Thanks for joining us again here at the Producer Drama Club. I think almost everyone has experienced being an outcast at one point or another. It’s awful to experience, and it’s been awful to watch as the leads we’ve grown to love experience it themselves. Join Tiara, Cici, and me as we talk about the social misfortunes of these characters and the abundance of one-sided romances.

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Logan: Front and center to the outcast party this week was Cindy. She was being a trooper filming 2 Days, 1 Night, but then was completely humiliated when she didn’t have a single person to call who would cheer her on. It seems like she doesn’t have a real friend in the world. What did you think when her “friend” dissed her on film?

Cici: The female career woman so focused on success that she sacrifices both love and friendship seems to be a pretty common theme. I feel sorry for Cindy, though. Her CEO admits that she’s raised her since she was thirteen, so a lot of Cindy’s personality flaws can be traced directly back to her. She’s been turned into a social outcast with an over-inflated ego in order to make her a saleable product. I just hope that she’s young enough to turn her priorities around.

Tiara: I can’t say I’m surprised when one of her group members dismissed her. Cindy was all in for disbanding her girl group with how she spoke with her ex-members. I mean, look at how she treats other people. However, I get she’s a top star, but it’s how you interact with others which count. In the end, she’s alone due to her position but herself. I think she’s figuring out there are consequences for your actions. It is nice to watch the Ice Princess start to fade as we see her vulnerable side.

Logan: I wasn’t surprised that her group member wasn’t her biggest fan. I was more surprised that she’s who Cindy decided to call. Maybe she was banking on the fact that her group members were so attention-starved that they’d be willing to fake it for the cameras. Either way, poor Cindy. There are people far worse than her who have loads of friends. Cindy is cold, but she keeps getting warmer and warmer, especially when Seung Chan is around. He seems completely oblivious to this, however. You’d think he’d sympathize as someone who was outcast himself at work.

Cici: I have to admit that I laughed out loud when the “umbrella couple” was disbanded in order to save a camera. Poor Cindy--another lovely fantasy dashed to pieces.

Tiara: Seung Chan just has a warm and soft place in my heart with each episode. He’s such a dork with his inability to interact socially. I do believe he understood the loneliness in Cindy. He may have made her do silly games for food and watched her failed, but he gave her his headphones and book to make her comfortable. He also determined to not eat dinner because Cindy didn’t. He sees, but he’s got some blinders on him for things not within his line of vision. Unfortunately, Cindy hasn’t made it into his direct line of sight to be significant. As for being an outcast, he’s still the rookie of the group and therefore an outcast. What he’s learned as a producer is how to order people’s food.

Cici: I think you’re right about how he sees Cindy. The kindness he extends to her he would extend to /anyone/ in a similar situation. It’s too bad that he can’t see how much he is affecting her. It melted my heart a little when she was able to overcome her insomnia by using the music and book that he gave her. It’s also too bad that neither his kindness nor his insightful analysis of 2N1D’s chances of success do anything to move him from the outcast position at work.

Logan: You make a good point. He is still an outcast at work. He can have a million good ideas, but if their noodles are soggy he’s the worst PD ever. Seung Chan does get too focused on certain things which blinds him to others. He’s so obsessed with making sure Ye Jin is okay, because he sees her as a kindred spirit. When he rushes to the hospital to see her and pretty much ignores Cindy I was a little disappointed. I know he wants to make sure his sunbae is okay, but Cindy likes him so much and she has no one else to care about her. With Seung Chan’s tender heart I was expecting him to show some concern for her as well as Ye Jin.

Tiara: Another one sided crush which may or may not continue as one. Seung Chan likes Ye Jin. How this had happened, sometime between the car incident to showing up drunk? It’s a slowly form friendship they both developed over a common bond. They are truly kindred spirits. For him, she’s become more than his Sunbae. Part of this relationship which is admirable is watching Seung Chan wanting to protect Ye Jin, from her own infatuation and herself. As for the hospital, I’m not sure he knew Cindy was hurt. Furthermore, they haven’t got a chance to connect over drinks like Seung Chan, Ye Jin and Joon Mo.

Logan: Yeah, Seung Chan is definitely developing feelings for Ye Jin and it only makes sense that he would based on their interactions. I’m more so disappointed because that breaks up both of the pairings I liked. I was especially rooting for Cindy and Seung Chan-or the Umbrella Couple as us fans affectionately call them. However, the drama is still young and hearts can be changed (even my own). Ye Jin had some sufferings of her own this week. She was really hurt by Joon Mo’s actions and when he seemed to care more about Cindy at the hospital than her, my heart broke for her. Even if he doesn’t love her he’s still her best friend and she could have used a little support from her best friend. Although, I’m not convinced that he’s not secretly in love with her as well.

