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Please Come Back, Mister

Starring Rain (Bi) and Oh Yeon Seo

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      We were left with Da-hye asking if Gi-tak is her brother and Suk-chul eavesdropping. Da-hye explains the little fragmented memory she has, and how she feels every time she hears that name. Once she saw that picture of them two she felt the puzzle was complete, except Hong-nan is the sister.

Our Hong-nan confesses she’s been living under her name. The explanation is that Gi-tak gave her that name (he really did) because he missed her that much. Han Hong-nan was her name, and the one using now was raised as the real one. Hong-nan asks her not to speak of those names, of the siblings while Da-hye cries because her brother died, however did he really die like people said? Hong-nan cuts Hae-joon’s answer and tells her that Gi-tak would want her to live happily. With that, she leaves and Suk-chul wets his lips in anticipation.

Hae-joon and Da-hye walk together as he explains that the one who found her brother was Ji-hoon, that was what he wanted to tell her that night at the restaurant… but he couldn’t tell her later that her brother had also died, not just her husband. He tells her that she shouldn’t feel worried or sorry, and that she deserves to be loved. She replies she does indeed has memories of being loved, so he shouldn’t worry.

She asks him who he really is, a kind lodger is his answer, someone who wants her happy.

In his office, Jae-gook is contemplating his title when Lee-yeon comes in, wondering if he would’ve been happier if he had met someone else. She is tired and pleads to finally end their relationship and live their separate ways. She’s taking Young-chan with her.

Hae-joon is in how own office when Manager Ma comes to bring him coffee and tell him he looks so handsome today. He really worships him, it’s cute. Hae-joon warns him about how he might change in the future, and asks for a hug. Manager Ma steps in and Hae-joon gives him a tight hug that he interprets as officially being one of Hae-joon’s men.

In broad daylight, Hong-nan, Gae-jil and Seung-jae are drinking… it’s her farewell because in the States, where she is supposed to leave to, she won’t be able to. Seung-jae asks her to wait, he’ll get Suk-chul but she tells him not to seek revenge and take care of Lee-yeon.

Talking about Lee-yeon, she’s preparing for a photoshoot when she receives a text from Jae-gil telling her that Hong-nan is leaving to the States. At that photoshoot, Hong-nan goes to watch her, mumbling how Lee-yeon will be okay, she’s sure of it. She watches her with everyone with fond eyes and leaves without meeting her.

At night, Seung-jae isn’t doing what he was told and he’s tracking Suk-chul, or someone who’ll lead him to suk-chul at least. He finally finds him but he looks away and in that moment the thug is gone, just to show up next from behind. Seung-jae asks him if he really killed Gi-tak, and the thug’s nonchalance pisses him off, but another guys comes in before Seung-jae can punch Suk-chul. The newcomer is told to kill Seung-jae and they stat fighting… until a horrid sound stops Seung-jae.


He was stabbed… he is stabbed again and let slide to the floor as Suk-chul tells him how he is planning to kill Hong-nan. No, my love is hurt, someone save him please!

Da-hye receives a call then, from Suk-chul pretending to be the owner of the building of Gi-tak’s place, asking her to come over to take some of his things. Aware of their connection, she agrees to go without a clue it’s a trap. That bastard, I want to kill him myself.

Da-hye tries calling Hong-nan, but she doesn’t want to pick up, saying she doesn’t have anything to say. Then Seung-jae calls her, telling her not to come. He’s bleeding bad, sweating, breathing hard and I’m screaming! My love, no. Why? My poor heart can’t take this.

Da-hye arrives at Gi-tak’s, Suk-chul shows up and continues the charade, but he calls Hae-joon to let him hear Da-hye is there, and that she is in danger. He admits running over him, and threatens him to bring the secret account unless he wants Da-hye to pay. He rushes there, as fast as he can. He also calls Hong-nan as he drives, to tell her about the situation. She tells him not to hand the account, it’ll be worse and to leave it in her hands, she’ll take care of it.

BBALLI BBALI! (hurry up)

Hong-nan is running again! There’s a cab passing by and she runs. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT WOMAN?! GET A BICYCLE AT LEAST!

