A new week, a new episode, and I was left with many fears last week, so I hope things get cleared up in the best possible way. Let's recap episode 13 of Please Come Back, Mister.


Please Come Back, Mister

Starring Rain (Bi) and Oh Yeon Seo

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       It starts with Hae-joon driving, wondering where Han-na is while Hong-nan sleeps resting her head on Seung-jae’s lap. The poor boy looks like he doesn’t dare to move and is controlling himself. I bet it isn’t easy to be like that. My baby! Okay, back to the story. Hong-nan receives a call that makes her sit straight, informing her of the current situation with her niece.

Hae-joon arrives home and does his best to calm Da-hye down, telling her not to worry because Han-na will be fine. Quickly next, Hong-nan arrives saying she contacted her friends to ask for help. She wonders if Han-na went to the columbarium in her desire to see her dad, which is a possibility.

The three of them go around with pictures of Han-na asking if anyone has seen her, but it looks like a fruitless search. The girl, however, is in a bus alone, heading somewhere, clearly.

At home, Hae-joon re-reads the note wondering where she is, when Abeoji walks in. He seems confused by the fuss and then mumbles that if she wanted to see her appa, then she must’ve gone “there.” He doesn’t explain further and leaves, but Hae-joon spots the ferris wheel on her desk and seems to put the pieces together.

He leaves to look for her.

At the store, the new posters with Lee-yeon are up and Jae-gook doesn’t loo pleased. They walk around as the secretary catches him up with what’s happening. The female employees gossip how it seems Hae-joon is in charge now, and the bastard hears everything, mumbling how Hae-joon knows how to piss him off. Then in his office he meets Ji-hoon who takes a look at his phone, waiting for a call I bet. Jae-gook gives him another chance to tell him about Hong-nan but the lackey wonders if this is something personal. At the denial, he can leave but he hears the bastard calling to see Suk-chul, regarding Gi-tak, of course.

At home, Hong-nan is struggling to comfort Da-hye, but she doesn’t know how to properly do it. She comes up with making a sound that eventually makes her smile. At least it worked.

Hae-joon arrives at the amusement park, with the same ferris wheel at Han-na’s desk and looks around. He finally finds her, sitting alone. She explains that her appa promised to take her there, but never did. She asks whether if she gets closer to the sky she would be able to see her dad. Then she confesses she likes him, and it seems both her grandfather and mother like him too, and she feels guilty because of it, because for a moment he forgot to be sad. She is crying, so heartbreakingly that I feel like crying too. I have goosebumps!

Hae-joon is torn too, and tells her to go see her appa so they ride the ferris wheel. She pretends not to be scared, but she’s holding his hand tightly so he says to be scared and she comforts him. She marvels at his big hands and how he smells like her appa, asking if he actually send him. He nods his head.

He asks her if she can tell him what she wants to tell her appa, but she replies that even though she likes him, he isn’t her father. He hugs her while she continues crying. I’m going to give this little girl an Oscar, she is breaking my soul, more than any other character in the drama.

After a while, she is asleep in Hae-joon’s arms, Maya shows up in front of them, looking as sad for them as I feel. Moved, she blows her magic, I guess, that touches Han-na’s cheek like a kiss, making her smile a bit. When she opens her eyes, her appa is there. She cries for him, hugging him so tightly and crying her heart out, screaming she’s missed him and yelling at him for leaving her behind. He apologises, crying as well. She finally apologises for not being his daughter, but he denies it, saying he was happy to be her appa and thanks her for being his daughter.

He knew… he knew it all along. Okay, I am crying now, I accept it. No shame there, seeing them calling each other “my daughter” and “my daddy” breaks my soul.

Then he’s driving them home, Han-na is sleeping. No wonder, she’s cried so much the little girl. Hae-joon has flashbacks of the time Da-hye coldly broke up with him, saying she didn’t like him anymore. He respects her decision, but states he won’t give her up, and will continue loving her, but he hopes she’ll be happy.

