We have a brand-new batch of dramas to look forward to here at DramaFever, beginning this week! Let's take a look at a sampling of what's in store: ICE ADONIS (aka YELLOW BOOTS) Beware of evil stepsisters. Sweet Yun Hwa (Lee Yoo Ri) becomes the unwitting stepsister of Yu Ra (Min Ji Hyun). Though Yun Hwa would love nothing more to be sisters with Yu Ra, the latter will have nothing of it, due to a sticky situation in which her long-term crush, Yun Jae, just happens to be Yun Hwa’s doting boyfriend. In a tragic instant, Yu Ra takes everything Yun Hwa ever had: a promising future, a loving boyfriend, and the comfort of her family. Will Yun Hwa ever be able to break through her wintry shackles and shine brightly once again, like the Ice Adonis flower? ICE ADONIS bears the distinction of being the first cable drama to merit an extension of 8 episodes, and we think you'll be hooked just as Korean audiences were! THE GREAT SEER This star-studded period drama pits politics against divination. Ji Jin Hee stars as Yi Seong Gye, the first king of the Joseon Dynasty, whose rise to power relies heavily upon mystical seer and expert of Feng Shui Ji Sang (Ji Sung). Beyond Seong Gye’s political strife, Ji Sang must face a battle of his own, when precocious rival Lee Jung Geun (Song Chang Ui) challenges his abilities. What seems like a fateful partnership between king and advisor also becomes a struggle of dynastic proportions when the beautiful healer Hae In (Kim So Yeon) enters the scene. FULL HOUSE 2 Is it a sequel, a spin-off, or something completely different? We'll all find out when FULL HOUSE 2 arrives, bearing the title of one of the classic Kdramas, FULL HOUSE. The original starred Rain and Song Hye-kyo, and "2" brings us Hwang Jung Eum getting into a fake engagement with celebrity Noh Min Woo, and fashionable idol Park Ki Woong completing the love triangle. KING OF DRAMAS from Hancinema: KING OF DRAMAS revolves around the life of Anthony Kim, a brilliant CEO of a drama production company known to produce blockbuster dramas. For Kim, nothing matters except money, success and fame. One day, he gets to work with Lee Go Eun (Jeong Ryeo-won) an idealistic aspiring writer, and Kang Min (Choi Si-won), an arrogant top star. The TV series is directed by Hong Seong-chang ("You're Beautiful") and written by Jang Hang-joon ("Sign"). KILLER WOMEN Before you check out the English language version of this Argentine hit, due next year from Modern Family's Sofia Vergara, watch the original! Featuring amazing performances by leading actresses, KILLER WOMEN is a gripping episodic series featuring characters connected by a common yearning for a better life. Domestic violence, abuse, jealousy, greed and ambition are some of the reasons which will push these women to murder, unleashing their fury on their husbands, partners, or friends. TREAT ME NICE This romantic comedy swept both the Martín Fierro and Clarín Awards in Argentina, and has delighted audiences all over the world. Julio Chávez and Cecilia Roth star as José and Sofía, a married couple going through a crisis. José works at a struggling toyshop close to bankruptcy, while Sofía brings home the bacon (even though she hates her job). In couples therapy, they determine to reignite their stagnant relationship. But it's not going to be easy with 2 immature children who bring their own drama.