Princess Kako, second daughter of the Prince Akishino and second granddaughter of the Emperor Akihito of Japan, is entering the International Christian University in April. Reportedly the imperial household is concerned about her swim class. Why?

The 20-year old Princess Kako has long been a popular figure among the Japanese public. She is adorably cute and even has quite a large fan following among young people.

She previously dropped out of Gakushin University's Department of Education at the end of last August and is scheduled to enroll in ICU's Division of Arts and Sciences this year as a first-year student.

The concern, however, is not about her academic study, but about the required swim class. As a student of ICU, Princess Kako would certainly be required to take the swim class. Although the style of clothing required for the class is not specified, wouldn't you think a student would wear a swimsuit to the swimming pool?

These are the kind of photos we've seen of Princess Kako:

The following photo was just taken on March 6 as the very poised Princess Kako visited the Geku outer shrine of Ise Jingu shrine in Ise, Mie Prefecture.

As you see, as a member of the imperial family, Princess Kako always looks dignified in very conservative clothing. Safely covered. 

So when news broke about her swimming class, an excitement is building to see photos of the pretty princess in swimsuit. Reportedly many male students are even hoping to see her in a bikini. Already school and palace officials are concerned about possibly seeing these photos leaked and posted to the internet. It's certainly a valid concern in the digital age, as presumably the princess herself won't be taking selfies.

We hope it'll all work out and that Princess Kako will enjoy her studies at the university.

Stay tuned!

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