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Please Come Back, Mister

Starring Rain (Bi) and Oh Yeon Seo

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We left Hae-joon and Da-hye talking in the staircase, he telling her he hates her for not really knowing her husband and believing he was capable of suicide. She admits she didn’t know him so well, and that very thing makes her so angry. Teary eyed, she leaves and Hae-joon is about to break, too.

Later, when Ji-hoon is driving him home, he spots Da-hye in a bus stop and makes Ji-hoon stop. For a moment I think he’ll offer comfort, she also does, but what he offers her is just snack wraps and an empty can that she must throw for him. Very mature, my friend.

Hong-nan is waiting, checking her appearance and then a kid comes. Oh, that’s Lee-yeon’s kid. He’s adorable! And she came to pick him up. Well, isn’t it safe that they just allow the kid to leave with someone he doesn’t know?

It’s the day of the press conference regarding the new drama. The lead actress have to come out and it’s weird that Song Lee-yeon is coming from the back. She’s really nervous and even trips a bit, but I’m more nervous. I have such a bad feeling about this! Hong-nan is there with the little kid. The kid is adorable and Hong-nan also is adorable with him, making jokes and such.

Lee-yeon is on stage, the reporters are gather but OH NO! other shoes show up. It’s the other actress, the bitchy one! Why is she on stage? Is she the only other actress there? Oh no, oh no, I had a bad feeling. I don’t want to watch. Lee-yeon was canned but no one told her. This is total humiliation, the reporters are going to butcher her.

*curses* Aish! The director is with Suk-chul! This is all part of his plan. I hate him. I knew she shouldn’t have told him about the drama.

In her humiliation, Lee-yeon pushes the bitchy actress because she is forcing her to stay, but she wants to run. Fans of the bitchy actress throw cake at her and she’s frozen, too humiliated to move.

Hong-nan is about is about to jump in when the kid stops her to ask her why that is happening. She tells him real men don’t cry and her mum is just acting, the bad guys are being mean to her and now she’ll save her. Like Lighting Man? asks the kid, but she’s a woman now so she’s Lighting Girl. She hands the kid to Seung-jae and charges but the reporters are too many and she can’t reach her. She turns around but the kid is cheering for her.

She looks up and sees the camera crane (is that what you call it?) and hangs from it, moving towards the stage and jumping like a real action movie star. For a moment I thought she was hallucinating again, but it’s for real and she rescues Lee-yeon from the reporters. Inside the van, she can’t even meet her kid but he really believes she was acting and is super proud of her. With Hong-nan’s help, they turn that horrid moment in something sweet, eating the cake on her face and being too adorable for words.

Gi-tak could’ve been a good father to that kid.

Back to Hae-joon, he is waiting outside Da-hye’s house, but she still hasn’t arrived. Then he receives a call regarding the files from the CCTV.

Where’s Da-hye? At the hospital, she went to see Manager Baek’s mother. That manager was the one who gave her the rice cakes (remember the word for rice cakes can also mean bribe). The package that the text massage was about was sent to his mother, so she suspects it’s regarding the bribe they said Young-soo took. She begs him to tell her the truth, he seems hesitant, like he’s about to, but then he looks at his phones and says he knows nothing.

When she’s walking back, she can’t stop thinking of the things she said to him on the rooftop for their fight.

The CCTV footage? It was destroyed. Someone went there and made a mess, which means someone is really wanting to cover his suicide. He’s sure it’s President Cha and he’s recklessly driving. Why doesn’t Korea have traffic laws?

Hong-nan is ready to give Director Gu a lesson and I hope it’s painful. That little bastard. He’s having dinner with Suk-chul. The director always wanted the bitchy actress, Lee-yeon was a plan B. The rotten rat. I hope his drama sucks!

