Apparently paparazzi for royalty have been lax on the job. It's finally been revealed that Japan's Princess Mako has been secretly living in England and attending University of Leicester for the last year. Find out more.

Her Imperial Highness Princess Mako of Akishino is the first-born granddaughter of the Japanese Emperor Akihito. Her parents are Fumihito, Prince Akishino (the Emperor's second son), and Kiko, Princess Akishino. She is very popular in Japan for her poise and graceful manners.

Princess Mako has been attending the University of Leicester in England since September 2014. For the past year, she lived just like an ordinary student, sharing halls of residence with other students, and she even interned at the Coventry Museum for 8 weeks. She was studying art museums and galleries.

Other Japanese students at the same university obviously recognized the 23-year-old princess, but they respected her privacy and did not intrude. Her professor Simon Knell said that the princess is "very polite, very enthusiastic, very generous, and she's been a delight to teach."

At a recent press conference, a Japanese reporter asked about her university life even though questions were forbidden. Her press officer exclaimed, "No questions!" But the polite princess bowed and replied, "It was a great experience."

The well-educated Princess Mako studied English at University College Dublin in 2010 and University of Edinburgh in 2012. She graduated from the International Christian University in Tokyo in March 2014 with a degree in Art and Cultural Heritage. 

She has completed her studies for a Master of Arts degree in Museum Studies at the University of Leicester and will return to Japan soon. However, her graduation ceremony is in January 2016, so hopefully the press will find out more next time.

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