After such big revelation, Episode 12 of  Please Come Back, Mister is here, so we can recap it together. Ready?

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Please Come Back, Mister

Starring Rain (Bi) and Oh Yeon Seo

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We were left with the big revelation that Da-hye is Gi-tak’s younger sister, she’s the real Hong-nan. I’m glad that the one pretending to be Hong-nan now tells Hae-joon immediately that she’s found her little sibling. Everything makes sense to her, their connection, why she came as a woman, pretending to be the sister he had to be separated from long ago. Everything fits.

Da-hye invites her to come in and join them, Hong-nan can’t stop staring at her, her eyes still tear-filled. How many years has it been? I can’t begin to fathom the type of emotions she must be feeling as she stares at her, as Da-hye gives her some meat and talks so cheerfully to her.

Hong-nan recalls the moment Gi-tak went to drop his little sister to the orphanage, per their omma’s orders to protect her. The moment he gave her the globes and told her to be strong, when he took that picture of her.

In the present, Hong-nan can barely hold her emotions and tells Da-hye she’s missed her. All cheerful, Da-hye replies she also did and scold her for being late. When she apologies for being late, her words carry so much meaning, even if Da-hye doesn’t notice. The scene is lovely, a whole family gathered.

Hong-nan then helps Da-hye in the kitchen, because she’s always wanted to be a happy family. She speaks of Gi-tak as if she really was Hong-nan, mentioning the things he did to her, hoping to trigger a memory, I guess? She asks about her infancy, but she doesn’t remember much about it. She was hit by a food truck and the driver became, basically, her omma. Hong-nan listens to it all, guilt swallowing her whole for the kind of life she had.

Hae-joon is watching the scene, Da-hye telling Hong-nan about things she had never told others but Young-soo. Then he goes to see Han-na, asking if she ever heard her omma saying anything or having a secret. Han-na clearly has heard something, she says everyone has secrets, even her, but if she shares then it wouldn’t be a secret, right? That little girl looks too conflicted, she knows something big. It’s weighting in on her.

Hae-joon goes out to Ji-hoon’s house, understanding more what happened. What he could do for Da-hye was finding her family, something Young-soo didn’t even have any clue about. But it was Da-hye’s decision not to tell him, she had made her own family with Young-soo, she didn't need her old one.

At home, Hong-nan keeps watching Da-hye, and just like they did in the past, she makes Da-hye hit her palms, practising a bit of boxing. Da-hye laughs only, not remembering anything even when Hong-nan repeats the words he told her when they were younger.

Ji-hoon is explaining things to Hae-joon, how he had just wanted her to see her brother again and why he sent them to that restaurant, what happened that night, how he had wanted to tell her Young-soo wasn’t involved and more. Does this mean he isn’t that big of a traitor? Anyhow, Ji-hoon insists he just wants to protect Da-hye and Hae-joon thanks him for finding Da-hye’s family, but asks him not to tell her and to stop making her cry, both of them. Hong-nan told him something different, but as he recalls, it sounds really similar, she doesn’t want him to tell Da-hye the truth.

At home, Hong-nan is about to leave but Hae-joon isn’t around. Before she exits, she asks for a hug that Da-hye is happy to give. Hong-nan is moved, hugging her back and as she does, Gi-tak shows up, hugging his little sister and I want to cry here in my corner. Why is this so sad?

Outside, Hong-nan and Hae-joon run into each other, recriminating the other for dying so soon and leaving Da-hye alone. They start fighting as the ahjussis, and it looks both pathetic and amusing. It’s a work of art. Eventually, Young-soo pins Gi-tak against the floor and is ready to punch him when Seung-jae stops him. They are back as Hong-nan and Hae-joon and Seung-jae has to pick her up and carry her home piggy back. The poor baby is so emotionally drained and in pain, same as Hae-joon when he goes back home.

