Seo Tai Ji Singer Seo Tai Ji, 41, made a shocking announcement that he and actress Lee Eun Sung, 25, will be getting married. On May 15, Seo Tai Ji’s agency revealed the couple’s wedding through a press release on the official homepage Seotaijidotcom. This seems to be an unusual act of the mysterious Seo Tai Ji. The singer has never revealed any personal news about himself. He is the type who would usually communicate with his fans only through his website. For his wedding announcement with Lee Eun Sung he recently wrote to his fans informally, "To My Dear Old Friends, You know I~ finally found my long awaited other half. And I’m planning to marry my loving other half. You’re a bit surprised right? My soon-wife-to-be is actress Lee Eun Sung.” However, last April of 2011, the news surfaced that Seo Tai Ji and his first wife, actress Lee Ji Ah, were going through a domestic property division claims lawsuit, stirring up a rather uncomfortable situation. It has been revealed at the time Seo Tai Ji submitted his divorce papers. In 2007, Lee Ji Ah had begun acting in The Legend, and hid the fact that she had been married to Seo Tai Ji, emerging as a "big rookie." While Seo Tai Ji’s property division claims lawsuit was going on in 2011, he was dating Lee Eun Sung. After Lee Eun Sung starred in Seo Tai Ji’s "Bermuda Triangle" music video as a fantasy-like girl in 2008, the two began to meet starting in the end  of 2009. After Seo Tai Ji posted up a playful ‘selca’ photo with Lee Eun Sung, he explained his wedding news in detail. However it had not been said when and where the wedding ceremony would take place. Currently Seo Tai Ji is living together with Lee Eun Sung in his home in Seoul Pyeong Chang Dong. Like Seo Tai Ji himself, it appears the singer did not reveal the wedding date or location in order to make it a private ceremony for some fans and family members. There is some speculation going on about premarital pregnancy but the agency is denying it. Seo Tai Ji also mentioned, “I’m beginning to think of planning on raising my junior as well.” Meanwhile, actress Lee Eun Sung who was casted in teen drama Sharp as a high school student who liked Seo Tai Ji’s music, stated, “I’ve fallen in fateful love (with Seo Tai Ji).” Check out the "Bermuda Triangle" MV here: (source: nate news, youtube)