Two days before the premiere of Pretty Man starring Jang Keun Suk and IU, a press conference was held, and these are by far the best press outfits I’ve come across so far. Maybe it’s because the holidays are quickly approaching, but everyone just looked so festive, minus Lee Jang Woo…we’ll get to that one later (-_-).

JKS looks like a wonderful walking jar of grape jelly! I love the shades of purple and his wine/purple blazer is to die for! Imagine all the outfits you can create just from that one blazer! Although IU is wearing a simple black skirt and white top, her shoes and matching lipstick really pull this outfit together. She looks so pretty!

Han Chae Young sparkled in this sequin short dress.

I like his hair color here but I prefer him with darker hair, what about you?

IU and those ruby earrings = LOVE ON SO MANY LEVELS!

She's "The Nations Barbie" for a reason.

Gawwd what the eff! Lee Jang Woo what happened?! This Dracula-esque outfit just looks so sloppy! He's not even standing straight and um, his shoe lace is untied. He must of had some issues getting ready because I just don't understand. #TooooCuteToBeDracula

This photo is cracking me up because IU is busy with the aegyo, JKS is apparently taking part in a photo shoot, and Lee Jang Woo looks totally disoriented.

If you missed the premiere yesterday, don't fret! Click here to watch the first episode right now, and remember to set your new episode alert so it doesn't happen again!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE