Welcome one and all to our final posting here at the Producer drama club. We’re sad that it’s over, but we also have a lot to talk about. Our characters were all at the point where they were at a fork in the road and had to make a choice about which path they wanted to choose. Join Cici, Tiara, and me as we talk about the path that they did choose as well as the road not taken.

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“Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveler, long I stood And looked down one as far as I could To where it bent in the undergrowth” The Road Not Taken, Robert Frost

Logan: So we’ve all heard the Robert Frost poem, The Road Not Taken, and as Seung Chan read it to us this week, it seemed particularly applicable to the situation we’re seeing in Producer. All of our characters are faced with choices, paths that they must choose between. Starting with Ye Jin, who had the most obvious choice to make between Joon Mo and Seung Chan. What did you think of her choice and how she reached her decision?

Cici: I thought it was an obvious choice and long overdue. 


Tiara: I was a little irritated with her keeping Seung Chan on a string. Instead of telling him this relationship isn’t anything more than friends and I’m your Sunbae, she kept quiet. She gave him hope when there was none for way too long. It broke my heart to see him think there could be a chance. Oh, the poor boy! I just wanted to give him a hug. It was the Music Bank writer who actually gave Ye Jin some sound advice. I was truly impressed. It isn’t a complete surprise Joon Mo was picked. It was frustrating on getting these two to figure it out.


Logan:I completely agree about being annoyed at Ye Jin. What first struck me when Seung Chan kissed her, was her complete apathy. She was neither moved nor upset and even though I have been completely Team Umbrella Couple this whole time, I felt so sad for Seung Chan. She knew right then and there that her heart was not moved by him and she should have just told him. For her, choosing the path that wasn’t Seung Chan meant confronting Joon Mo. She didn’t know with certainty that he was an option for her. If he would have just manned up and confessed his feelings, poor Seung Chan would have never had to have been led on.

Tiara: Joon Mo finally took a path, thank the drama gods. Granted, he wasn’t flashy about it. It was sweet of him to bug the maintenance office until they fixed the lights. I thought Ye Jin wasn’t going to figure it out. It’s the beginning to a new life for these two. Will their twenty plus years of friendship survive being more than friends? It would be interesting to see if what was blocking their paths will keep or break them apart.

Logan: Not flashy is right! Lol. I have to admit, I was hoping for some sort of grand gesture on Joon Mo’s part once he was ready to admit his feelings, instead I was left saying - “That’s it?” I thought they were tricking us at first. But realistically, a grand gesture was not in Joon Mo’s character. He was careful and considerate and didn’t want a mistake so while I was a tad disappointed in the lack of fireworks, it was a realistic outcome based on their relationship. I wish we could peer into their future and see where they are in twenty more years.

Cici:  Joon Mo's confession felt completely in character. I was surprised to find out that he had based so many of his life choices on his desire to be with Ye Jin. How could it have taken him so long to realize that what he felt for Ye Jin all those years was love?

Tiara: I’ve heard there could be talks for a second season. Which, if that occurs, no more mystery of who will end up with whom. Back to Seung Chan, his path of finally becoming a PD is being paved. Who knew the guy giving him advice is some good luck ghost? I enjoy how he goes on thinking like a PD with frame shots and what not. He’s no longer the shy rookie from so many episodes ago. He’s feeling comfortable in his place which is totally awesome to watch him find the courage to explain his ideas at meetings.

Cici: About that good luck ghost--how did I not pick up on the fact that the guy no one else could see or talk to, but who was always hanging around to give Seung Chan comfort and advice, was something other than a human?  *face palm*. That scene just before the reveal did make me wonder just a little...dressed in white, with the centaur/unicorn wings looking like an oddly misplaced  part of him...


Logan: I heard that about a second season as well, fingers crossed. I heard that about a second season as well, fingers crossed. I thought it was so funny when they revealed he was a ghost, because my first impression was that he was some sort of Broadcasting fairy godmother. I guess I wasn’t too far off. Seung Chan went through a lot of work to become a real producer and it was fun to watch him take the path. It’s funny if you think about the fact that both he and Joon Mo only became producers to follow a girl and they both grew to love it so much.

Tiara: I never considered about how much alike Joon Mo and Seung Chan happen to be. However, their paths are in dissimilar directions. Joon Mo got his girl while Seung Chan doesn’t need one. Not yet, at least. Plus, the girl he followed was just an unrealistic fantasy. I’m happy he’s not as clueless as he used to be when it comes to Cindy. He’s starting to pay attention. He’s also spent way too much time with Ye Jin drunk to parrot her drunken behavior.

Cici: Oh, my, that drunken scene had me laughing out loud. I kept wondering if he was really that drunk, or if he was just imitating Ye Jin to be funny. Nope, he was really that drunk. And when he even parodied Ye Jin kissing Joon Mo, I almost died. Pure comedy gold. 

