Princess Mononoke Stage Show Pic 1-thumb-630xauto-35116 Hayao Miyazaki has agreed to allow his classic film Princess Mononoke to be performed in a new stage adaptation incorporating puppets, dance and music. The director reportedly gave his blessing after seeing just a few seconds of video footage from the new production staged by London's New Diorama Theatre. The show had a brief run in London and Tokyo, but its future was in doubt without having the master's official approval. Now the show can go on, to the delight of many interested fans. The original production was a bare-bones affair, but with the cooperation of Studio Ghibli, the revamped show will feature the film's famous Joe Hisaishi score. “Being a big Studio Ghibli and Miyazaki fan myself, I have no desire to alter the film’s narrative and atmosphere, or to add a ‘new spin’ on the story. I only want to re-tell it in a different form,” director Alexandra Rutter told The film's ecological message infuses the show down to the fabrication of props, puppets and costumes, created from reclaimed material and rags.   mono-01-580x326 OB-XF433_monono_G_20130425024538 mono-03-580x386   Princess Mononoke Stage Show Pic 9 Princess Mononoke Stage Show Pic 8 The second run of Princess Mononoke runs June 18th-29th at the New Diorama Theatre in London. See more of the Princess Mononoke stage production in the group's Kickstarter video here: