Young rising actor Derek Chang is cute all around. His T-drama Prince of Wolf recently finished its run, and viewers simply love him as a Taiwanese jungle hottie raised by a wolf played by an adorable husky. Now, DramaFever fans will see him dress up as a model in Stay With Me, the new romance comedy starring Chen Qiao-En and Wang Kai.

When Prince of Wolf first started its broadcast, critics panned the drama for its "brainless script," "fake wolves," and other "tragic" inconsistencies. However, the drama exceeded expectations and became a top hit even though it was meant to be a filler between two bigger dramas. 

Fans would point to the handsome 23-year-old new leading man Derek Chang, along with the most adorable "wolf," as the prime force driving the unexpected popularity. They were willing to overlook the imperfections that the critics stated and to keep watching the drama. To be fair, the drama is a cute romance comedy, and there are other side romances played by likable young actors as well.

Derek actually filmed his role in Stay With Me a few months before he starred in the Prince of Wolf.

In Stay With Me, Chen Qiao-En (Fated to Love You) plays Li Wei Wei, a fashion designer, and Derek plays Leo, her younger brother who is a super-model. Can you imagine his abs being covered up by fashionable clothes?

In the new drama, Li Wei Wei wakes up after an accident and suffers from amnesia, setting her back to the age of 23, when she was dating Chen Yu Di (Wang Kai). What's happened since then? Why is she engaged to a different man now? She wants to know.

We want to know what happened too. We also want to know if Leo (Derek Chang) finds his own romance.


Stay with Me - 放弃我, 抓紧我

Starring Joe (Qiao En) Chen and Wang Kai

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