Da-hye is watching the pictures of Gi-tak, recalling Hong-nan’s words and assurance he loved her and just wanted to protect her. She cries as she sees the pictures, Suk-chul just lets her do that.

Hong-nan is still running when she hears something. SEUNG-JAE SPITTING BLOOD! Save him, call an ambulance now. Please…

She freaks out, asking if it was Suk-chul, he seems to have trouble focusing on her, but says how he told her not to come, warns her to leave. She screams for help and luckily a lady passes by and she calls for an ambulance. Keep him awake, keep him alive, please! I beg of you.

Da-hye is finally leaving, but Suk-chul is showing his true colours now, stopping her from leaving, scaring her, cornering her with the look of a mad man. She calls in her mind for Young-soo when Hae-joon shows up, running to save her. He steps between Suk-chul and her, making sure she’s all right.

Suk-chul realises he didn’t bring the account, he isn’t happy.. He doesn’t care about anything else but the money. Hae-joon decides to fight him, murmuring how he died once and won’t do that again. Suk-chul punches him ruthlessly, but Hae-joon stands up over and over again, no matter how hard he is hit or thrown over.

When suk-chul gets impatient, Hae-joon says he has even less time and admits that he’s toughed up after being bossed around for so long. He still stands, and does his best to stop Suk-chul from touching Da-hye.

Lee-yeon is watching at the picture she took of the crew and notices Hong-nan was there, like in that picture with Gi-tak long ago. And now she’s the one running. They really don’t know the concept of cab, do they? She runs and recalls the many times Hong-nan saved her, the things she told her, what she wanted for her. She just keeps running.

Hae-joon is still being beaten up, Da-hye watching frustrated and she tires to attack Suk-chul, but fails. Before he can actually hurt her, Hong-nan shows up with the picture. Da-hye goes to Hae-joon, making sure he’s all right, he tells her not to cry.

Hong-nan throws the picture away and hits Suk-chul. Kicks, punches, he throws her over, she attacks back, with her fits of iron. She yells at him for killing all those people, SHE INCLUDES SEUNG-JAE! He screams back how Gi-tak followed him in the organisation and ruined his life… all the time.

She grabs his lighter and burns the picture, ending it once and for all. He freaks out and grabs her by the lapels for what she did. They fall over the rooftop, but she holds him and he holds on to her.

Hae-joon and Da-hye run to catch her, but she is saying her goodbyes, saying how she just hopes everyone she loves will be happy and calls Da-hye her sister, and asks him to take care of her, also referring to him as brother-in-law. When Da-hye calls her oppa (older brother, meaning Gi-tak), Hong-nan lets go and slowly, slips down until she is falling with Suk.chul, Hae-joon crying as he recalls all of his memories with Gi-tak.

She falls, while everyone screams.

Her voice narrates as flashbacks show, as we hear again when she told Hae-joon one of the good things they needed to learn in this experience, was him.

He cries, calling Gi-tak… and when they look down, Hong-nan disappears. Her body isn’t there anymore.

Lee-yeon arrives, finally, without taking a cab, screaming for Hong-nan, defeated. She turns around, and Hong-nan is standing there with a sad look, teary eyes. I get goosebumps. “This time, I wanted to say a proper goodbye before I left,” she says, and even if Lee-yeon doesn’t want her to go, there’s no other way. She tells the actress not to cry as she leans in and holds her face, kissing her as a tear streams down her face. Then it’s Gi-tak kissing Lee-yeon as flashbacks of their youth play, and the last time they saw each other.

When he pulls back, she can see him, Maya standing next to them. She asks him not to go, and he says he is not going anywhere, and he will always still by her side. However, he starts fading away, and so does Hong-nan with that sad smile. Lee-yeon keeps crying as Hong-nan fades away in sparkly dust. She cries and cries… And slowly, Gi-tak disappears from every picture, literally fading away. Everything that was his, his boxing globes, his chef name tag… everything just disappears, and with him, Hong-nan.

Lee-yeon suddenly stops crying, her tear comes back in her eye and she is fine, just confused to be there.

She forgot… Gi-tak was found out, so he’s erased.

Oh boy...

