Seo Tai Ji Early photos of singer Seo Tai Ji before his debut were recently revealed, and they're pretty hilarious! The photos, captioned with, “Seo Tai Ji’s Look Before his Debut as a Singer. Looks Fresh,” were posted on one online message board along with numerous photos. Following, a photo of the 17 year old singer was posted with “Sinawe member as Jung Hyun Chul, not Seo Tai Ji, how would the pure boy Seo Tai Ji look like?” At that time, Seo Tai Ji debuted with group Sinawe in 1989. Seo Tai Ji shows off his handsome-looking innocent charm with his long shoulder-length hair, grabbing attention. Those who saw this commented, “Seo Tai Ji is so cool,” “Seo Ta Ji has really nice skin,” and “He looks prettier than a girl” among other reactions. Last month on the 15th, Seo Ta Ji wrote on his homepage, Seotaijidotcom, that he will be marrying actress Lee Eun Sung, who is 16 years younger than him, shocking netizens. (source: naver news)