New drama Producer started off with a high rating of 10.1% and 10.3 for its first two episodes, so why is it changing its director? Is it life imitating art, similar to what viewers saw in the first episode?

A nationwide rating that exceeds 10% is considered rare these days, but the highly anticipated Producer managed to achieve it.

Director Yoon Sang Ho, with his experience in directing independent films, showed us a very fresh way of looking at how shows are produced and managed from a realistic and at times ruthless angle. We venture with the players into the inner sanctum of Korean variety shows, from the control room to the boardroom and even to the bathroom, where deals are negotiated and tears are shed.

The innovative filming in episode 1 and 2 has definitely caught the audience's attention. Despite the high ratings, there are some who question the experimental nature of the drama. The new diretor, Pyo Min Soo, is expected to focus more on the story among the four leading stars: Kim Soo HyunGong Hyo JinIU, and Cha Tae Hyun. Director Pyo comes with strong experience in dramas such as Full HouseHeartstringsWorld that They Live inIris 2, and the most recent and delightful Fool's Love.

Actually, the change has already been in transition. Episode 2 contains work from both directors with some scenes refilmed under Pyo Min Soo. Starting with episode 3, according to a representative of the drama, Director Pyo and his style will be reflected fully.

Personally, I'm fine with the change as long as the drama delivers. I've learned a lot about the background and multiple players from the initial episodes, and it would be great to focus on the 4 leads and their connections. Based on the new director's portfolio, I'm all for more comedic and romantic elements. At the same time, I hope they keep the viewers involved in what happens behind the scenes in a Korean show production because I do feel very curious about how everything works there.

What do you think of the change? Watch the first episode below:

~ NancyZdramaland