Park Shi Hoo case The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency announced that they have decided to deny Park Shi Hoo’s legal team’s request to transfer investigation duties. According to a spokesperson on the 24th, “We will be denying Park’s team’s request to transfer investigation duties,” and that “a new summons will be sent tomorrow (the 25th).” With this decision, it has been confirmed that the Western Seoul Police Department will continue to carry out the investigation and will not be handed off to the Gangnam Police Department. On the 24th at about 5:20PM, Park’s new legal representation was confirmed along with the announcement for a request to transfer investigation duties to the Gangnam Police Department in accordance with regulations regarding investigation fairness and entrustment. A lawsuit was filed against Park on the 18th for sexually assaulting a female celebrity trainee, known as Trainee A. Park was scheduled to appear for questioning at 7PM on the 24th but failed to appear.