Korean and other Asian stars often go on tours. Whether it's a singing and dancing world tour or just a simple meet-and-greet with fans, they do stop over in the good ol' USA once in a while for us hungry American fans. smtown-world-tour 3 LA It's no secret that when these stars and idols do come, it's usually one of two places—Los Angeles or New York City (just take for instance Jang Geun Suk!). East Coast and West Coast friends can rejoice, but what about the middle of the enormous continent that is North America? [caption id="attachment_162553" align="alignnone" width="595"] (Take for instance Big Bang's Alive Tour...in LA and Newark [which is right outside of NYC])[/caption]Our dear Canadian and South America neighbors aside, I'm curious to find out about the underrepresented-in-Kpop regions of the USA! I KNOW you guys must be angry and frustrated that you never get a chance to meet your favorite idols, so rep your region and vote! And who knows, maybe for ONCE underrepresented forces will unite and voices will be heard! n_n [poll id="74"] FYI: Here is a map of the regions (click to enlarge). Alaska and Hawaii are considered "Pacific." regions