A new report from Pew research shows that among 39 countries polled from March 2 to May 1, 2013, South Koreans showed the larges shift towards acceptance of gay people. Asked "Should society accept homosexuality?," 39% of South Koreans said yes. This is an increase of  21 percentage points from 2007, when only 18% responded in the affirmative. Overall, the acceptance rate was lower than countries such as Spain, France and the Czech Republic, but no other country saw such a dramatic shift in perception. In second place came the United States, where 60% now believe gays should be accepted by society, up 11 percentage points from 2007. Anti-gay discrimination is still prevalent in South Korea, and activists have collected dozens of reports of bullying and hate crimes in schools, including a lesbian student who jumped to her death after students poured hot soup on her head, and a school questionnaire handed out to students meant to sort out gays and lesbians from straight students. However, attitudes seem to be changing swiftly in South Korea. 2013-Homosexuality-04   (via: Pew Research, news.com.au)