Just another disgraced ex-politician in Japan. Well...not really. This scandal involves the first ever former wrestler turned masked legislator.

The Great Sasuke, a hero to many wrestling fans, became a legislator for the Iwate Prefectural Assembly in 2003. He never took off his mask, even when ordered to by other politicians in the Assembly. "This is my real face," he said. When called up to speak during legislation, he used to bring up UFO sightings in Iwate Prefecture and how the government needed to take seriously the accounts of local witnesses. He also wanted more physical education for kids in schools because he wanted to fight bullying. He was a great legislator. But apparently, he had illegally used campaign funds to pay pro-wrestlers' and front office workers in his own federation, Michinoku Pro-Wrestling.

Besides being a famous pro-wrestler, he's also been on radio and TV, and even starred in a porno movie. He, of course, wore his mask but claimed that it wasn't him having sex with porn stars on screen: "That wasn't me! I know it sounds like me, but it's not!"

The Great Sasuke is often misunderstood, but shows his humanitarian side when he tours small towns and villages in northern Japan, entertaining little kids and the elderly every night in small halls and gymnasiums. He's been very active since the devastating tsunami, bringing hope to thousands, and even wrestling with a cracked skull and broken ribs. The locals love him. So what's a few million yen?

At the peak of his fame, he got arrested for beating up a passenger on the train who took a picture of him with his cellphone. The guy pointed his camera phone at him and Sasuke grabbed the guy, demanding, "What are you looking at?" The poor guy fearfully replied, "You're wearing a mask on the train."

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