Hong-nan eavesdrops and realises Sunjin group is behind, and the threat to take back their sponsorship if Lee-yeon gets a job. When Suk-chul is ready to leave, the doors open and it shows President Cha at the other side of the table. He’s angry for not telling him about what he did to Lee-yeon. The bitchy actress is there! That… I have only bad words for her. I think the other man there is President Cha’s secretary, an he puts a towel in Suk-chul’s mouth and then President Cha walks over the table to kick the gansgter. I know I hate President Cha even more than I hate Suk-chul, but I’m glad someone hit him. Ew Ex Husband threatens the gangster to never touch his toy, Lee-yeon, and leaves. Suk-chul is left there, with the bitchy actress who is trembling after seeing that. Suk-chul has to have some loose screws in there, he bursts out laughing after realising Lee-yeon is useful for something. He throws the towel he bit to bitchy actress.

Hong-nan just watches, feeling powerless and angered.

In his reckless driving. Hae-joon ends up in front of the store, disappointed that it seems that’s the only place he can go. Da-hye is also arriving at that time, having to endure how the other workers react to the place Young-soo fell to.

Hae-joon goes inside and we can see Young-soo’s path on his last night, when he came, half dead already, to fix the banner. Hae-joon follows him, like someone who follows a ghost, into the elevator when he hears a melody. An alarm?

The camera follows the sound to a locker, where his broken phone (that still has battery) is reminding of Da-hye’s doctor’s appointment. I doubt she went, though. She picks Young-soo’s clothes again, the snack’s wraps fall and as she picks them up, she starts crying. Hae-joon is listening to this, but doesn’t approach, instead, he turns around realising he also went many times there to cry alone, and that’s probably what she needs now, crying.

Lee-yeon is also crying at home, and Hong-nan doesn’t dare to come inside her room, just waiting outside, realising that all of them need comforting that night.

The next day, Hae-joon and Hong-nan are walking through the store, realising they have a common enemy and need to join forces to destroy him. She wants to take part of the fashion show to get near their enemy, and also get back at the male model that caused the scandal with Lee-yeon.

Near, a costumer is making a fuss because Da-hye says they are stealing. They are making her apologise, playing innocent and Ji-hoon comes to calm things, but it doesn’t work. She’s getting on her knees when Hae-joon stops her. The man making a fuss is asking who he is, the husband? But before he confirms that, Hong-nan steps in and kisses him, even bitting his bottom lip and talking, telling him not to ruin everything. We see, once again, the ahjussis kissing! (I’m laughing too much). Hae-joon is left light-headed and Hong-nan takes him away, leaving it all to Ji-hoon who, apologising, says to make things easier will leave it to the police. HA! The thieves have been caught.

Hong-nan is dragging Hae-joon who’s angry that Ji-hoon had a chance to look better in front of Da-hye. Later on, when he screams at her for what she did, she argues she only saved him from ruining it all. He’s throwing a tantrum but she tells him that they are one, if he screws things up, then she’s screwed. As she leaves, he watches her muttering she is not a lady, but not a man either.

Abeoji was watching the scene with the thieves and Hae-joon runs into him then.

Ji-hoon is offering Da-hye coffee and asking her what’s troubling her. She tells him about going to see Manager Baek’s mother and what she suspects about the bribe.

Hae-joon is talking to Abeoji and realises he brought food for Da-hye, but she went out to eat. He, on the other hand, hasn’t.

Da-hye and Ji-hoon go to the place of the delivery service to check if Young-soo where there. He is about to touch her when she sees her husband indeed sending an envelope.

Hae-joon is eating the food Abeoji made, which is kimbap. Apparently, he makes the best one and according to what he says, for Young-soo and Da-hye’s first date he made the kimbap he took and that’s why Da-hye fell for him and married him. Hae-joon is touched with the memory, and the taste probably. Abeoji thanks him, and although Hae-joon doesn’t know for what, Abeoji just says it’s for everything. He also asks him not to tell Da-hye he was there.

Ji-hoon is taking Da-hye to eat, asking her just to be comfortable. There’s a thing he’s allergic to, “taro” he said, and apparently, before she used to eat it, but as she doesn’t anymore, he goes to a place that doesn’t add it.

