A popular new show in South Korea is giving contestants the chance to go back to the way they looked before they had plastic surgery. The controversial new show is called Back to My Face and picks contestants that have had at least ten plastic surgeries. The show is a reverse reality makeover show in that it encourages patients to get back to their original appearance.

Given that plastic surgery is widely popular in South Korea, the show is just as much an examination of the country's fascination with cosmetic makeovers. Back to My Face shows each contestant's plastic surgery results, has them draw pictures of their appearances, and then encourages them to decide whether or not they want to reverse the work they had done.

Here is a quick preview of the show:

Here are several before and after plastic surgery images from the show, as well as photos of what it looked like when they got the work reversed.

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The show catalogues the work done.

Examples of plastic surgery reversed:

What do you think about this new show? Is it a good thing to encourage people to go back to their faces?