’s Lounge Desert Tasting. And he needs to treat her to evaluate the quality so he’s giving her foot care.

As he’s at that, he asks her why she’s working for Sunjin when there are more places. She hates it, she wants to quit, but this is the place her husband laid down his life for. Even if it hurts, she feels it’s the only way to stay close as it’s the place that holds the most memories for them. After Ji-hoon telling him he knew nothing about Da-hye, he realises it’s actually true, even as Young-soo he didn’t know anything so he wants to know now. He promises to protect her, she’ll protect the store because she wants to stay there.

At the house of the Chas, President Ew is waiting for a call with Young-chan next to him, in the same position. It’s so sad he’s that man’s son. He was waiting for Lee-yeon’s call after receiving those papers, but she just called to talk to Young-chan to tell him that work is going too well and she can’t go pick him up just yet, so he needs to play with his father and grandfather instead. Then she hangs up. Ha! Take that you bastard.

Hong-nan and Hae-joon are training to defeat President Ew, and even if he’s super strong and I’m left drooling watching him, Hong-nan still beats him with her punches.

As Hae-joon is working late, he asks Da-hye to make and bring some food for him, she says it’s just for the stickers so he can leave soon, but still, she seems to be working really hard. She doesn’t only bring food, but before she hands the other package, Hong-nan wakes up as she’s also working late. Da-hye looks a bit awkward and leaves with that other package.

When she’s in the elevator, all cheeks blushed, Hae-joon comes to stop her, having noticed that and wanting to see what it is. She brought him another shirt to change. Awww. She is so blushed, and he points that out so she tries to tell is nothing. He teases her with menopause symptoms and then saying it has to be jealousy. She is acting cute. He goes with her to see her catch a cab.

As they wait, he offers candy and teases her a bit that she smells like strawberries. He then is totally charming, calling his car for her. I’m sure she’s feeling butterflies in her stomach, it can’t be just me. When she gets home she smells her hands again, trying to find the strawberries scent, and then realises the mess that the house is after making food for him. She says it’s just for the stickers, but I’m not so sure.

Hong-nan and Hae-joon are eating together, and she asks him if it’s okay staying working instead of spending time with her, but Hae-joon wants to protect her, and that’s why he has to work hard. As she starts talking about how she feels for Lee-yeon, the guilt because she’s like this now, Hae-joon asks about what happened ten years ago.

She came to see him, asking him to run away. Gi-tak was tired of living as a thug and told her as long as he had her, everything was possible. However, her manager found them the next day and took her back to President Ew. What happened, though, was that Gi-tak called the manager. Even today, she can’t tell her what he did. Lee-yeon thinks she betrayed Gi-tak, but it was him all along. He feels his cowardice made Lee-yeon be in the place she’s now.

Hae-joon tries to comfort her when Seung-jae walks in, not liking what he’s seeing but hiding it. He looks terrible! So tired and it’s because Maya has been clinging on to him all the time. I understand he’s handsome and you want to stay around, but you’re draining him! Hae-joon and Hong-nan have to do their best to pull her off of his back. Save my love!

The next day, the employees are coming and the higher-ups greet them like they greet the President- Hae-joon is coming with flowers and Da-hye thinks they are for her, but but it’s another employee’s birthday so they were for her. He’s acting as if he doesn’t know her or she’s no one important.

Then we jump to Lee-yeon, on a rooftop. WHAT IS THIS?! She jumps. WHAT THE— Oh, she was acting. You scared me! It’s funny later on, she jokes to become an actress specialist in deaths. So cute, that fantastic trio is wonderful.

Hae-joon keeps acting like he doesn’t know Da-hye, and then Han-nan tells her he went to her school to see her, he even brought ten concert tickets for an EXO concert! (I WANT!). He’s so cool and she feels he’s someone her appa sent to them. That seems to make her feel conflicted.

