A poster of the Japanese drama, Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo–Hong Kong Kowloon Treasure Murder Case, was leaked on the internet today. The show is set to broadcast this winter and it just happens to be Seungri's first Japanese drama! Seungri was quick to update his Twitter followers about his leaked poster, even trending himself as #SeungriDrama. Netizens are speculating if Seungri leaked the poster himself. Regardless of who leaked it, he is spreading the poster now and has even drawn a cute little heart above his head. The show announced on September 1st that Big Bang's Seungri would be cast in the series based off the popular manga that started in 1992. The manga has been adapted to dramas several times and has a huge following. Seungri plays the Korean exchange student Kim London and will act alongside Taiwanese actors Vivian Hsu and Eric Tsang. Other Japanese cast members include Arioka Daiki, Saki Ryuji and Kiritani Kenta. Seungri is fresh to Twitter but seems to be doing a remarkable job of self promotion already, as netizens have observed.