In my last poll I noticed quite a few of you asking for a poll with characters you would like to marry, rather than actors. Well, here it is! Continuing our poll series, we'd like to know which K-drama character you would want as a husband. Is it Boys Over Flowers's Gu Jun Pyo or Secret Garden's Kim Joo Won with their billions of dollars? Or do you prefer someone more unique -- the gumiho Kang Chi perhaps? As usual, I went to my drama-loving friends for some help in compiling the list. However, since there are just so many characters in the K-drama universe, it was far more difficult to narrow it down this time. Therefore, if you don't see your favorite on our list (don't kill me!), definitely let us know who he is in the comments below. And don't worry Won Bin lovers, after reading the comments from the previous polls, he's definitely included on the list this time. It's anyone's game; let the voting begin!

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