Saying "I do" has never been this fun! A wave of Pokémon engagement rings are sweeping the jewelry market, so now you can demonstrate both your love for your significant other and the anime at the same time.

The video game and anime hero-featured rings are from jewelry designer Paul Michael and are made with 14K white and yellow gold. Anyone interested in the handmade engagement rings can also request what color they want on the sides. For people who really love Pokémon and who have some extra cash, there is also a ring that is made with real gems.

The price of the ring without the jewels on the side is $999 dollars and the jewel-encrusted ring is $2,500. MIchael's designer rings come on the heels of jewelry house Art & Gems' Pokémon ring, which is made with topaz and cubic zirconia. The company initially created the ring as a concept idea, but because of customers' favorable responses, they will now offer the Pokemon ring for sale.

Paul Michael's rings:

Art & Gems' ring: