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Please Come Back, Mister

Starring Rain (Bi) and Oh Yeon Seo

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So, the previous episode left us thinking Ji-hoon is Gi-tak’s little brother, but I refuse to believe such a deceitful and manipulative person can be family with Gi-tak. I don’t want to believe it! In episode 12, while Hae-joon and Hong-nan bumps shoulders with him as they walk by, I want to do the same. Minus the childish giggling they do after that, although it is cute with them.

My love Seung-jae comes after the dynamic duo and stays staring at Ji-hoon, thinking, as if he recognised him, his brow furrowed a bit.

Da-hye is in the store, her mind recalling the almost kiss. Lady, I’d be the same, no worries. But then Hae-joon shows up in front of her, all over her face the little… he knows what he’s doing and how he’s messing with her head and hormones. Ji-hoon is watching that, realising there’s something going on.

Hong-na congratulates Hae-joon for bringing Lee-yeon and doing so well, so they go to get her signature after that. However, the actress isn’t willing to sign for Sunjin, not when her popularity is raising and things look well. She is acting as a diva again, making them offer something better and it escalates into an argument between the two ladies because the actress didn’t ask for this chance. Lee-yeon insults them both, calling them pathetic and that’s how Hae-joon storms out.

He leaves for home, apparently, because he’s then waiting for Da-hye who’s finally coming. He’d been calling but she didn’t answer and when he asks her why, she says she’d be thinking and asks him not to extend her stay. He assumes she’s becoming aware of his presence and she admits it. He tells her he’s only staying for a month, he’s passing by so why not confiding in him? She can do with him the things that she didn’t do with Young-soo, he only wants to protect her family. She doesn’t reply.

At home, they run into each other in the kitchen, and it’s awkward as they move in the same direction. Da-hye, flustered, goes outside to rant how she’s not falling for his charms. Hong-nan is there, listening and smirking until Da-hye notices her. Hong-nan reassures her she didn’t hear a thing. Yeah right.

Hae-joon brings Hong-nan inside and bribes Da-hye to bring them some food with a sticker for the grapes sheet. She already has a few.

They are drinking, Hong-nan ranting about her fight with Lee-yeon and how she left the house. Da-hye comes to drop the snacks but Hong-nan makes her stay, even if she can’t really hold her liquor. After a while, they all seem very drunk. Hong-nan states it’s best if she’s drunk, she’ll become clearer and more honest.

Soon, Hong-nan makes sure to ask Da-hye why she married Young-soo. Thank you for asking that! I want to know, too. She admits she didn’t want to at first, but he was just too kind. She grew lonely, though. At first she wanted to have many kids, that’s why they got a big house, but now it’s just troublesome. Then Hong-nan asks her about her opinion on Hae-joon. Yes, he’s cool but he’s so strange, uncannily similar to Young-soo sometimes. It doesn’t get past that and Hae-joon fell asleep already, missing that part of Da-hye’s speech. She’s also falling asleep, so Hong-nan has to hold her head. Hae-joon wakes up then, getting jealous and moving he head to rest on his shoulder instead.

Later, when he’s coming from the toilet, in his drunk stupor, he ends up walking into the main room and getting in the same bed as Da-hye. She doesn’t wake up, just cuddles up closer to him. He falls asleep and doesn’t wake up until later, realising then where he is. He doesn’t move, stays staring at her, softly stroking her hair until Han-na calls for her omma. In panic, he realises he needs to run before she wakes up. As she’s arousing, he covers her with the duvet and Han-na finds him there.

It’s bribing time again. Han-na actually manages to get three stickers to take his place and pretend she was the one suffocating her. He’s safe!

For now. Then he has to explain to Han-na he wasn’t doing anything weird or bad, but he’s just rambling and the little girl doesn’t look impressed. He asks her what to do for her to keep the secret, and in exchange he has to give her his number. Clever girl.

Lee-yeon is worrying about Hong-nan, up to something to make her come back. Hong-nan receives a text but she doesn’t check it yet, talking out loud how she won’t just come back. It’s once Hae-joon is back in the room she checks it and tells Hae-joon to immediately see.

The next day, when President Ew is coming, Hae-joon just pushes him and throws him away. HA! I love when he does that. Then a red carpet is unfolded for Lee-yeon and her followers, leaving President Ew aside. Wonderful! Women gather around her, taking pictures, leaving behind the bastard who can’t get close. He has to call over the crowd to meet with her.

In the office, Lee-yeon makes things clear. She’s making them compete to sing the contract, they have to raise the standards of Sunjin into her likeness and… well, coarse her to sign with any of them. Hae-joon immediately agrees to do that, leaving President Ew with no other option. The last straw is that getting her to sign is super important to decide who will claim Sunjin Group next.