They finally arrive and like any mother would, Da-hye starts scolding her, and the girl is crying again. Hae-joon coaches her to say sorry, then keeps her from being scolded even more. The girl cries with body and soul, again! While her mother hugs her tightly. Hong-nan watches the scene with a broken heart, too.

At Gi-tak’s place, Lee-yeon struggles on her own because Hong-nan isn’t around and hasn’t even called. She muses, while looking at Gi-tak’s picture, if she takes after him. Seung-jae arrives then, she is trying to act as if she didn’t miss Hong-nan and such, he only agrees, politely.

Back at home, Han-na tells Da-hye how she saw her appa who told her he was thankful to be her dad, and that she was happy to be his daughter. She is too cute for words, and Da-hye with teary eyes tells her she was happy to see her appa. She wishes she could also see him.

She has flashbacks of waking up in the hospital, not remembering how she got there. As she almost faints, a nurse tells her she can’t move yet because of her anaemia, and asks where the guardian is… who? The father of the baby. Young-soo arrives then, claiming to be the father of the baby, looking meaningfully at Da-hye. Based on the clothes she’s wearing, it’s clear it happened the same day she broke up with him and that is the reason why.

In the present, she smiles fondly at the memory when she gets a text from Ji-hoon telling her she’s outside.

Hong-nan is talking with Hae-joon as they walk outside, she says how she is even lonelier now that he found her sister, and he mentions how Han-na says although she liked him, he wasn’t her father. They finally understand why Maya told them it would only get harder.

Ji-hoon asks about Han-na and Da-hye tells him to please stop showing up. He finally asks if Han-na is his daughter, because he needs to hear it. Han-na even found out before he did, how alike they are. Hong-nan and Hae-joon come then, and he stops her from interrupting them. Ji-hoon keeps demanding to know, but she only says Han-na’s father is and will always be Young-soo, for her and the little girl, and nothing will change that. She turns around and walks away after that.

Hong-nan understands that indeed Ji-hoon is the father, and ask Hae-joon to know. He knew Han-na was’t his daughter from the beginning, but only that Ji-hoon was the father when he came back. Da-hye never said anything because when their married he promised to never ask about the past, thinking that was the best for the family back then. He didn’t imagine it would be Ji-hoon and that is why he was so enraged and acted that way when he came back, misunderstanding and being so mean to Da-hye. He regrets that he liked Ji-hoon, not imagining how hard it must’ve been for Da-hye seeing them being friends.

Ji-hoon is walking away, recalling the last words when Hong-nan comes and punches him across the face! Without much ado, she keeps beating him. He thinks it’s because of the gloves, but it’s not that and she keeps beating him. You teach him, Hong-nan-ah! But he looks just so pitiful she can’t even keep beating him up.

At home, Da-hye is doing the dishes while Hae-joon takes a look at Han-na’s pictures, including the first ultrasound scan where he wrote he was waiting for her. He then recalls a day in Christmas, following Da-hye and telling her to be careful, giving her a scarf to stay warm. She watches him taken aback with his kindness, and when he is leaving, she calls his name and asks for a favour… to buy her a cake. They stare at the store, then at each other, realising she’s asking him to help her with her cravings… to look after her. He smiles and says he can buy anything she wants, a diamond ring? Of course! He then says he got a nickname for the baby: Lucky Charm, but it’s just too cliché. He thanks her for making him a dad and wishes her a Merry Christmas.

With the same memory, Da-hye is crying, not washing the dishes anymore. A hand takes her and when she turns around, it’s Young-soo so she breaks down crying harder and hugs him tighter. 

This episode is breaking my heart!

After a while, when they pull back, it’s Hae-joon the one who is holding her and who gives her a kiss on her forehead. When she opens her eyes and realises it’s not her husband, she runs away from him.

