Did you know that before news broke that actress Shin Se Kyung and SHINee's Jonghyun were secretly dating in 2010, there was pretty much no such thing as the paparazzi in South Korea? This story was the first celebrity dating "scandal" to be broken by Korean entertainment news, and it escalated Korean celebrity gossip news to a whole new level. In a fascinating new episode of the popular American podcast Radiolab, they investigate the evolution of the paparazzi in South Korea and how it differs from the paparazzi culture in America. 

"Taking a cue from American and British paparazzi, a group of South Korean reporters started hiding in their cars and snapping photos of stars on their secret dates. The first-ever paparazzi photos turned the world of K-pop upside down and introduced sort of a puzzle … how much do you want to know about the people you idolize, and when is enough enough?" 

Take a listen:

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