Hae-joon is talking with the detective, regarding Suk-chul’s death. When he hangs up, he goes to see Da-hye who is still dreaming of that last day with Gi-tak, when he taught her how to throw a punch.

Hae-joon is watching her with Maya, who tells him no one remembers Gi-tak… no one but him, and he will always remember him. From the picture of Da-hye and Gi-tak, he disappears and there’s a boy in the car, behind where Gi-tak was standing.

She wakes up, looking at him with relieved eyes. He asks her why she looks at him like that, and she says she’s just happy he’s there.

Then he is giving Han-na many gifts for her first times, like a first bra, a perfume for her coming of age… even a tiara for when she gets married. He’s giving her the things he won’t be able for those key moments in her life.

Being the beautiful girl she is, she tells him to get married, to practice with her today. So they go out of her room, humming to the typical song, walking together hand in hand, while Da-hye and Abeoji watch them with fond eyes, but his expression is both heartbroken and happy.

He recalls how Abeoji said you can’t force becoming a family, it happens naturally, and he remembers those moments with them, realising the truth of his words.

Then at night, Hae-joon goes to Abeoji’s room, taking a look at that old picture of them when he was young. In his head, Young-soo tells him he’s still handsome, and he won’t miss him but he has to stay and see Han-na get married, have a family and then they’ll see each other. He muses how he’s proud of having been his son, and he cries, holding his hand. But he puts it back in the futon and leaves the room.

He goes to the kitchen, to the grape sheet to fill almost all the grapes, only leaving the last one, the 30th, uncovered.

The next day, he opens a letter with a card that says the world is brighter because of him.

Flashback shows that Hong-nan changed the picture in the frame, letting him take care of the original with the secret account number. Under Hong-nan’s name, a good cause has been sponsored and that card is a thank you letter for that. Hae-joon pastes the last sticker there, as he whispers his goodbye.

Then he is leaving the house, but Da-hye stops him to ask him to have a meal before. She made curry, because when she got married that was the only thing she knew how to make and did that every day for Young-soo, yet he never complained. This is the first time she makes curry since he died.

They sit across each other, but she doesn’t say anything. He tells him that if they see each other again, to pretend not to know each other. He says he’ll treat her badly, he might make her cry so she can curse him out and walk away. She smiles and says she’ll do that.

He finally leaves the house, meeting Maya in the way. He mentions Gi-tak, saying how he hopes to share a drink with him in the train. It’s good he remembers him, and she asks her if it was worth it, coming back. He says it was, smiling. But his smile dies when he realises he forgot to say goodbye. He also admits he maybe hoped Da-hye'd realise it was him…

In the house, she’s looking at the plate with the carrots, just like Young-soo did every time he ate her curry. She stands up and runs after him, recalling the message in the card that came with the necklace, while having flashbacks of her times with Hae-joon.

She runs and catches up to him, giving him a back hug and saying he did well… just like she always did when he came back home. Both are crying, but Hae-joon doesn’t reply, he just takes her hands off of his waist and says his goodbye, without looking back, and walking away. Tears keep streaming down his face, same for her, who also whispers her goodbye.


She smiles through the tears and Young-soo walks away with Maya, saying this is enough.

Some time later, I guess, Lee-yeon is in an interview being asked if she ever had a special relationship. She feels like she was unconditionally loved by someone, and that helped her through bad times. Now, she’s at peace.

Then she is introduced to her new manager, Seung-jae! He survived and his hair is down and he looks so handsome in that leather jacket. Jae-gil is also there and it’s beautiful. They are destiny after all.

She is walking the bridge, calling Young-chan while Seung-jae walks behind, listening. He takes off his phone and looks at his background… A PICTURE OF MAYA AND A KID! Is he the kid? Was Maya his mother? OMO! No wonder she was so smitten with him. I want to cry again.

Running, the opposite direction is Hong-nan! But no, it’s not really her. She walks past Lee-yeon and none react. Then past Seung-jae and they don’t react… but he stops later, and turns around. He feels something!