Da-hye spots his little cut and makes sure to take care of it, but it hurts him even more knowing all the pain she was in. He stops her when she’s done to stay a bit longer, he’s hurting a lot right now. When Hong-nan and Seung-jae make it home, too, she asks him not to tell Lee-yeon anything. Then she asks him why he was there, if he followed her to make sure she didn’t sleep out, but he followed her for another motive. Even if he heard that, he says he trusts her. She doesn’t really know he means about being Gi-tak’s sister and what she is doing.

When they make it inside, they find the place trashed and Lee-yeon taping back the pictures, heartbroken for what Cha Jae-gook did. She only cares, though, that President Ew doesn’t find out she’s Gi-tak’s younger sister. Hong-nan goes to her, comforting her as she begins to cry because of that bastard’s threat that he wouldn’t let her go until the end.

Da-hye, in bed, is dreaming of that last day with Gi-tak. When she opens her eyes, she sees Young-soo in front. Fondly, she greets him before falling asleep again. Hae-joon is next to her, watching her over, thinking how both him and Gi-tak are so scared she might forget them, and he begs she saves just a bit of them in her memory and fills the rest with happy ones.

At Gi-tak’s home, Hong-nan keeps watching the picture of the siblings together when Lee-yeon joins her. She tells Hong-nan how those pictures are like little glimpses of the life she couldn’t see and Hong-nan muses how sometimes, having the best intentions at heart for someone else can mean that person’s biggest pain. Lee-yeon leaves her alone, drinking, understanding right now that’s what she needs.

The next day, Da-hye has flowers in her locker with a note that reads “I’m happy I got to know a bit more about you.” She thinks it’s from Hae-joon and blushes a lot. That’s so cute.

Hong-nan is calling Hae-joon, who has to call him Big Brother now (hyung-nim), she asks him about Da-hye and asks him to call her name and see if she turns around, because she really wants to know that. He complies. When she does turn around, he’s way too happy and giggling, it’s adorable.

Manager Ma shows up now, and even in his meanie way, Hae-joon is still kind to him. Manager Ma could have time with his family and he’s very grateful for that, and when Hae-joon tells him to make a report and turn the invoices to pay for the expenses, he realises he’s like an angel. Now he’s also in Hae-joon’s side!

Lee-yeon is supposed to have a shoot, but no one is around so Hong-nan goes to check what happened. Seung-jae follows her and they find out the shoot was canceled and the people can’t do anything about it, the higher-ups are behind that. At the bay, Lee-yeon is enjoying the scenery, lost in thoughts when Suk-chul shows up, laughing at her because the shoot was cancelled. She knows Jae-gook is behind and makes sure to let that know, but Suk-chul brings Hong-nan up, her relationship with Gi-tak and how Lee-yeon will be coming down. With his mean words, he starts approaching her and she has to step back more and more, until she’s at the end. With a last scream and scare, he startles her and she falls int he water, but it doesn’t seem she knows how to swim.

Hong-nan runs to save her, Seung-jae too, but Suk-chul stops him and makes sure to remind him to bring the money, it’s his last warning. He then leaves.

In the water, Lee-yeon is just sinking, her orange outfit such a contrast in the dark waters. She then faintly hears Gi-tak calling her and sees him coming, swimming to her and saving her when it’s Hong-nan, giving her even some air as she takes her outside.

Back on the bay, Hong-nan is having a breakdown because she doesn’t wake up, and when the actress finally does, she starts crying a lot, as they stare at each other. Seung-jae is there, just watching as those two have such a moment.

