It's time to recap episode 15 of Please Come Back, Mister. Are you ready? The cliffhanger for the previous one was massive. If you haven't watched it, here's the recap of it.


Please Come Back, Mister

Starring Rain (Bi) and Oh Yeon Seo

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The previous episode left us screaming. Okay, it left me screaming because Hae-joon was run over! Episode 15 starts with Hae-joon walking to meet Da-hye, Suk-chul speeding up and hitting him, then running away. Hae-joon rolls on the road, people approach him and he stands up again, but falls, blood dripping from his forehead. Why is no one calling 911?

Da-hye waits at the restaurant. Hong-nan cuts her fingers overcome with an ominous feeling. Hae-joon once again stands up again, gets the flowers and wobbly makes his way. Some people ask him if he needs an ambulance. Really? I mean, really? Don’t you see he actually needs one? They just let him walk away as he mumbles this time he’ll be there.

Da-hye is still waiting, recalling the message written in the carriage, the ahjumma part. Then Hae-joon’s voice telling her he’ll keep his promise this time.

He actually makes it to the restaurant, panting, sweating and still bleeding, but he wipes that and tries to put his best face as he makes his way in, apologising for being later and giving her the flowers. He looks terrible, his lips are pale and his expression is so tired, but he still stays there, complimenting her, cutting the meat for her, treating her like he wanted and should’ve done. He keeps saying things that make her think back of Young-soo. Is he doing that on purpose or is it because he is like sixty percent dead already?

Hong-nan watches them fondly, recalling that time the three were there, even if they didn’t directly interact. Her eyes well up.

He finally thanks her for everything she’s done for him, every meal, and for being his family. He is happy this time he kept his promise. But even if she looks so pretty, he looks like he’s dying. He is probably dying (again!) and eventually, he just collapses.

Everybody runs to see what happened to him, and before he loses all consciousness, he says he was hit by a car and an ambulance finally takes him tot he hospital. There, he is rushed to run some exams while Hong-nan tries to comfort Da-hye.

Outside, Hong-nan makes some calls to try to find out what happened and who did it. She takes a look inside, how Da-hye is holding Hae-joon’s hand tightly and she starts complaining to the sky, saying if this is the way he’ll die. Maya shows up, saying that Hae-joon indeed will leave sooner because he doesn’t have more than two days.

Hong-nan doesn’t want to accept it, there must be a way, but Maya doesn’t have a choice whether he lives or not. Hong-nan wants her to bring him back, at least for Da-hye, they need to say goodbye. She’ll do anything…

There is a way, if she trades her time for his.

We don’t know her answer for sure, the scene changes to Hae-joon and Da-hye again, she taking his hand and begging him to wake up, saying she’ll be mad at him, telling him he can’t do this to her. Hong-nan and Maya are watching the scene and the former just nods her head before the latter walks up to Hae-joon, her hand on his forehead… transferring Gi-tak’s remaining time to him.

Later, Da-hye is asleep, holding Hae-joon’s hand. She tries to let go this time, but he grabs it back, holding it tight and asking her to go home. He finally opens his eyes and nods his head yes when she asks him if he’s okay. He really wants to go home, eat the homemade food of hers, see Han-na and such. She nods her head and agrees.

When the doctor comes asking for Hae-joon, the nurse tells him he was discharged although he had a stroke.

At home, Lee-yeon is going over a magazine, nagging about Jae-gook’s attitude during the meal. Then she finds in that old magazine an interview with her and her picture. Hong-nan doesn't say anything, just mumbles some agreement and watches her fondly, but there are no goodbyes.

Jae-gook meets with Suk-chul, giving to him the money in exchange of the recording but Suk-chul doesn’t just take his trap, President Ew has brought thugs to beat Suk-chul up, but he’s a mad hound and he’s done more. He confesses the hit-and-run to Hae-joon and how everything will be his fault. It was a trap for him.

Jae-gook get’s even angrier and his thugs beat Suk-chul up, but the bastards manages to escape.

At home, Da-hye is looking after Hae-joon, so is Han-na and Abeoji. I don’t know how long after, he finally wakes up when Da-hye has come to check his cut. He is all better now and before she leaves, he tells someone was looking after him in his dreams and gives her a new sticker, thanking her. She doesn’t accept it, though. He checks his watch now and alarmed, calls Maya.

Our awesome lady tells him his time hasn’t been reduced but extended, and once he comes back he’ll understand what happened. She wishes him good luck saying his goodbyes.

We finally get to know how his meeting with Telepathic Secretary went. Her father helped him before, and now she wants to do the same. I’d say it went well, then.

Lee-yeon has come to see Da-hye and they are having coffee while they talk about Hong-nan, and eventually Gi-tak. Lee-yeon finally mentions his name that triggers a reaction in Da-hye, she also confesses how much she like him and that he died, but his friends are protecting her now. She looks at Sung-jae, saying that they are like destiny. Da-hye looks troubled, but she doesn’t even know why she’s tearing up.

Manager Ma runs to Hae-joon then to show him something that is outrageous. Ji-hoon comes to see Jae-gook, telling him about the audio file on the internet and about the rumour, right before secretary comes to tell him about an emergency. Ji-hoon leaves before Jae-gook throw his tantrum.

As Lee-yeon walks around, everyone looks at her and eventually she’s asked if she is doing okay, but she doesn’t understand. Then Seung-jae receives an text and he’s directed to the audio that everyone has heard, saying it’s Jae-gook ordering Gi-tak’s death.

About to break down, Lee-yeon excuses herself but when she turns around, Hong-nan is there, looking pale as the audio repeats.

Hae-joon is facing Jae-gook who denies being involved, and our guy promises that if he was indeed involved, he’ll make Jae-gook pay for everything.