Cici: Ye Jin’s talk with Seung Chan about the significance of editing memories was particularly insightful, and I think he finally realized the depth of her feelings for Joon Mo as well as her capacity for being hurt. This is something that goes way beyond hurt pride. She is not the tough cookie she appears to be at work, and letting him see her vulnerable side has made him feel even more protective of her. How Joon Mo has either missed it or chosen not to acknowledge it is beyond me.

Tiara: Joon Mo’s reason for editing out Ye Jin’s confession is the real question. Why? We know he cares for his friend, but what is his reason for driving her away with hurtful words and lies? He’s either afraid of taking the risk with his friend or does he not really care for her as a woman. Seung Chan is correct in calling him a coward. He’s the most normal one of the group and I understand he doesn’t want to shake up his world. Despite being relatable, he is disappointing me to the point I’m starting to not care what he does. He needs to really think over what his next plan of action is because he’s about to lose some friendships.

Logan: Whether they’re feelings of love or friendship, it is clear that he cares about her. He’s upset when he finds out she’s looking to move out. He needs to sort out a lot of things. For someone who’s in the television industry, he’s not very diplomatic. I don’t think he’s intentionally malicious. I just think he’s a bit clueless as to how to deal with other people’s emotions.

Cici: It probably ties in to his dismal record at predicting which shows and stars will do well, and which ones won’t. ( I almost died at the flashback where he said Lee Seung Gi should stick to singing and avoid acting.) I don’t think he’s clueless at all, he’s just horrible at predicting which relationships will work and which ones won’t. I’m betting that he’s actually completely in love with Ye Jin, has been for a long time, and he’s scared spitless. I’m pretty sure he’s avoiding a committed romantic relationship with Ye Jin because of fear of failure. And that’s something from which he would /never/ recover.

Tiara: If Joon Mo doesn’t want to admit his feelings, Ye Jin can’t wallow in her one sided crush forever. I’m fairly happy to see her try to start moving on from her unrequited love. Her moving out of the apartment she thinks still belongs to her is a big stride. I feel bad for her being put in such a complex place. Which leads me to her losing Joon Mo to talk to as well, but she’s made a young friend in Seung Chan. She’s warming up to him by changing his caller ID to his actual name. Considering one of her favorite songs by Lee Seung Gi is “Because You Are My Woman”, did we get a foreshadowing?

Logan: The romances and one-sided loves in this drama just keep getting more and more tangled. I just want to take all four of our leads and sit them down intervention-style until we hammer this out. But as much as I hate to admit it, Ye Jin and Seung Chan’s hearts do seem to be moving closer to each other's.

Tiara: Bwahaha!!! Oh I hope the interviewer locks them in a room to just ask questions until we get to the bottom of our love square pi. Hearts are moving but nothing set in stone, yet. We can’t leave out the bromance between Seung Chan and Joon Mo.

Logan: I almost forgot about the documentary crew. How can they stay silent while they’re watching all these tangled romances happen? They need to ask some questions. Lol. Seung Chan and Joon Mo’s bromance is adorable. I like that Seung Chan has grown comfortable enough with Joon Mo to pretty much tell him whatever he’s thinking. Their interactions have become a lot of fun to watch. Like when Seung Chan poured all that syrup in Joon Mo’s coffee. He has the strangest ways of getting revenge.

Tiara: I love the trickster Seung Chan is going with all his petty childish behavior. The ice coffee incident had me rolling. It’s his small way for getting back at Joon Mo for hurting Ye Jin. Of course, he also messed with Seung Gi’s name tag on his door. He’s such a bad boy. I do heart fully adorable all the scenes with Seung Chan and Joon Mo. His social idiot is going away. I can’t wait to watch more of these two and I hope for them to become friends by the remainder.

Cici: I predict a pretty rocky road for that bromance before they actually become friends. Seung Chan knows he’s about to get himself in trouble by comforting Ye Jin, but he does it anyway. I’m just afraid that will make him even more of an outcast at work. He could take some lessons in keeping everyone happy from Lee Seung Gi, lol.

Logan: Lee Seung Gi’s cameo was perfect-he was so adorable. I love how he contrasted his personality of always being kind to Cindy’s always being annoyed. She and the rest of our leads still have a lot to learn but I am confident that in the episodes to come we’ll see them step out of their outcast roles and continue to grow as characters. I look forward to seeing their transformations.

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