Cheese in the Trap has become an instant hit, and I have been lured into the addiction by the intrigue surrounding Park Hae Jin's character, Yoo Jung. I haven't read the webtoon, so like our female lead Seoul (Kim Go Eun), everything he does is a fascinating mystery to me. One minute his actions are confusing and deplorable, and the next minute they're understandable and adorable. The intense ending of episode 5 last night shed light on the way his brain works, but in the end, it left me even more perplexed. Is Yoo Jung a complete sociopath, or are his motives pure? Should Seoul stick by his side, or should she head for the hills as fast as she can? Vote now! 

Is Yoo Jung a sociopath or just misunderstood? free polls

Should Seoul stay with Yoo Jung? free polls

Do you think Park Hae Jin's character in Cheese in the Trap sketchy or just misunderstood? Do you think Seoul should stay with him or get far, far away? Why? Comment below!