Actress Gong Hyo Jin will challenge theater in her next project. She'll play Rita in the famous play Educating Rita. The poster and initial photos have been released. Let's find out more about the rest of the cast and the play.

Educating Rita is about a hairdresser who is dissatisfied with her life and enrolls in an English literature class at a university. She meets Frank, a professor who is jaded about life. They will end up changing each other. The play was written by playwright Frank Russell and first premiered in 1980.

The poster shows Gong Hyo Jin and Kang Hye Jung, who are double cast for the lead role of Rita so that the two can rotate in the role.

Here are the initial photos showing Gong Hyo Jin as Rita:

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I was hoping Frank the professor would be played by an actor from her list of "most compatible leading men," but that was just a hope. Veteran actor Jeon Moo Song will play the professor.

It's a challenge to any actor to face a live audience day after day or night after night. I can see why a successful actress such as Gong Hyo Jin, who has already conquered dramas and movies, wants to take on the challenge in a theater where different skills will be required to perform non-stop in front of a live audience.

Educating Rita premiers on December 3 and will run for two months at the House of Vivaldi Park Hall, DCF DaeMyung Culture Center, Seoul.

We wish the best success for Gong Hyo Jin and her fellow cast and production members in Educating Rita

(News Update - The latest news is that actor Jeon Moo Song is ill, and director Hwang Jae Heon will step in to play the professor.)