The upcoming melodrama When a Man Loves that deals with love and gangsters and stars Song Seung Hun has released their promo posters. I really like the posters, they actually remind me of BIG BANG's Love Song mv. You know the whole standing in the middle of nowhere in suits, with serious looks on everyone's faces. With a cast made up of Shin Se Kyung, Yeon Woo Jin, and Chae Jung Ah, When a Man Loves is sure to be an interesting drama. Check out the posters below:




I'm really hoping it's good for Song Seung Hun's sake because we all know that Dr.Jin and his brain baby were just on a level we couldn't travel to. Also Yeon Woo Jin is in this, and you all know him as Joo Wal, the creepy guy from Arang and the Magistrate that you either wanted to date or run really far away from! Do you think this upcoming drama has the potential to be great, or not? KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE