Calling all avid followers of Jang Ok Jung: Live in Love! It's time to see which side of Lee Soon is the side we prefer most. The young king seems to suffer from Jekyll and Hyde syndrome, as the two faces of Lee Soon switch back and forth quite frequently. Although the storyline is much more interesting and enticing because of his character flaw, we want to know which side of Lee Soon you guys prefer better!

One side is the gentle, sweet, caring, and all-giving side of Lee Soon which is only shown to his love, Ok Jung. He is so completely smitten by her beauty that (spoiler!) he ends up dethroning the current queen, making Ok Jung the next queen in line. On the other hand, we have Lee Soon, who is dominating, fierce, demanding, and forceful; the side he often shows during political meetings in which he struggles to keep his power. This masculine side of Lee Soon proves that he is not about to let anything sway his status and legitimacy.

Here are pictures to remind you of all the sweet and sour moments of Lee Soon.

YooAhIn7 You know he's mad when he perches his lips together like such. King Lee Soon does not like to joke around with his power. YooAhIn6 He gets mad at the political leader who served under his father. Anyone who gets in his way faces his wrath. YooAhIn5 Lee Soon's lips tighten up and his eyes enlarges. Clearly, he is furious. YooAhIn4 YooAhIn11 YooAhIn7 Even his mother cannot hide from Lee Soon's temper. YOOAHIN14 Such bold and passionate leader who seem to face short-temper problems from time to time. YooAhIn3 But then there's this ridiculously affectionate side of Lee Soon which is only shown to Ok Jung. He doesn't dare let anyone touch her. YooAhIn10   YooAhIn2 YooAhIn The way he looks at Ok Jung makes him a whole different man from the one above. YOOAHIN12 Do we like to see the sweet and gentle Lee Soon who does everything and anything for Ok Jung? Or the fearful and relentless leader who is determined to preserve his power?