The Kyungnam Police Station has been in a frenzy since North Korea threatened to cancel the 1953 armistice that ended the Korean War. The threat of war has the 112 busier than ever; handling calls and texts to calm the citizens isn't an easy job when the nation is in panic. A number of the calls processed by the police station were said to be from students who were asking for their INFINITE oppas to be saved first if the nation goes to war. A representative of the station expressed frustration at the students and said that the schools need to talk some sense into them. The representative said, "We've been receiving 300-400 calls a day and we're afraid that it's going to interfere with our work. We're trying to calm everyone but students are spreading groundless rumors that are causing more unrest. The schools need to talk with them about this." Netizen fans who claim to be true followers of INFINITE were disgusted and confused, as well as not sure if the callers were being serious or playing some kind of prank. Some wondered why the callers weren't worried about their families. Woo Lim has also tweeted his fans, asking them to stop making such requests. What do you think? Is this the work of true INFINITE fans, or more of a student prank? (Source: