The agency representing Clara, Ladies Code, Ivy, Rumblefish, and more is under investigation for fraud. According to media reports, the entertainment agency's parent company, Ilkwang Group, was raided by South Korean government officials today. They are suspected in numerous cases of embezzlement and over-charging the military. Officials confiscated government contracts from them regarding the military.

During the police raid, the President of Ilkwang Group and Polaris, Lee Gyu Tae, was arrested. They even searched his home for more evidence.The internal documents taken from the parent company and its subsidies will be used in a case against Iikwang and Lee. Polaris' official website was shut down 24 hours after the raid. 

Unfortunately, this upsetting news follows the sexual harassment issue involving Clara and the President. She reportedly claimed that the President harassed her and requested her contract be nullified, while Polaris sued her for breach of contract. Solo artist Iron's debut next week may be postponed indefinitely due to the legal matters of his agency.

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Last year, Polaris had to cope with the heartbreaking loss of Ladies Code members EunB and RiSe. They were tragically killed in a horrific car crash. The remaining members, Ashley, Sojung and Zuny, decided to return to the music industry and slowly prepare for a comeback.

What do you think about the Polaris police raid and shut down? Will the remaining artists have an opportunity to resume their careers elsewhere? 

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