Logan: Oh yes, Seung Chan copying Ye Jin’s drinking habits was hilarious! Seung Chan and Joon Mo do have a lot more similarities than I first realized. Even when it comes down to having to choose whether or not to support a disgraced idol. In the past with Yuna Joon Mo wanted to choose to be on her side, but gave in to the higher ups. But because of Joon Mo’s decision to stand up for Cindy, Seung Chan was able to as well. So Joon Mo is the one that made it possible for Seung Chan to take a different path than him. I was so proud of them both when they stood up for Cindy.

Tiara: Don’t forget Ye Jin also stood up for Cindy too. The Idol who thought she had no friends had three great ones. Not only did they keep by her side when things were bad, but helped her fight for her rightful path. It was pretty great seeing the great and powerful CEO get burn. However, she did care for Cindy in her own twisted way. Her love for Cindy got lost in money, greed, and power.

Cici: I think we've all been hoping that someone would step up and take CEO Byun down for good. Such a despicable woman! I was so proud of Ye Jin for staying up all night to find the interview that would not only clear Cindy's name, but prove to the world just what she's had to put up with all these years. Go(ng) Ye Jin!

Logan: I was incredibly proud of Ye Jin, too. I love how these four are banding together to become the strangest group of friends. Cindy went through so much these last two episodes. I felt like the emotional pull of Seung Chan, Joon Mo, and Ye Jin offering her support and friendship was way more powerful than any of the lovelines. When Cindy was disgraced you could almost feel that deep rejection that she was feeling as if it were your own and similarly during the scene when Seung Chan and the rest of the 2d1n cast shows up in her room, you experience her relief and gratitude. I’m not afraid to admit I cried during that scene.

Tiara: I wished the drama forgot the lovelines and focused more on the friendship of PDs, rookies, and an Idol too. Why does that sounds like the start of a bad joke? The drama was more interesting watching the interactions and seeing into their daily lives. I wished the drama had kept the interviews more. I was wondering if the drama was going to punk us with the cast of 2d1n. The fuzzy look made it look like Cindy could have been daydreaming. Now that, I would’ve been angry if the cast showing up was fake. It was a very powerful scene to see Cindy break down. She didn’t think anyone would stick with her after being abandoned by CEO.

Logan: I agree, which is unusual for me to say because I love a good romance, but I could have done without the lovelines. I think going into it what threw me off was that the promotions teased that this was a drama where anyone could end up with anyone. That lead me to expect to focus on the romance, when really the times that I felt most moved were when one character did something genuinely selfless for another and it had nothing to do with romance. I have to say seeing Cindy break down like that was one of the most powerful Kdrama scenes I’ve ever seen. I loved all of the leads, but I have to say that IU and Kim Soo Hyun were the breakout stars of this drama in my opinion.

Cici: Once again Cindy stole our hearts as well as the scene. It says a lot that IU's performance has been so powerful that even I am okay with abandoning my dreams of The Umbrella Couple. Sort of. But if there's a second season, I will definitely be back on that ship! And those last scenes with Seung Chan were so adorable, I just can't quite give up hope.


Tiara: Cindy’s character became a lot more relatable towards the second half of the drama. It was neat to watch the Ice Princess has become normal. She’s still putting on a show of Cindy the Idol with money when we know it is far from the truth. It’s fun seeing the OCD Cindy, who has to organize and clean. IU was pretty great as her character actually got something to work with. Kim Soo Hyun as Seung Chan is adorable. He won me over from episode 1. Pretty soon he’s going to be a master of his craft if he hasn’t already become one.

Logan: Oh definitely, he’s so versatile. And I was impressed with IU for playing a character so different than the ones she has before. She did an amazing job with Cindy and really showing Cindy’s character development. I loved that even though Cindy was completely into Seung Chan she wasn’t aggressive or possessive with him. She just wanted to be near him and for him to be happy and while we don’t know for sure, I have a feeling that somewhere down the line Seung Chan will fall for her right back.

Tiara: Or there could be someone else for both of them down their new paths. There are still more roads not taken. We just haven’t gotten to them yet.

Logan: I know, I know. I’m just relentlessly Team Umbrella Couple. A girl can dream. Lol. Another character that had to choose between two paths this week was Hong Soon. I bet you’re pretty happy in the path that he chose, Tiara.

Tiara: Darn right I am. Hong Soon finally became a man. He couldn’t live without Yang Mi and picked her over kissing up to the President. However, I wonder if Mr. President isn’t Yang Mi’s daddy.

Logan: Right? I couldn’t shake the feeling that she was either. Especially when he said “It’s not like she’s the President’s daughter”. Another reason we need a second season. It was a very romantic move on Hong Soon’s part and I’m glad. They are a cute couple.

Cici: Whether she's the President's daughter or not, she really scored! Not only is Hong Soon desperately in love with her, he even cooks for her. Yes to more of this couple in a second season!

Tiara: I will go down with the Copier Ship!

Logan: Well now that our characters have gone down their paths, we must go down ours as well- the path to recovering from the inevitable Kdrama hangover we’ll have now that Producer is over. I don’t know about everyone else, but I see a pint of Ben and Jerry’s in my future.


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