The Prince of Wolf is a new Taiwanese idol drama that portrays a handsome Tarzan-like young man who was lost as a child in the mountains and brought up by the wolves. The biggest problem for the production is that Taiwan has no native wolves. Maybe there are some in the zoos, but there aren't any real wolves with acting skills to be found. Guess what the drama came up as a solution? Adorable Siberian Huskies came to the rescue! Meanwhile, drama critics and fans have very different views about the new drama.

The production actually has no qualms about using the huskies to substitute for wolves. The athletic and intelligent huskies are well known for their wolf-like facial features. However, viewers who look for fierce battles involving the wolves in the drama are probably going to be disappointed, because these huskies are so adorable and smart that you probably just want to hug and kiss them. 

Recently the drama team even held a husky party to promote the new drama.

Another attraction is, of course, the jungle hero himself. 

The first-time leading man is the very cute Derek Chang, who has only two other acting jobs in support roles under his belt before he became the Prince of Wolf. The 23-year-old actor even has real scars from an operation to donate a kidney to his father, making him look more believable and endearing as a jungle hero.

However, critics and fans have serious differences about the new drama. Recently, a critic wrote a scathing review, describing the romcom drama as "appalling" and "a tragedy on top of tragedies." 

Aside from mentioning the huskies as being too tame to be wolves, the article's criticisms are many, such as: (1) The wolf prince at one time appeared to feed chocolates to his wolf-dad, and dogs cannot eat chocolates. (2) The jungle man has fair skin, wears fashionable clothes, and even has a stylish layered haircut, making him unconvincing as someone who grew up away from civilization. (3) The wolf cave is inexplicably decorated with artificial flowers in glass vases. (4) In the story, a team of professional rescuers could not locate the lost child, but in the present time, a few friends were able to quickly find the female lead, a photographer who had wondered into the mountains and encountered the hot jungle hero who was taking a bath in the lake. (Wait, Is that last point really a criticism?

Another critic described the drama as so bad that it is a farce. But, perhaps controversy actually breeds curiosity for the drama? The drama is gaining fans at a very fast speed. It is not the first time, and it's already a well-known phenomenon, that an idol drama with an unbelievable story becomes a hit. 

It is too soon to predict the drama's future success as it is still early in its broadcast. At this point of the story, the Taiwanese Tarzan is about to venture into the big cities to look for his true love. Will he find bad guys (i.e. city wolves) more fearsome and dangerous?

One thing that the drama hasn't needed for special effects or substitutes is the treacherous Taiwanese mountains. The beautiful island of Taiwan is covered in two thirds with mountainous areas and is famed for having 286 mountain summits that are over 3,000 meters (or 9,800 ft.) high. Every year there are climbers and hikers who run into dangerous situations and require government rescue operations.

But if you're lost in Taiwan, apparently the best thing to run into could be a cute guy with a Siberian Husky.

~ NancyZdramaland

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