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Please Come Back, Mister

Starring Rain (Bi) and Oh Yeon Seo

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It starts with Hae-joon catching Ji-hoon and my fear that he might actually really be involved. But as Hae-joon faces him and demands him to tell him who’s controlling, Ji-hoon laughs and accepts he’s the one behind all the latest incidents that got rid of the evidence. HE REALLY DID IT! THAT TRAITOR! I believed in you, Jung Ji-hoon! I thought you were good and this is how you pay me? Of course, President Cha is behind him, and Ji-hoon just says that if it hadn’t been him, someone else would’ve gotten rid of the evidence.

Punch him where it hurts the most!

Hae-joon doesn’t show remorse or anything, in fact he throws in Hae-joon’s face he’s like President Cha, using someone’s death to his advantage but Hae-joon gets angry. They scream at each other, Hae-joon pins Ji-hoon against the lockers and the latter finally says Young-soo was just a hindrance in Da-hye’s life, whose worst sin was dying and leaving her behind. That hits Hae-joon too hard and Ji-hoon walks away, easily.

At the kindergarten, Lee-yeon comes to pick her son. The reporters are causing trouble, making the other parents uncomfortable. When she gets out with her son, she faces the few reporters there. One tells her that she should stop acting like she’s worth anything and just give an excuse, but come on, they wouldn’t believe it even if she did. She says they can write anything they want about her, but not to touch her son.

As Seung-jae drives her, she makes a call to drop Young Chan, the kid. I’m assuming she called her ew ex husband.

Indeed she did, and she’s dropping him there when the kid sees his father. Innocent child, who can love a man who’s so horrible just because he’s his father. When the kid is leaving he strikes both with lighting power, and it’s touching how both act like they were hit. Once the kid is gone, the hostility is back. He recriminates her for her actions, and she does the same. She mocks him, saying Bitchy Actress suits him well, and he grabs her, pinning her against a pillar, basically threatening her that no matter what she does, he’ll never let her go.

When she’s leaving, instead of getting in the van she tells Seung-jae not to follow her and walks off. He watches her like not knowing what to do. She walks and walks, going up stairs that are familiar. She eventually ends up at the rooftop where Gi-tak’s house is. Just like when Hong-nan went there, she can see him training with the punching bag and then going to lay down. She sits next to him, lying that she didn’t go there because she had nowhere else to go. They smile at each other, hers becomes sad, broken, and he fades away.

She goes inside the house, taking a look around, the pictures, all the DVD cases of her works, even that old tape from 1994. She then has a flashback. She was in the bus when she feels someone touching her bum. She reacts by groping the guy next to her, but he has both hands up so it wasn’t him. Embarrassed, she takes her hand and looks away. Then right on her stop, he also gets off and walks in the same direction. Flustered, she thinks he’s following her and tells him if he needs to get back then he can grope her, but he was just going to the boxing place. She walks away, embarrassed and he watches her go, with a smitten smile.

In the present, she cheers with the mug with Gi-tak’s face as she’s having ramen for the first time in a long time. She starts crying, calling him a stupid idiot. Outside, Hong-nan can hear her sobbing and instead of going in, she walks away.

Seung-jae is around and attempts to get out of the van when Hong-nan walks by, but she stops him from it.

At Hae-joon’s home, he’s having a bath and Maya is really enjoying the view, even if he’s really depressed. Hong-nan takes him out from there, and Maya enjoys the view as much as I do. Hae-joon asks her if she really thinks she can bring down the male model. Maya tries to tell them again revenge is forbidden, but they don’t listen and even throw away her big book of rules. They agree to destroy Ew Ex Husband.

At her new home, apparently, Lee-yeon is going around looking for something. She spots the soju but stops herself. Then she hears Suk-chul’s voice and freaks out, hurrying to turn off the lights and hide before he comes. Outside, the gangster is at the phone when the lights go off and I love his scared expression.

Carefully, he goes in but the lights don’t work. He mans up and places a talisman against the wardrobe, taking a cross and calling the ghost, saying he’s not afraid. But then Lee-yeon comes out and in the dark, she looks like a ghost. He falls to the floor and starts screaming, calling for his mommy and passing out.

Lee-yeon turns on the lights. Ah, bummer, Suk-chul didn’t really pass out. Well, now that she saw him acting like that, she can use that against him so I guess that’s how she manages for him to let her stay there instead of forcing her back home. He asks for Hong-nan, telling her that she’s quite the ambitious lady.

At Hae-joon home, sporting a glorious panda face mask, both him and Hong-nan practise their runway walk. How I love those two and their dramatic dynamic.

When they make it to the dressing room with all the other models, they are impressed and give thumbs up to all of them. But they are there to work, and Maya is also there to look after them! Oh, but she gets distracted with all the accessories, trying them. How sweet, she looks like she found her own piece of heaven.

Everyone is working for the fashion show. Manager Ma is supervising and when he spots Traitor Ji-hoon, he starts mumbling how he’ll fall from grace. Well, I hope so! Da-hye spots him and rushes to him, throwing the water bottles to Manager Ma. She’s getting enemies, lot of enemies with the other female employees.