Hae-joon is trembling in front of Chairman Cha, who wanted to meet Hong-nan. She’s surely making an impression, although I can’t say if good or horrid. The chairman watches how Hae-joon tries to correct her posture, and habits and both the chairman and secretary are shocked. Making use of the telepathic link, she asks what kind of relationship they have. Hae-joon lies, saying just friend and that they met in the States, but she babblers too much.

Da-hye is barely eating, so Ji-hoon offers to meet with Manager Baek for her, but she refuses, after all she was the one who accepted the “rice cakes.” He says it’s better if he goes, being too emotional is no good and because it’s her, Manager Baek is less likely to cooperate. He wants her to accept his help without feelings attached to it.

Chairman Cha hands an envelope. Hong-nan marvels at that, after all it only happens in dramas and then says their relationship is just business. For the fashion show, they both have great bodies they should use them. Is it just me or does the chairman looks fairly amused? He, however, gives the green light for them to proceed with their plans for the fashion show, after all Hae-joon is the only responsible.

When they are leaving, Hae-joon screams at her for babbling so much, but she tells him that this is the only way to save the woman he loves, Song Lee-yeon.

At that time, President Cha shows up, they have small talk regarding the kiss incident. In their minds they ask what is the other planning using the male model and covering his death. Hae-joon has to stop Hong-nan from charging against him, and when he’s talking, Hae-joon just leaves, bumping into him, and Hong-nan just glares at the ew ex husband.

Hae-joon is going after Da-hye, being worried but trying not to show it, trying to make her not rely so much on Ji-hoon. She shouldn’t look so much as a single woman but a married one. She asks him if he’s interested in her but of course he says it’s nonsense.

At home, Lee-yeon just tearing the script while Seung-jae cleans after her mess. Hong-nan pulls her up and asks her how to steal a man’s heart. Seung-jae stops at that. OMO! Why does he do that? Is he interested in Hong-nan? What’s this? Why do I pay so much attention to that?

Anyhow. So Hong-nan needs help if she wants to seduce the male model, and she’s asking the amazing Song Lee-yeon, but Hong-nan can’t really imitate so it becomes a serious lesson now, flipping her hair while Seung-jae sighs in defeat.

Then it’s a parade of different techniques, modelling, dancing, singing and Seung-jae is always there, throwing confetti, cleaning after them while they jump, and play around. I’m sure he thinks he isn’t being paid enough for this.

Tired, Lee-yeon lies on Hong-nan’s lap and that sets her heart racing, which Lee-yeon notices. Luckily, she receives a call and can escape Lee-yeon’s charm.

Then, both Hae-joon and Hong-nan have lessons of how to pose and walk by an expert, but they are quite hopeless. Hae-joon keeps practising as he walks around, and asks Da-hye to stay by his side because he has a very important task for her: to measure him for a suit maybe? However, he is enjoying the proximity, maybe too much. Outside, Ji-hoon looks pissed and that satisfies him even more.

Hong-nan can’t even put a dress so Da-hye hurries inside to help her and it sounds like a fight. Ji-hoon comes in, telling him to stop making Da-hye do things that aren’t work-related, but Hae-joon argues that helping him with the fashion show is work related. They are in a glaring contest when Hong-nan comes out, but that doesn’t faze them, however when Da-hye come out in a pretty red dress, both men are speechless. As Hae-joon notices how affected Ji-hoon is, he nags her about the dress and she hurries to change, embarrassed. They continue the glares then.

Hong-nan is home, giving black noodles to the reporters camping outside, telling them to just leave, and then walking with the delivery guy inside. But he isn’t a delivery guy, it’s a PD! They are doing a program that tells about the people that rich ones tossed aside and she is a good example. He knows about the made-up scandal and wants to interview her, but she acts as if there’s been a misunderstanding. Seung-jae has to drag the producer out.

Hong-nan asks her what’s wrong, it’s a good opportunity, but Lee-yeon wants to live a peaceful life. She doesn’t want to continue hearing the gossips, trying to save her pride. Hong-nan asks then what about her son, but she just snaps telling her that it’s her life, to stop talking about it so carelessly. Hong-nan asks back is she looks like she’s talking about it carelessly. I say no.

