We have great news for our friends living all over the world. Now, you can watch the latest dramas on DramaFever no matter where you live*! DramaFever is now available on a temporary preview basis anywhere in the world. If enough viewers from your country watch DramaFever, we'll stay! During this preview, anyone can watch the latest 2 episodes of any currently airing series, such as I MISS YOU, KING OF DRAMAS, CAN WE GET MARRIED?, and more! But that's not all, the preview also includes the first 5 episodes of all other series! We hope you enjoy this DramaFever preview, and remember to let your friends know to watch. The more people in your country who watch DramaFever, the better chance that we will stay. Here's how to watch: 1. Visit www.dramafever.com 2. Create a FREE account and log in. 3. Watch your video! Remember, for new series you can watch the latest 2 episodes. For older series, you can watch the first 5. Enjoy! KNOWN ISSUES: Despite extensive testing, subtitles are not appearing for some users in countries outside North and South America. We are working on this now, and will have them available as soon as possible. *countries not included: Japan, Korea and China.