In celebration of  BIGBANG's MADE Tour coming to DramaFever, we want to find out which single from BIG BANG's MADE album project was your favorite? Do you love to dance to "Bae Bae" or sing along with "If You"? Whichever one you love, you can relive their live performances here on DramaFever!

Check out the songs and music videos below and relive every awesome moment of BIGBANG's massive summer comeback. Then vote for your favorite song in the poll below! Don't forget to check out the results to see how many other people share the same choice!

And check out  BIG BANG's MADE Tour coming to DramaFever on November 11th!


1. Loser

2. Bae Bae


3. Bang Bang Bang

4. We Like 2 Party


5. If You*

*Only song without a video - this is a fan-made lyric video

6. 맨정신 (Sober)


7. Zutter (쩔어) - GD & T.O.P

8. Let’s Not Fall in Love (우리 사랑하지 말아요)


What is your favorite single from BIGBANG's MADE album project? free polls

What song is your favorite? Be sure to comment below! And don't forget to check out BIG BANG's MADE Tour on DramaFever on November 11th! Check out the teaser below:

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