President Ew is wondering why no one is coming after what he did. Ji-hoon is there and the bastard doesn’t seem pleased with the lackey's performance, he gives the opportunity to report about Hong-nan being Gi-tak’s sister, but Ji-hoon doesn’t say anything about it. To make it worse, getting Da-hye’s signature is also taking too long. He low-key makes a threat not to disappoint him. Then Jae-gook’s secretary comes to inform what happened to Lee-yeon and how Hong-nan saved her. Gi-tak’s little sister…

At home, Hong-nan is helping Lee-yeon, congratulating her for being strong. Lee-yeon watches her, aware Suk-chul knows whose sister she is so she puts some distance and starts talking how she saw Gi-tak in the water. Hong-nan gets angry at her, for pinning to him and starts bad mouthing him for what he did to her. What he did to Hong-nan. She is telling the actress to forget about such a cowardly bastard who even handed her to Cha Jae-gook ten years ago. She leaves Lee-yeon crying and then goes to her mother’s, apologising to her for Hong-nan. She cries and apologises, while Seung-jae is around, listening to her crying with such a serious face, but he looks still so conflicted.

At home, Lee-yeon is watching the pictures of her and Hong-nan when they faced the boss guy and she became the girl crush.

Hong-nan and Seung-jae are walking together and it seems they feel like someone is watching them, but then Lee-yeon calls her to tell her she’s signing the contract and that’s good news. However, someone is indeed watching them. I can’t recognise his face, though. Does anyone do?

Then they are signing the contract with Hae-joon, who promises to nullify the contract with Suk-chul and help her until she finds a new management. The other requirement, however, was that Hong-nan stops being her manager.

Chairman Cha is talking to Telepathic secretary about Jae-gook and how he is really doing a lousy job, he doesn't even deserve his name, which means Empire. She then shows him the video of Hae-joon standing up for the employees and how that’s a good thing for Sunjin’s image. He seems surprised about him and asks if he always was like that, to what she replies it seems he’s changed. I think he approves a lot of Hae-joon.

Lee-yeon comes to see Jae-gook, not only because she signed with Hae-joon but also telling him about the past, how Gi-tak saved her from Suk-chul and how it was bringing him back in her life the worst way to attack her.

Then we switch to the elevator full of people, Da-hye included. Before she can get out, Hae-joon stops her. He shows off his popularity, and the cookies with messages of love inside. As the doors open, she runs and rushes to open a cookie. “Things are going differently from what I planned. I’ll be waiting for your call.” Hae-joon comes then, making her flustered and keeping the message. It’s not a love note, then who is sending them?

Then he’s at Han-na’s room with a big stuffed bear, trying to play with her. She’s still so down so he offers to give her a secret if she tells him why she’s so down. He really wants to play with her as he has a little time. She tells him to say his secret first, which is that he loves her a lot, lot! and kisses her cheek, making her embarrassed and leave the room. At that time, Ji-hoon comes, unannounced. He’s not there to tell her about her family, though.

Abeoji joins them and Hae-joon shows off how close he is to Abeoji. Ji-hoon notices Han-na's downcast expression and asks if somethings is wrong, so Hae-joon tries to guess what is wrong. That starts a contest for her affections and to find out what is wrong with her, meaning who knows her best. Somehow, it escalates to a girl-group dance battle and I’m laughing way too much. Han-na and Abeoji slowly start smiling and finally end up dancing with them.

Hong-nan has left the house again, because she has a family of her own, but as she’s arriving home, she can hear Hae-joon’s laughter so she calls Jae-gil instead to have a family meeting of their own.

Da-hye arrives and finds them dancing, but later she notices Ji-hoon is there, dancing with Han-na and the awkwardness begins, she stares at him with such distrust in her eyes and avoids him. He tries following her, but stops and finally drops the box with the globes, although the picture of Young-soo gets his attention.

Han-na finds him then, asking him what he’s doing. They go out and she hands him some juice. She asks him about that box and what’s inside, he replies something her omma lost long ago. She then remembers how she saw that conversation when he asked her about Hae-joon and how they felt bad for being together the night Young-soo died. She asks him if he liked Da-hye and he admits to it. Then they start itching, and he notices the juice is kiwi-banana. She asks if he also gets allergies when he eats banana, and taking a look at his skin, it’s clear her does, like her. She then mumbles how she hates she doesn’t have anything in common with her dad, but he does. She hates that her appa liked him. Ji-hoon stares at her with realisation and I have such bad, horrid, disgusting feeling in my guts.

