Most of us have read about and seen how bad the air pollution is in certain parts of China, but for those of us who haven't been there, it's impossible to know what it's really like. But now, we can get a step closer to knowing what it feels like to breathe in air from Beijing, because the smoggy air from the city is now available in a can!

It's all about the idea, as Dominic Johnson-Hill from England knows firsthand. A resident of Beijing, Dominic owns Plastered 8, a brand and souvenir shop. When he found out that wealthy Chinese were buying clean air from other parts of the world, an idea popped up in the entrepreneur's head. "I’d seen people going crazy to buy canned air from Canada and Australia, so I thought it was time to push business the other way," said Dominic. "They’re perfect gifts! What else are you going to take home when you go home from Beijing? A roast duck? A Plastered T-shirt? These cans are light, portable, you can just imagine someone’s face when they unwrap if for Christmas." 

The cans of polluted air, called BEIJING AIR, go for 28 RMB, or about 4 US dollars, and they are literally flying off the shelves. According to Dominic, he sells a few hundred cans a day, to tourists who are looking for something "special" to take home to their friends and loved ones. They are available exclusively at his store in Beijing, and on the store's website, at 

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