Hong-nan is angry and jealous she is even considering signing with President Ew, although Lee-yeon is doing that to make him work for their son. She’s so angry and offended because she’s told she’s jealous, she leaves again. Seung-jae follows her, worried about her because Suk-chul is surely watching over her.

Ji-hoon the traitor thinks he’s a detective and has a whole board with pictures and connections between the characters of our K-drama, going over his head about Hong-nan and how she is claiming to be Gi-tak’s younger sibling.

President Ew is yelling at Suk-chul for not managing Lee-yeon. Ji-hoon joins them then, and the way he looks at the thug is creepy, as if he knew all his secrets. Suk-chul is trying to play loyal and tells President Ew not to worry, but Ji-hoon tells him it’s best if they actually try to get the contract instead of Hae-joon. Instead of leaving that to Suk-chul, President Ew leaves it to Ji-hoon. That traitor bastard.

Suk-chul then is reported about Ji-hoon, as one of the President Cha’s lackeys and the fact he knows about Hong-nan and Gi-tak’s relationship.

Hong-nan and Seung-jae are trying Jae-gil’s taste buds, but as the tests goes on, they only look horrified. All the ramekins had salt! He couldn’t even differentiate that. The test is cut when Suk-chul’s calls Hong-nan, warning her about Ji-hoon and telling her to work even harder now. Then, the very traitor Ji-hoon arrives to talk to Hong-nan. Seung-jae looks alert, Hong-nan wonders if President Ew sent him.

Jae-gil then recalls him as the guy who came to see Da-hye on the ahjussis’ last day. Seung-jae receives a text form Suk-chul to report about the conversation between Ji-hoon and Hong-nan. He then remembers talking to Ji-hoon when he came to ask if that pub belonged to Gi-tak.

Hong-nan later is reporting to Hae-joon about Ji-hoon and her plan to just squash him the next time. That traitorous bastard. I can’t believe I liked him and called him good coworker once.

The next morning, when Da-hye comes to drop Hae-joon’s clothes, he pins her against the bed, so close that it seems he has to concept of personal space! He was just making her rest because it’s a new good bed. That cunning man.

Hong-nan shows up then, waking up from lying on the floor and throwing a cushion at him for being such a bad boy. Da-hye, with a racing heart I bet, hugs Han-na tightly to gather strength to resist Hae-joon, she does the same with Abeoji. The two are very confused.

Lee-yeon meets with President Ew. He’s trying to convince her to sign with him, but why should she? He is not doing anything to improve the image and he gets angry, so she just leaves. That’s right, girl! You show him. The pathetic bastard even throws a tantrum.

Hae-joon is in the office, struggling because he doesn’t really know what to do to improve Sunjin’s image and get Lee-yeon. The female employees are still cautious of him, not believing he won’t get anyone fired. Da-hye just listens, no comment. He then gets a called and rushes out.

When he’s heading out, there’s a commotion in the parking area, a VVIP costumer is throwing a tantrum, stepping all over the employee and President Ew sides with the disgusting costumer. Just scumbags to stick together. The poor employee will get fired, and he knows that so he apologises to the little pieces of human trash, but then Hae-joon steps in, siding with the employee. He states the employee didn’t do anything wrong and shouldn’t apologise, the store sells goods, not people’s dignity, making President Ew a fool of himself for acting in such disgusting way. All the employees are back on his side.

The person Hae-joon is late to meet is Han-na and her bike. Young-soo didn’t get to teach her how to ride, so Hae-joon is there to help. It’s a lovely scene, with him pushing her until she can do it alone.

Hong-nan is meeting Ji-hoon about Lee-yeon and her background. They are seizing each other up, and Ji-hoon ends up telling her he knows she is not really Gi-tak’s younger sibling. She doesn’t budge, acting just the same, trying to figure him out. Seung-jae is around, listening to the conversation and recalling her answer when he asked her about the picture.

Hong-nan is reporting to Hae-joon, and her intention to find out what Ji-hoon knows. She eats some of the cookies Hae-joon receives, with a message inside. His popularity is back full force, and he’s too happy about it. The employees are fanning over the video of him standing up for the employee, once again their fans. Da-hye just watches them, chuckling lightly that they are like that.

At night, Ji-hoon is called by Hae-joon to ask him about Hong-nan and what he knows. He believes Hae-joon made Hong-nan up to use Lee-yeon against President Ew. Ji-hoon doesn’t explain why he believes that, but says he’ll reveal that soon. Da-hye comes in and Ji-hoon sees the wink Hae-joon gives, her reaction and jealousy is bubbling there.

He then is facing her again, wanting to know why Hae-joon is there. She finally mentions what happened that night they met and Young-soo died, her guilt because of it. It’s revealed it just happened that night, they weren’t having an affair and she can’t even see him right now without feeling guilty. Hae-joon is listening to this conversation, finally understanding.

