1325615338549 The Spanish historical drama Isabel is coming to DramaFever! The TV series chronicles the reign of Queen Isabella I of Castille and her passionate struggle to protect her right to be Queen. The series chronicles the period between 1461 and 1474, from the end of her childhood to her marriage to Ferdinand II of Aragon. If you love beautiful costumes and historical dramas, the sneak preview of episode 1 will definitely convince you to watch this intense series. When Henry IV dies without an heir in the will, the young Isabella of Castile becomes the Queen of Castile: 1325615343378 Taking a look back into the past, Isabel is a pupil of Alvaro de Luna while growing up in Arevalo: When Joan of Avis, the wife of King Henry IV, is not able to get pregnant, rumors in the court push the royal couple to undergo medical treatment: 1325690889082 On finally being able to conceive a child, the royal couple is ecstatic:


Once the status of Joan of Avis is known, the court decides Isabel and her brother Alfonso must remain in the Alcazar of Segovia until the birth of the heir. All those entitled to the throne will remain under the same roof. Henry IV does not want surprises: 1325690889370
Coexistence in the Alcazar of Segovia is not simple. Queen Juana will do everything possible to avert the throne to her husband's siblings: 1325615344054 The expected time has come for all. The queen has gone into labor. Princess Juana is born! The heir to the crown is a woman: 1325690883406 King Henry IV wants to have his brothers off for now, not return to Arévalo. She decides to reward godmother Isabel, naming her only daughter Juana: 1325615338694 1325690883634 1325690889563 It has been four years, and infants still held in the Alcazar of Segovia. Young Isabel, who came to the castle as a child, has now become a woman! A party is held in her honor to celebrate her coming of age: 1325690883272 1325690883776 Rebellion on the rise? A group of nobles refuses to continue obeying Henry IV. Led by Juan Pacheco, the group prepares a letter with the demands that the King must meet if it wants peace in Castile: Enticed yet? Sign up for your Series Alert by clicking http://bit.ly/13FLmkJ ">here!