She asks him what happened and he believes she knows about what he’s done, but she meant the bruise in his lip from where Hae-joon hit him. He makes an excuse it was while working out. He then tells her to stop when she insists that what Young-soo sent Manager Baek has to be something else after he informed the envelope didn't have the bribe. He raises his voice and yells at her, she’s shocked.

The models are rehearsing now, with a drone recording already. Hae-joon is a bit off after seeing Da-hye and Ji-hoon, Hong-nan watches him worried but then she sees a feather and when she looks to the runway, she sees Maya in an angel costume, walking around, pushing the models and being as awesome as she can be! She’s my fave.

The male model is walking back and Hong-nan uses that chance to flirt with him. I love her disgusted expression when he turns around.

Then it’s Hae-joon and Hong-nan turn to walk the runway. Ah, look how glorious they are, how fashionable. They are doing great. But then Da-hye turns and they lock eyes, so he gets distracted and doesn’t go back when he should, he just continues staring at her. The designer mumbles to himself and stands awkwardly, but he doesn’t break the eye contact. The drone crashes, sending sparks like fireworks that trigger Hae-joon’s memory from his fall. He thought having seen a dove flying above, but it wasn’t, it was really a drone. A drone that could’ve capture his accident!

He sets off, Hong-nan running after him. Da-hye stares at the way he left, Ji-hoon at her with a tense expression. Maya, satisfied with the little nudge she gave, leaves. So she was the one behind the drone accident. She’s my fave, I insist.

Hae-joon runs to the electronic department and watches the footage of the fireworks that night, finding the broadcasting station. The same that wanted to do the interview with Lee-yeon so he can use her influence there. He hurries to get that footage.

President Cha is in the elevator when Telepathic Secretary joins him. She is aware of the bribery and tells him she hasn’t informed the chairman yet, a little help for him, but that won’t last forever. I like how she taunts him, telling him she’s eager to see the face off between the two dogs (meaning the two brothers) fighting to the death.

Lee-yeon is seeing the clip of Hong-nan kissing Hae-joon. When Seung-jae arrives with her suitcases, she asks him where Hong-nan is.

She is at the dressing room getting ready when she spots the male model being surrounded by other models. She decides it’s her time to approach but the barrier is impenetrable. She, however, sneaks her hand, grabbing his bum. That gets his attention and makes the other models move. She’s good at flirting, she manages to get his interest and he sends all the models away. He finally recognises her from the swept phone incident. Oh, so they’ve met twice. Isn’t it destiny? In fact, it’s been three times, the first as Gi-tak, so when he says it perhaps was in a previous life, he’s extremely right. They are to see each other after the show. Nailed it, Hong-nan.

The male model is called and then Lee-yeon arrives. She faces her regarding what Hong-nan is doing, getting involved with Hae-joon. Hong-nan admits her real target was President Cha and she’s doing this in Gi-tak’s name. It seems Lee-yeon thinks Hong-nan actually blames her for Gi-tak’s death, but she doesn’t say anything to correct her. The makeup artist arrives then to finish Hong-nan’s makeup and she ask Lee-yeon to be so kind to leave.

At the broadcasting station. Hae-joon is meeting with the PD who, after confirming he’s indeed Lee Hae-joon, seems very pleased. He asks to see the footage captured by the drone and they agree, apparently under the condition he helps to get the interview with Song Lee-yeon.

In the men bathroom, President Cha comes in when male model is there. In that cold and horrid way of his, he voices his annoyance for what the male model is doing. For his help, he had asked for a small bonus but as President Cha didn’t give him that, he had to look for more. He’s so creepy in his way to tell him about giving him an answer about that bonus later, wiping his hands on the male model. Why so patronising?

Outside the bathroom there’s Jae-gil who listens how President Cha asks to get the male model after the show.

Hong-nan is looking gorgeous in a prink dress. Oh, pardon, coral pink. Hae-joon hasn’t come back so they are in a bit of a situation. She suggests getting the president instead so the designer Julian Hong goes to convince him with a lot of flattery to walk the runway.

The fashion shows begin, they all look good, EXCEPT EW EX HUSBAND! What are thooooose? No, pelase, go home. Hong-nan is beautiful, Seung-jae seems to think the same, he watches her with big eyes. But Lee-yeon asks her then to look after her so she doesn’t get hurt, then leaves.

When President Cha is turning around, she sticks her foot and makes him trip, but then she spots Suk-chul and runs like something bothers her between the legs. HA!

The show is over, male model and Hong-nan are leaving together, but then she sees Suk-chul coming. Oh, they came for the male model, that’s President Cha’s answer.


Seung-jae is also there and sees them running, Suk-chul and two lackeys after them so he's also running. Go Seung-jae! Save the day!

Hae-joon is still watching the footage, tape after tape after tape while the model and Hong-nan are running away in the van. He confesses Suk-chul was the one behind the beating. 