Lee-yeon and Hong-man look at each other, the actress tries to tell her and herself this can’t be, he is evil but he wouldn’t do this… yet she still excuses herself. Seung-jae is also having a break down, angry and revengeful, but Hong-nan tells him not to do anything stupid. Da-hye comes to Hong-nan, asking her if she’s okay.

Hong-nan then goes to see Hae-joon, but she isn’t doing well, because knowing someone actually killed him is hard to swallow, and the fact he hurt the people he loves. She wants to spend her remaining time with her sister more than seeking revenge. She asks him to stand by Da-hye’s side because until Suk-chul dies, she will have to still pretend to be Hong-nan.

Da-hye is dreaming of Gi-tak again when Hae-joon comes and asks her if something happened. She says how it’s strange how she’s feeling anxious and has a bad feeling. She requests of him that when the time comes, to please say goodbye. When he promises that, she leaves to her room.

Jae-gook is standing in his studio, office,

I don’t know, when Lee-yeon comes, asking him if he really did order Gi-tak’s murder. Contrary to what he told Hae-joon, he says it’s true, he really did it even if she begs him to tell her he didn’t. Eventually, he tells her it was her, because of what she did. Both look like they’ve lost their minds, completely insane.

Hong-nan is making calls, murmuring she barely has time. I’m sure she’s calling Lee-yeon, who keeps crying on the floor instead of picking up.

The next day, Jae-gook’s secretary tells him not to dress up so much when going to the prosecutor’s office, but he says he’s done nothing so why shouldn’t he?

Hong-nan comes to see Hae-joon, who explains that Jae-gook denies being involved so he’s doing his investigation. No CCTV, the black box of his car was missing, the truck was never found. So they need her to remember what happened to know exactly who killed Gi-tak.

She relives the accident, Seung-jae calling him to tell the police was there so he sped up to catch the paparazzi to prove Lee-yeon's innocence, but then the accident happened. However, that didn’t kill him, it was the truck that came later.

Hae-joon asks her if she remembers something strange, and she does, before Gi-tak met Young-soo at the afterlife station, he had a cigarette in his hands, but he had quit long ago.

She remembers now, once he was dead Suk-chul coming, playing with his lighter, checking if he was indeed dead. Someone else, tells Suk-chul he already sent the pictures, to whom? Jae-gook who was having a mental break down and in that state he orders Suk-chul to kill those bastards, staring at the picture. But by then, Gi-tak was already dead so it was Suk-chul who used Jae-gook to cover the murder. There he lights up the cigarette he found out later, the bastard left it lit in Gi-tak’s hand.

Suk-chul has killed all those people for money, he has nothing left to lose now. He wants the secret account. She has to continue being Gi-tak’s sister until the bastard dies, and then promises him that both Lee-yeon and Da-hye will be all right. He notices then their watches don’t match anymore and understands Maya’s words. Hong-nan confesses what happened and he hugs her tight, while she tells him just to be nice to her sister. He cries, she tears up as she pats his back.

Lee-yeon is back at home, drinking and remembering that time Hae-joon came to Hong-nan and Lee-yeon told them how pathetic they were. As she recalls that, she says they are the worst type of pathetic. She muses how it would’ve been nice if Gi-tak was also there, if he had seen how pretty and nice Hong-nan grew up to be.

She spots the old magazine and goes to the picture of her again, noticing this time in the background, there’s Gi-tak. Finally, her dream came true: she has a picture of them both. Hong-nan comes then and hears her telling Gi-tak how she is sorry for what happened, for being so selfish. She apologises over and over again, saying how she loves him so much. Hong-nan continues eavesdropping, eyes tearing up.

She comes in then, telling her no to be sorry because Jae-gook wasn’t the one who ordered to kill Gi-tak, she has nothing to be sorry about. She asks him that after this, she has to take care of Young-chan. She tells her she has little time left and she’s done everything she came here for, and then walks way. Lee-yeon still can’t look up to her and is left crying. She attempts to go after Hong-nan, but doesn’t at the end.

The next day, Jae-gook walks in during a meeting schedule to, basically, fire him. He makes a fuss about it, asking who is behind. Hae-joon comes in, saying it was him who is now the one who has the most shares int he company. After his scandal, the price came down so much so he got even more shares.

Explaining all what Jae-gook's done wrong, Hae-joon explains his motion and once it is accepted, every shareholder votes whether they approve of it or not. Chairman Cha is the first to raise his hand. It’s unanimous, Jae-gook is dismissed. For the time being, Hae-joon is the one who’ll be acting as the president.

Then, Hae-joon meets with Hong-nan, telling her Da-hye wants to see her. She comes in, with the picture she found of her and Gi-tak. She asks what’s going on, and HAe-joon says he’s found her brother, but she can’t tell her about it because that’s what her brother wanted, however he did that to protect her and because he loves her.

Da-hye asks if her brother is Gi-tak…

Around, Suk-chul is playing with his lighter, grinning as he eavesdrop their conversation.

The epilogue shows the real Hae-joon and the pilot being all lovey-dovey, doing really well and not even bothering with every ship that goes by… until one passes closes and they are finally saved!


I'm so relieved Hae-joon didn't die, I was so scared… but he was going to. Thank you, Hong-nan! The feeling this is ending and they have to leave is so imminent it chokes me. I've grown to hate Suk-Chgulmore than Jae-gook, I find the latter just pathetic. I really hope the thug gets what he deserves.

I found so emotive when Hae-joon hugged Hong-nan for giving him her time, like I had goosebumps. Their bonding friendship is just precious, don't you agree? I think that was also my favourite scene. What was yours?

The ending is out so I'll go post the recap now. See you all there!
Bel, xx

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