Da-hye is with headphones outside, and Hae-joon sits near her without her noticing it, apologising for doubting her and being mean to her. For not showing up in the restaurant, for leaving her alone, for everything. She finally realises he’s there, he says he’ll make sure not to have any regrets for the day he leaves, and they just stare at each other.

At home, Hong-nan is putting the collage back together after it broke, recalling what Ji-hoon said and wondering if he actually knows where his real sibling is.

Seung-jae is reporting to Suk-chul about Ji-hoon knowing Hong-nan is Gi-tak’s younger sister. He doesn’t mention the whole fake thing, which is good. Suk-chul then goes immediately to tell President Ew about this, realising it’s better if he says it first instead of Ji-hoon.

Hae-joon is then telling all the employees the store will be closing an hour earlier. It’s not a drill, so they better believe it. They don’t, though, and when it’s seven-thirty, all the lights really go off and the employees can go home with their families. When Da-hye is leaving, though, Hae-joon intercepts and drags her to a date! They run together and it’s just such a cliché moment! I LOVE IT! I’m that easy to please, I know it.

He takes her and makes her change into a beautiful outfit and gorgeous shoes. She looks so pretty and feminine. He asks her if she can trust him one more time. Her answer has to be yes, because she gets out of the car blindfolded and when she sees, they are back at home but it’s all decorated with balloons and lights and Abeoji and Han-na were waiting. Aw, that’s even cuter.

He’s then preparing a barbecue, but it seems he’s not very skilled because it takes too long, they start getting cold and no food is on the table. They are giving up on the meat and just want to eat. He’s still really optimistic and won’t let her help, but then a strong wind starts blowing. He goes to help her, but she pushes him and when he stands up, with his hat he blows up a balloon and now the wind flows confetti. Like that, they are happy and cheering again, looking like a happy family.

Lee-yeon is meeting with Young-chan again, telling him how she’s doing so well and asks about President Ew. He’s being good to the kid, so that’s a relief at least. He asks for Hong-nan and Hae-joon, and they are also busy but she promises to bring them next time.

President Ew is at Gi-tak’s house now that Suk-chul told him that’s where Lee-yeon is staying. He takes a look at the pictures and all the things he has, the collection of Lee-yeon’s work, the room and he looks really pissed. Now you understand how I feel when I see your face, uh?

Suk-chul is really happy of how he’s playing things and how he’s making himself valuable. He is looking forward to how things will unfold.

When Lee-yeon is back home, she finds it all trashed. That little bastard, did he really have to do that? Aish! I have so many bad words for him.

Hong-nan is at Ji-hoon’s house and he’s being a little brat. He shows her his connections board with their pictures and such. She thinks it’s President Ew making him investigate them all. Seung-jae is outside, eavesdropping this conversation.

He is asking her to stop pretending to be Gi-tak’s younger sibling, the real one would be upset. He knows the real one, and she asks him where that person is. He then takes out a box with the globes he gave to his younger sibling. Ji-hoon made a promise long ago to find the family of that kid… oh, so it’s not him. What a relief! She asks him then who she is.

Next thing, she’s running because she can’t take a cab, apparently, running is faster, and as she recalls memories with the younger sibling, she’s having flashbacks of her interactions with Da-hye.

What? What does this mean… I thought… wasn’t the younger sibling a little boy? It looked like a boy!

Hong-nan arrives to the house and watches Da-hye grilling the meat at the end, with teary eyes. When she looks up and greets her, she’s about to cry and just mumbles “it’s been a while, you punk. Han Hong-nan.”

The epilogue shows the real Lee Hae-yoon doing calculations to get out of there with the boats and navigate near. Then it’s him and pilots doing their best to get their attention, waving their jackets.


I can't believe it was Da-hye! She's Gi-tak's sister, no wonder why the two ahjussis are so intertwined! Their fates… wow. I didn't see it coming. I did believe it was Ji-hoon, even if I didn't want to. I hoped it was Seung-jae… Da-hye? And her real name is Hong-nan? I thought Gi-tak actually made it up, but now that I think back, her expression when she said the name… it makes sense, doesn't it? Wow, I'm just… wow. Am I the only one surprised? Did I miss all the hints before? I'm still so shocked.

This K-drama keeps throwing twists I did not expect, but that make so much sense and that explain why and how everyone is connected. I keep loving it more and more. What about you? I love surprises.

My favourite part was when Hae-joon was teaching Han-na to ride a bicycle. It was so emotive, and heartbreaking at the same time because I couldn't stop thinking of how she doesn't know he's her father, but he can't stay and this is probably their last chance. It makes me want to cry for them. 

What was your favourite part?

I'll see you all for the next episode!
Bel, xx

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