For those who have been religiously following the Gu Family Book series as I do, you already know that Lee Seung Gi, aka the baby Gumiho, has finally met his match in Choi Jin Hyuk, aka the daddy Gumiho. And since we've seen both of them in their gumiho forms, we simply MUST take a poll on who is the better (looking) Gumiho!

First up is Lee Seung Gi (Kang Chi). He is young, immature, and rash when it comes to making crucial decisions. His childish traits causes his helplessness when it comes to his gumiho powers. When he transforms, his eyes turn emerald green, his complexion becomes pale as ghost, his hair is messy, and his eyebrows are lightened to an ashy brown color.

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On to Choi Jin Hyuk (Wol Ryung). In human form, Wol Ryung is a hopeless romantic who is sweet, gentle, and charming to the one he loves. He is able to control his powers and knows how to use it to his own advantage. But when he returns as an evil spirit, he frequently shows his gumiho form: bloodshot eyes, long gray/white hair, sharp nails, and gray/white eyebrows. His eyes turn cold, and he doesn't hold back when it comes to fighting for what he believes is the right thing to do. choijinhyuk choijinhyuk2 Take your pick! Do you prefer Kang Chi or Wol Ryeong? gufamilybook_gumiho