At the rooftop, in Gi-tak’s place, Lee-yeon asks Seung-jae for how long Gi-tak lived there, which is around 10 years… they are looking at the posters of her for Sunjin group, understanding why he was there. Hong-nan, later, is also taking a look at that while Lee-yeon inside reads a magazine with an interview to Gi-tak, where he explains why he had the pub, the atmosphere he wanted and such. He shows up then, answering and like having a conversation with her, telling her the best food he’s ever had was something his mother made for him: Warm ride and doenjang stew, which isn’t hard to make. The pub is called after Hermann Hesse’s novel: Knulp, which is the first gift he received from the woman he loves…her. But he hasn’t even finished the book because it’s too hard for him. He laughs heartedly at that, while she keeps taking a look at the pictures.

Outside, Hong-nan is at the door, debating whether to go in or not, and Lee-yeon seems to feel her there, so she goes to the door. They are there, opposite to each other, but when Lee-yeon finally opens, Hong-nan isn’t around anymore.

The next day, Da-hye is meeting Hae-joon at a café, and she is being direct this time, telling him she felt so loved that she also felt she couldn’t complain, and that she did her best to make Young-soo happy so she didn’t show her true self. She regrets now, saying how things could’ve been different if she was honest. She admits that she indeed was swayed by him, because of how similar to Young-soo he was or how much she wanted to find Young-soo in him, she can’t tell. 

She muses that when she sees Young-soo again, she’ll ask him to be angry for being swayed, but as for now she can’t get closer to Hae-joon because she still loves Young-soo. Hae-joon is happy for that, and thanks her, telling her Young-soo will understand, and he is happy he was able to comfort her, that’s enough for him. He asks if he should move out already, but as he’s leaving soon, she allows him to stay until then, but after that she hopes they won’t meet again. She leaves and Hae-joon looks happy but also heartbroken. At home, he puts many stickers to the grape sheet, as he cries.

When he goes upstairs, Hong-nan is there and starts kissing him, calling him a good brother-in-law. She teases him about giving him a passionate kiss and it’s so hard for him to break free. Teasing aside, she thanks him for loving her sister so much and comments how she thinks that one of the important things she needed to understand was him, however she isn’t so sure about the rest. Hae-joon asks her given she could go back time, what would she do something different?

Based on the fact she's wearing the tie and blazer form the night before, I assume she recalls the night before, as she walked the bridge thinking of holding hands when Lee-yeon shows up in front of her. Not a hallucination. She tries to walk past her but Lee-yeon starts scolding her for upsetting her and Hong-nan says she’ll get lost, she doesn’t need to keep saying it. She walks away, but then stops, angry and goes back to yell back at Lee-yeon, saying she is no one to tell her when to get lost. She won’t get lose because she doesn’t want to, and tells her not to say she was doing that for Hong-nan when she keeps blaming herself like that. Lee-yeon is happy she got angry, wishing Gi-tak would’ve done that, too.

They walk side-by-side, Hong-nan clearly wants to take her hand while Lee-yeon comments how she misses Gi-tak and keep seeing him. Hong-nan tells her to just forget the dead and the actress confesses she knew about what happened ten years ago, but she was afraid Jae-gook would kill Gi-tak and that's why she left.

Gi-tak inside Hong-nan wishes he could stay around Lee-yeon, even as a woman, while Lee-yeon confesses she missed her. Then she walks to catch up to the actress and holds her hand.

Lee-yeon made for her the warm rice and doenjang stew and Hong-nan looks just too touched. Then Da-hye calls her inviting her over to have a meal, because Hong-nan asked to be treated like a sister.

Ji-hoon is at the rooftop, recalling past interactions with Hae-joon. When Hae-joon arrives, he asks him how he knew he was the one who claimed Young-soo committed suicide. Hae-joon disregards the situation and just tells him to put his act together. Before Hae-joon leaves, Ji-hoon warns him about Hong-nan and how Cha Jae-gook seems to be after her.

In his office, Hae-joon is thinking about it and opens another fortune cookie. “Are you really you?” it asks this time, and he goes outside asking who put them on his desk.

