We are happy to report that Choi Jin Hyuk is confirmed to star in new legal drama series, Pride and Prejudice. His co-stars will be Baek Jin Hee and Choi Min Soo. Upon the confirmation, Choi shared some thoughts about his new role.

Despite the iconic title, Pride and Prejudice is a legal drama about prosecutors fighting for justice in the legal world. However, we fans can always hope that the scriptwriter and director will inject some romance between Choi Jin Hyuk's and Baek Jin Hee's characters, right? With such a nice drama title, it would be a waste of Choi's manly charm if we don't get to see him kiss (or shower at least?). Well, let's keep our fingers crossed.

As for the plot... What we know is Choi Jin Hyuk plays a genius prosecutor who is so brilliant that he passed the bar exam when he was only 21. His character is described as an investigator who does not bow to corruption or influence. Baek Jin Hee plays a junior prosecutor who is an ex-cop, and Choi Min Soo plays a cool-headed senior prosecutor. The group of prosecutors will battle against evil criminals.

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With the confirmation of his starring role, Choi Jin Hyuk shared his thoughts: "I am very joyful to greet you as genius prosecutor Koo Dong Chi in Pride and Prejudice. I think it will be a charming and new character. I ask for a lot of interest and love."

Baek Jin Hee also said, "I am joyful to film with popular actor Choi Jin Hyuk and I am preparing for the filming with a thrilled heart. Although it will be my first time playing a prosecutor, I will do my best to prepare and show viewers another image."

Pride and Prejudice is scheduled to air in October. For now, catch Choi Jin Hyuk in Fated To Love You.

(Photo: Idolworld, StarN)