Hae-joon is meeting with the male model, making him sign the contract and sucking up to him. Ew. No wonder he’s so tired after it, having to fake so much. Hong-nan is angry he didn’t call her to start seducing him then. Hae-joon says she isn’t ready, but she tries to show him she’s learned a lot, however the flip of her hair looks more hurtful that sinful, and she spits the water making Hae-joon pissed.

She’s trying some leather pants, but these won’t close. So he goes to help her and from outside, all the employees are seeing what looks like a crazy sex scene. She’s screaming, he’s grunting, and it really looks like it. I am laughing on the floor, especially because he was just helping her button the pants that were too tight. But then she can’t breathe and Da-hye comes in when he’s hoping Hong-nan take off the shirt.

Everyone thinks they were having wild sex! Da-hye runs and Hae-joon is after her while Hong-nan is still having trouble breathing, begging Manager Ma to take it off. I’m still laughing.

Hae-joon follow Da-hye inside the elevator and she’s panicking, especially when he covers her mouth and then lifts her skirt hem to remove the band aid to cover a small scar. He uses that band aid to cover the camera. He then starts rambling how he doesn’t like the way she looks at him, then trying to explain the kiss but he isn’t making much sense. In his rambles, he swears but immediately apologises for doing so, and that antic reminds her of the first time she talked to Young-soo.

It was also in the elevator, she was almost choking on boiled egg that she even spits on him. Then the elevator gets stuck and they are trapped. He seems to think it was his fault for thinking about it and starts acting anxious. They end up sitting there and he rambles about liking her, kind of, also swearing and apologising for it. Just like he did in the present. In the past that made her smile, and she starts leaning in and I’m sure he’s about to have a heart attack, but she just wanted to remove some of the egg in his hair. Awe, how cute.

In the present, they are sitting the same way but they aren't being cute. She’s thinking of how he helped her before. She mentions how he’s strange person, getting scarily angry out of the blue and being strangely kind to her then. He says he’s like that because of someone.

She asks then what kind of person Young-soo was. Hae-joon is the only one who believes in him, so she wants to know what he looked like in his eyes. When she described the kind of person she knew, he admits it’s pretty much what he knew. She then tells him about Manager Baek and the text massage. He’s too interested and as she tells him that, he realises the “rice cakes” are still there. Where? We still don’t know. He hugs her, to excited and happy with what she’s said, but she just pushes him.

Then we are at a golf club, practising swing. Hae-joon is terrible, but he’s waiting to see who comes to check the lockers. Is the bribe there? A man comes but he isn’t the one Hae-joon is waiting for, it wasn’t the locker he was watching. But before he leaves, someone else approaches, getting a key from a envelope from the locker 44. That’s the one Hae-joon is watching and he stops the hands with his gold club and we see it’s JUNG JI-HOON! What is this? Why is he there? Is he related to the “rice cakes.” OH, I’m so confused!


Okay, I don't want to think Ji-hoon is involved in this, but it's too suspicious. What if he asked to go see Manager Baek himself because he was involved and he got the key from him? Nooooo, I don't want that. I actually like him, I don't want to get my heart broken if he turns out to be the one covering it all up. Why would he? Aish, this is giving me a headache! What do you guys think? Do you think he's innocent or he's definitely involved?

It's definite someone is trying to cover his suicide, I still don't know why, but this is interesting, the intrigue is building! I can't wait to know more.

I keep enjoying the bits of humour, I almost died at the leather pants scene, I couldn't believe it and I was snorting. Very lady-like of me. I love that we get to laugh a lot during the episode, but we also keep progressing in the story and discovering more little things about the characters and how tangled both Gi-tak and Young-soo's lives were.

My favourite part was when Lee-yeon was teaching Hong-nan how to seduce a man and Seung-jae was there, cleaning, helping. I was cracking up because I could only think of him like a fed-up parent whose kids are too much for him.  What was your favourite part?

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