No, please no. I beg of you, writers-nim! She can’t be his daughter!

Somewhere else, Hong-nan, Jae-gil and Seung-jae are having drinks together, and she is telling them get their GED exams and go to college, like Gi-tak told them to do. But he’s not around anymore, right? The pub doesn’t even belong to them anymore. When Jae-gil suggest to take it back by force, she insists they need to do it by the law, like Gi-tak always insisted. They both react by insist, calling him Boss like they always did, changing later to Big Sister.

Lee-yeon is at home, and when the lights go on she thinks it’s Hong-nan but looks so disappointed when it’s just Seung-jae. He laughs at her when she just tells him to get lost, being too cute for me--I just died a lot. He mentions how she’s changed since Hong-nan showed up, and she tells him he changed the most. She confesses she just doesn’t want Hong-nan to end up like Gi-tak, that’s why se’s keeping her distance.

Jae-gook is recalling and understanding who Suk-chul is so he asks him to come, just to reveal he is aware of his connection to Lee-yeon and he’s angry at him for coveting his woman. He is a psychopath and almost kills the thug. He would’ve done it if the secretary didn’t stop him, giving Suk-chul the chance to run way like the little rat he is.

At their home, Han-na has an allergic reaction so Da-hye is applying some ointment. The kid asks why she has that allergy if no one else in the family does, and Da-hye tries to save it saying her appa shivers when he eats carrots. They laugh at that, but the little girl still looks so troubled and down. She leaves her bed, watching that ferris-wheel she has, then getting dressed and leaving a note that at the appa’s picture that she wants to see her appa and she’s going there.

Da-hye finds that note and she gets scared, calling her immediately but she doesn’t pick up, so she calls Abeoji but he has no idea where she is. She calls again but no answer from Han-na. Hae-joon calls then, worried about Han-na and suggesting to have seasonal food that’s good for allergies, but he notices Da-hye’s panic and she tells him about Han-na and how she went missing. He freaks out as she cries over the phone and he rushes to where she is.

She finds the box with the boxing globes and the picture, wondering why that’s there and recalling the question Han-na made last night. That makes her think of Ji-hoon so she calls him, demanding to know what he told Han-na the day before. He’s confused and as she gets worked up, he asks what happened to the girl, also panicked. Hae-joon has the same expression as he rushes home, mumbling to Han-na how appa is on his way.

The epilogue shows the real Hae-joon and Pilot fighting over some milk they found, eating it but the pilot remembers that milk was for someone else, his daughter, perhaps? He takes the can and running away, while Hae-joon screams after him.


I can't get rid of the bad feeling in my guts. I think I'll cry if Han-na is Ji-hoon's daughter instead of Young-soo's. That'd break my heart and I wouldn't know what to do. I mean, it would explain why they didn't have more kids, when that's what they wanted, but it would also mean… she cheated on him and that… Well, we don't know for sure, but it seems Han-na actually believes that and that's why she's so troubled. I hope the allergies is just a disturbing coincidence, I pray for it. I'm actually scared of the possibility of birth secret. What are your thoughts regarding that?

I got really scared of Cha Jae-gook, he's… a real psychopath and I hope he gets more than he deserves. I really loathe him. My stomach gets upset with his scenes. 

My favourite scene was the fight for Han-na's attention and the dancing to girl groups, I just laughed so hard. But I also loved all of Han-na's scenes, filled with so many emotions. I worry about her a lot, I want her happy but she's carrying a big burden on her shoulders. Can we give her a big hug?

We get closer and closer to the end, and I feel there are many more revelations to come. It makes me anxious and nervous, but also so excited. How do you feel about it? What are your theories for this K-drama ending? Let's have a discussion on the comments.

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