Big Boss (Hyung-nim) is finally awake and Seung-jae is around, but he’s stopped from calling for help. He asks about Hong-nan, Seung-jae asks if Suk-chul was involved in Gi-tak’s accident and Boss tells him that Suk-chul was the one who tried to kill him but failed. He recalls asking Gi-tak about the money and stopping him from saying where it was. He said it was a place only him and her sister would know. That is why Big Boss wants to talk to Hong-nan, he needs to tell her something.

Hong-Nan is at Da-hye’s, greeting her happily to have a meal together while Big Boss’s voice is leaving a message about his final gift, how she needs to find it before Suk-chul does. Then Seung-jae is trying to get him out, but a nurse stops them and tells him the doctor needs to see him. Seung-jae has to wait outside but no, I have a bad feeling! That nurse looks so suspicious.

Then Suk-chul arrives. I knew that nurse was up to no good! The thug takes Big Boss away, and Seung-jae is too late. Suk-chul is at the edge of the stairs, threatening to push him down as he asks where the money is, but Hyung-nim doesn’t know and with him gone, no one else knows because he also killed Gi-tak, but Suk-chul says it was him who did that to Gi-tak, by wanting him to take over when Suk-chul was the one who built the company. He asks once again where the money is, but Big Boss doesn’t know.

No, no, no! Suk-chul pushes the wheelchair and leaves, making a call asking for Hong-nan, who went to the columbarium. Seung-jae finds Boss too late, he is dead, and he knows Hong-nan is in danger, so he calls her and runs to her.

Hong-nan is touched with all the food Da-hye made, she is just happy for Hong-nan who’s alway been warm and wants to thank her and keep her around, treat her as family. But she forgot the rice and has to go back in a rush. At that time, Hong-nan receives the voice mail Boss left.

Suk-chul is watching a video of Hong-nan at the columbarium, retrieving something and it is clear he’ll go after her.

When Da-hye comes back, Hong-nan is gone. Seung-jae is running. Why does nobody takes a cab in this drama!?

Da-hye calls Hae-joon, telling him that Hong-nan disappeared and he goes to Jae-gook, asking him if it was him. It was him, most surely, he’s after many, many things, but Hae-joon isn’t specific.

Hong-nan was caught by the thugs, Suk-chul there, playing with a lighter and being creepy as the episode ends.


Seriously, why do they have to run instead of taking a cab? That makes me even more anxious!

I feel this episode was an emotional rollercoaster, because I felt so, so heartbroken for Han-na and well, Young-soo's family (it's also Gi-tak's!) and then scared for Hong-nan! But seriously, that little girl's tears brought me to tears as well, I could feel her pain and I just wanted to make them all happy. How incredible it is when you feel the character's pain as yours.

Also, regarding Da-hye… finally! In episode 13 I understand and can wrap my opinion about her. Although fond of Young-soo, she didn't marry him because she loved him. I always knew that but didn't know the reason behind, and now everything makes sense. He helped her when she got pregnant, marrying her for her reputation, giving a family to that little baby. That's why she was so grateful and how she eventually fell for him. For the first time I believed her when she said she still loved Young-soo. I'm so, so relieved he knew Han-na wasn't his biological daughter. I blame on K-dramas I am paranoid and think the worst case scenario when situations like this one arrive. A fellow K-drama watcher commented Young-soo probably knew and it happened before they married. You were right! I'm so glad. As I'm not sure how old Han-na is or when they got married, I didn't think of that possibility at first.

By the way, taking about guessing, who do you think it's the one leaving the fortune cookies? I can't throw a guess yet. 

My favourite part was when Han-na was in bed, smiling because Young-soo was thankful to be her father and she was thankful to be his daughter. I found that so touching and I was so relieved she was smiling again. I also finally saw and felt in my own heart how much Da-hye loves Young-soo and misses him. It was also the moment I realised them, as a family without Young-soo will be okay at the end, so I felt really relieved.

What about you? What was your favourite scene?

I'll see you all for the next episode.
Bel, xx

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