Hae-joon finally finds what he was looking for, the evidence! And he’s determined to destroy President Cha now.

Another van gets in the way of the runaway models, male model and Hong-nan being taken out of their car and pushed in this new van.

The female employees are cleaning, but they all leave Da-hye alone. See? Lots of enemies. Ji-hoon comes then in the picture, apologising not only for raising his voice but for whatever happened nine years ago. He asks her to start over and even if she doesn’t want to hear, he makes her stay and listen.

Hae-joon arrives then, taking his hand away from her. Then he tells he finally found the answer he promised her. When Ji-hoon gets exalted, Hae-joon asks if he’s scared of what he found, but Ji-hoon replies he’d be glad if he actually found something.

Hae-joon asks Da-hye if she wants to follow him or stay with Ji-hoon, and she replies she’ll go. You lose this one, traitor!

Hong-nan and male model are tied and made kneel. Hong-nan defies them to fight like a man, and male model joins, blurting out how he helped with Lee-yeon faking to be her lover so they shouldn’t do this to them. Gangsters come for them when the doors open and Seung-jae comes in!

Oh, he’s majestic in the way he makes himself way among the gangsters, kicking them, knocking them down. He’s so strong! He goes after Suk-chul and instead of attacking, he kneels and begs to forgive his little sister. Someone attacks him from behind and he’s knocked out. As Hong-nan screams his name, the frame with the pictures at Gi-tak’s house falls and shatters. NOOOOOO!

Hae-joon is walking Da-hye home. When she asks about the answer, he tells her to wait a bit more because he needs to prepare more things. He also tells her to not believe anything anyone says. Ji-hoon calls then and he watches how she declines the call before they part ways. A few steps away, she turns and he waves her goodbye, which reminds her of Young-soo. It’s the second time this happens and I hope she doesn't put the pieces together because then that means a lot of trouble for him.

When he turns round, his expression is serious and determined.

Back at the warehouse, male model continues spilling the beans, how President Cha is involved and finally, the parade is over! It was Jae-gil and he was recording the confession. The guy who hit Seung-jae won’t get paid, though. Good. He doesn’t deserve it. He hit my Seung-jae.

All the higher-ups are in a meeting again, Ji-hoon will show the poll results after the fashion show, but instead, the clip that shows Young-soo trying to fix the banner plays. Hae-joon is there now, asking them how they are going to cover this up now. He starts sniffing around Manager Ma, who took some of the bribery. He asks him who’s the real responsible for getting Lucia back, and Manager Ma fakes ignorance. Then he goes to another man, the one who was at the golf club, making sure to say he is aware of the money in locker 43.

Hae-joon raises his voice, making them see it wasn’t a suicide, he was trying to fix the banner for the sale.

Da-hye is called then to the meeting room and when she’s there, she has to see the clip of her husband at the rooftop, trying to fix the banner, hanging and then eventually falling. Real cause of death: brain haemorrhage. Reason behind: overwork.

Hae-joon demands them to compensate and apologise, but she, in tears, runs away. He stops Ji-hoon from going after her and continues attacking all the higher-ups, asking how much they can make from covering and framing Young-soo.

When he demands to know what they’ll do, President Cha barely reacts, his finger kind of twitching as he says he’ll consider about compensating Da-hye’s family. Hae-joon leaves the meeting room, President Cha looks a bit nervous.

Hae-joon is after Da-hye who yells at him for what he did. He says she should be happy it wasn’t suicide, but how can she be happy? Is that better than suicide? He’s still dead, and she had to see it. So no, what he did wasn’t of any help for her, not emotionally at least.

The epilogue shows us Maya being scolded for interfering with that little nudge to make Hae-joon remember. She also has to put back the wings she brought and is made to put her fists above her head. The real Hae-joon and the amnesic pilot struggle to survive, getting food. Apparently, they’re only eating seaweed.


This episode went by really fast, don't you think? I'm so glad the evidence was finally found and that Hae-joon is pushing them, making them realize the corruption will be exposed. I can't tell if President Cha is really nervous, he is so stoic, but he looked a bit unease, knowing his brother is getting in the way and is determined to show the world what he's doing.

Considering it's just episode 7, I'm sure we're just at the tip of the iceberg. The rotten conspiracy must be worse and I can wait to find out more how everything is tied. I want all of President Cha's crimes to be punished. I really, really hate that man.

My favourite scenes were both when Hong-nan and Hae-joon were practising before the fashion show. The panda face mask was the best! I laughed like I always do with those two. And then my second favourite part was Hong-nan as the gangster leader! I wish she could stay and be in charge of all Gi-tak's punks again instead of Suk-chul, but once the two months are over she'll stop existing, right? That makes me sad.

What were you favourite parts?

Oh, I just realised this episode my undying love for Seung-jae. Hasn't it happened to you before? That you fall for a secondary character without realising until THEY GET HURT AND YOU'RE SO SCARED?

Anyhow, we'll see how the story progresses in the next episode. I'll see you all then,
Bel, xx

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