They're the most awesome (read: hottest) foursome there ever was, and now you get to pick your own! Who would you choose if you starred in your own version of Boys Over Flowers?

The Rules

-Pick four celebrities. They can be from K-dramas, J-dramas, T-dramas, or idols! Think about it carefully and choose wisely!

-Rank them. From your Gu Jun Pyo main lead to the Kim Bum of the group that will date your bestie, you have to fit your celebs into the personalities and roles of each of the four characters.

-Tell us! Share your team with us!

I'll go first:

1. GU JUN PYO: Kim Woo Bin

I hate to do this to you guys, but I have to put these two up against each other again! After watching Heirs it's clear Woobin is actually LMH's evil-er looking chaebol twinsie. He's so good at playing that bully-who-is-actually-a-wounded-puppydog role that's crucial for Gu Jun Pyo, so I want Woobin and his eyebrows to be my number one!

2. YOON JI HOO: Song Joong Ki

Song Joong Ki is my personal favorite, but I just couldn't see him play the obnoxious role of Gu Jun Pyo so I had to put him down as second. He'd make the perfect, sensitive Ji Hoo who enjoys music, baking, and looking pretty. Isn't he just a perfect fit?

3. SO YI JUNG: Taecyeon

Okay maaaaybe this one is a little bit of a stretch but I had to include Taecyeon somewhere on this list! I can totally imagine him as the flirtatious womanizer half of So Yi Jung, but I have confidence that Taecyeon could pull off the sensitive, artsy sculptor half too. Plus my bestie totally deserves someone as amazingly hot as Taecyeon...

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Kim Joon played Song Woo Bin so it's only appropriate that Sung Joon takes his part. Haha, just kidding, the name thing was a total coincidence, I swear! I think Sung Joon would make a great comic-relief-type-sidekick friend, plus he totally has that dangerous, gangster glint in his eye! Just look at him in Gu Family Book and Lie To Me, he has sarcasm down to an art!

So who's in your F4? Share with us below!