Hae-joon arrives home and she goes to greet him, but when she’s about to leave he stops her and leans on her, sighing how tired he is. Over his shoulder, he sees how Young-soo did the same so she ends up wanting to rub his back. Hae-joon whispers then how he’s missed her and pulls back, just to get closer to her, aiming for a kiss. Oh my God, oh my God, is he going to really kiss her? It seems so! But she pulls away before it happens. AISH! He stays there, with a sad expression and she goes to her room, with a racing heart and feeling bad when she sees the picture of Young-soo.

The next day, Hae-joon and Han-na are being all cute for breakfast. Abeoji joins them and mentions the dog doesn’t have food, but he does it saying Young-soo’s name and Hae-joon’s respond to that, not realising what he did until Da-hye and Han-na freeze. Abeoji didn’t realise that either and apologises, Hae-joon just tell him it’s okay, he’ll feel happy if he just called treated him like a son.

In a meeting. Telepathic secretary is back at speaking for the chairman, scolding both President Ew and Hae-joon for what they’ve done. President Ew brings up the downsizing again, wanting Hae-joon to do it but he refuses and then fights back with his proposal to increase profits, proving how improving the work conditions will increase the profits.

Then he starts speaking about the imagine of Sunjin and what’s wrong with it. They need a new imagine, and when President Ew asks how they are going to do that, Hae-joon proposes Song Lee-yeon, showing that after cornering the boss guy to help the teenagers, she’s become an icon and everyone wants to buy what she wore. She’s a girl crush and they can use that, the mouth to mouth girl crush to improve the image. Strategically speaking, yes, using Lee-yeon is the best way to improve the image.

President Ew loses his cool and snaps, but Chairman Cha approves the idea and all the higher ups have to clap. Ha, ha ha! What about now, President Ew?

Telepathic Secretary asks Chairman Cha is it’s okay, and he says it’s the only way to make President Cha stop doing all those crazy things.

Seeing-jae then finally shows the picture to Hong-nan, of a little boy not a girl and she admits it is her, but she’s gone through a lot of surgeries. She’s using her charms to make him distracted and take the picture from him. Uff, that was close.

She then shows the picture to Hae-joon. Gi-tak really had a little brother who his mother sent away to protect him from the mobs. Hae-joon asks her why she isn’t trying to find him and she says she’s sure he’s doing well so there’s no need.

Then, Ji-hoon approaches and she asks Hae-joon if she should take care of him, but he refuses to let her use that glamour crap. He’s talking on the phone about Gi-tak having a little sibling (they use the word songsaeng, without specifying gender). When he opens his notebook, we can finally see the picture and no, it wasn’t of Da-hye but of the little boy next to Gi-tak. HOLY SH— He’s the younger brother! I can’t believe Traitor Ji-hoon is Gi-tak’s little brother!

The epilogue shows the real Hae-joon is going over the pilot’s suitcase, finding the Time Magazine with his picture. He demands to know who sent him after him, but that’s just a coverup for a porn magazine. He looks so defeated.


This episode scared me with Lee-yeon! I really thought she was going to jump. I mean, I was scared since the preview. That was a mean thing to do! Anyhow, that aside, I can't believe Ji-hoon is Gi-tak's little brother, that those two are related. I can't, I just can't. It makes me too conflicted and I don't even know what to think. He's under President Ew's control, he seems ambitious and I don't know what he actually thinks of Gi-tak and such. Oh, what an ill and twisted fate the one of those two ahjussis. I really have to admit I never saw that coming. I even hoped Seung-jae could be Gi-tak's little brother, but Ji-hoon? *sobs* Did anyone guessed it would be like that?

My favourite part was Maya hanging from Seung-jae. I mean, I'd want to do the same, just to be close to him and how she didn't want to let go. How many of us did she represent? I'm so bias for him, I won't even try to hide it. What was your favourite part?

Can you believe we are already at episode 10? I swear it feels this started yesterday!

Anyhow, until next week. Have/had a good Easter, everyone!
Bel, xx

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