The real Lee Hae-joon is back, the female employees are all over him, thanking him, loving him and he is surprised, but cold. They are confused, and Manager Ma reminds them that after the hit-and-run, he hurt his head so they should be understanding of his changes. Telepathic Secretary is there, remembering how he told her to distribute his shares within the company employees, which makes her smile proud of him.

In his office, he finds a letter form Young-soo, telling him he used his name for those two months that were like a dream to him, too. He ruined his plans, but he won’t apologise because in exchange, he gifted him with loyal employees who respect him.

Family meeting with Jae-gook and Chairman Cha. The older son offers his help managing the company, super nonchalant, and Hae-joon says he hated him to death, still does. Chairman cringes… but then Hae-joon calls Jae-gook hyung (older brother) and chairman abeoji (father), saying how he wanted to do that even once before he died.

Chairman moves the walnuts and Telepathic Secretary blows up, telling she’s done, she doesn’t know what he’s thinking and they should talk. Please talk! She storms out and I can’t stop laughing. This is epic.

Young-chan is playing ball, and his parents are talking like civilised people. He says as he is unemployed now, he should be a father. Well, it was about time. I’m glad for the kid.

Han-na and Ji-hoon are together, he tells her how much he liked Young-soo and what a great man he was. That's why he is happy they are so alike. She should be proud of her appa. She asks him if later he could teach her how to dance, and he agrees happily. Aw.

Da-hye runs into Hae-joon in the elevator, and he really doesn’t recognise her. He is eating seaweed. It became a habit, uh? She tells him she’ll file a claim for worker’s compensation. He doesn’t understand, and she just chuckles before exiting.

He’s walking and he runs into a gorgeous woman… the original body of Hong-nan. She got her hair cut, God she’s beautiful. She asks if they have met before, but he wouldn't know, he just arrived, like her. He laughs, and she tells him not to get the wrong idea. At his chuckling, she gets annoyed and walks away. He turns to watch her and she fixes her underwear like Hong-nan used to do. They walk away but stop at the same time, turning around and smiling at each other.

Back in time, to when the picture of the Han siblings was taken. I always wondered who took the pictures of the two, and it was Abeoji! The one inside the car was Young-soo. He is being scolded, while little Hong-nan watches him with dreamy eyes and a smile as he gets dragged away. Then Gi-tak takes her hand and also walks away.

And that was the first picture of them, Young-soo and Da-hye.

The K-drama ends with a quote from Hermann Hesse’s Knulp: “It was beautiful. Happiness and sadness were all beautiful.”


I can't believe it's truly over. I cried, screamed and ran away when Sung-jae was stabbed because I couldn't stand it and I was too scared. But overall, I truly enjoyed the drama and the ending. I wish I could've seen more of Da-hye's family, how Abeoji was doing and such, but I'm really content with how things were wrapped up.

I am devastated that Gi-tak's existence was wiped out. He touched many lives, and I now it's probably more merciful not to remember him than remembering how he truly died, but still… I was really crying by then, when she said her goodbyes.

I'm glad, however, they could say their goodbyes, to their loved ones. Lee-yeon and Gi-tak, Young-soo and his wife and family. It surely is terrible losing someone with the regret of parting ways with harsh words or after a fight, which was both cases. So no wonder they feel more at peace after properly letting go. Still sad.

I wish I could've seen the two ahjussis back in the After Life station, but I'm glad the real Hae-joon and Hong-nan (she probably has another name, though) met and seemed to have a connection. I could totally write a fan fiction about that.

TALKING ABOUT FAN FICTIONS! I really want to write one (or a one shot) about Maya's being Seung-jae's mother. Like, there isn't much said about that (almost nothing and it isn't even confirmed) but my head is filled with ideas and I want to fill those blank spaces. I'll see if I can share that with you. Would anyone want to read it?

My favourite scene was when Telephonic Secretary blew up, I just couldn't stop laughing and clapping like a seal. What was yours? I mean, there were so many but that caused my stronger reaction and lifted the burden in my heart.

I loved the K-drama, it was beautiful and very moving, with the right doses of humour and great cast and acting. It pulled my heartstrings and made me feel so much, so it definitely gets in my top ten dramas.

Thank you for reading and sharing this journey with me. See you all soon, I hope, recapping another K-drama.
Bel, xx

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