Friendships are forged with a tinge of jealously in the Producers this week. However will these new friends become frenemies with all the jealousy going on? There’s a saying about “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer”. Join in with Logan, Cici, and I as we start a new round of drinks and dangyunhaji.

Tiara: The highlight of this week’s episodes is the bonding of our core cast. It was a crackling good opportunity to actually see friendships form. Cindy being open about her past was a gracious feeling to understanding her character a tad more. What do you ladies think about our cast being openly friendly? Will the green eyed monster happen to show up to get these friends becomes enemies?

Logan: I am so glad to see our four leads growing closer. They might not be BFF status yet, but even the relationship between Ye Jin and Cindy is growing. I thought the scene where all four of them are together watching the fireworks was really sweet. They all make sure to wish Cindy happy birthday and Ye Jin puts her arm around Cindy just as she does with Joon Mo and Seung Chan. They seem to be the best versions of themselves when they’re all together.

Tiara: Ye Jin doesn’t seem to mind whom she’s putting her arm round. She’s got such a friendly attitude and wanted to include Cindy in their group of fun. It truly did feel like Ye Jin, Joon Mo, and Seung Chan were trying to prepare her birthday seem as normal as theirs and make her feel welcome. Cindy didn’t seem too thrilled over the karaoke bar as the others acted. It was entertaining to watch everyone have a good time singing and dancing. The scene shinned their true colors during each song.

Logan: Yeah, talk about the least subtle song choices possible. Lol. And no, Cindy was not having a good time. She did not like the amount of attention Seung Chan was paying Ye Jin. The jealousy presents an interesting obstacle between the blossoming friendship between her and Ye Jin. Obviously Seung Chan is already close to Ye Jin and Cindy desires that closeness to him. I think we see the same obstacle in Joon Mo and Seung Chan’s relationship. Jealousy is definitely rearing it’s head.

Tiara: Seung Chan was disappointed over the closeness of Ye Jin and Joon Mo during their choice songs and dance. I was on the floor laughing when Seung Chan picked “Because You’re My Woman” by Lee Seung Gi. The jealously on Joon Mo’s face was priceless the more she kept saying she wanted someone to call her “noona”. Ha! Not to mention her disappointed look when Cindy cut his song short. Thus far, none have gone evil over their jealousy which is a summation.

Cici: I’m really curious how these relationships are going to work out. It was pretty hilarious to see a male lead have the open-eyed shock response to a kiss scene. Poor Seung Chan...I bet it was his first kiss! It seems clear he has feelings for Ye Jin, but I’m still not convinced it’s not just protective friendship. I really liked how he stood up to Joon Mo and told him he was being cowardly, but I liked it even more when Joon Mo told him not to interfere unless he could take responsibility for the consequences.

Logan: You’re right, Cici, it probably was his first kiss- it makes for a pretty impressive story to have your first kiss with an idol. Lol. I don’t know if it’s just me but it doesn’t seem like Ye Jin has any feelings other than friendship toward Seung Chan. His feelings are still unclear, but she doesn’t seem romantically attached to him at all. I think it will take some time from her heart to turn from Joon Mo.

Cici: You are probably right about Ye Jin’s heart needing time, but that doesn’t keep her from sending mixed messages. Is she deliberately trying to make Joon Mo jealous by giving Seung Chan so much positive attention? I can understand how a naive young man could be getting the wrong impression from her actions. And the whole blind date thing . . . well, clearly the wrong person felt some jealousy over that!

Tiara: Ye Jin’s been treating Seung Chan like an adorable puppy with head pats and chin scratches. He’s overly protective of her which makes it super hard not to enjoy their relationship. Seung Chan wanted to be the person whom she could talk to. He’s continuing to steal not just the screen time but my heart. At the pace he’s going in stealing hearts, he might have Ye Jin’s by the end considering Joon Mo is editing over Ye Jin’s feelings still. He’s a cowardly for not coming clean. He’s jealous over their adorable interaction, only t he won’t say the words she wants to hear from him. Ye Jin’s waited a long time, but she’s going to stop waiting soon. She’s said multiple times she’s beginning to see Seung Chan as a “man”. Maybe not her man … yet.

Logan: There is something about Seung Chan’s openness and honesty that makes him loveable so he could change her heart for sure. Anything’s possible in this drama since there is still not a clear relationship happening. It’s different from most drama where there’s an obvious pair we’re rooting for but it’s kind of fun because we can’t predict what’s going to happen when it comes to romance or friendships. I’m still rooting for Cindy. She really opened up this week and we saw a more human side of her that just broke my heart.

Cici: I’m with you regarding Cindy. It occurred to me that it was probably her first kiss as well. It must be terrifying for her to be finally making real human connections. She has had an impenetrable wall built around her since her parents died. I really loved the way she handled two things: she uploaded a picture of herself with Ye Jin to stop the Internet hassling Ye Jin was experiencing, and she managed to be somewhat gracious to Go Ara when the network brought over as her “best friend.” She seemed like she might actually get to be friends with her former enemy. Or at least frenemies.

Tiara: Cindy is expanding as a character the more we get to know her. I’m glad to see her be able to open up to someone about her worries and fears. I can’t say I’m Cindy’s biggest fan when the drama started. However as the drama has unfolded, the Ice Princess has melted for us to finally discover the true Cindy. I enjoy how she passes her time resting, cleaning and organizing Joon Mo’s apartment. To know doing house work was fun, really shined some light on what little Cindy has done in her life. She ceased being a child at 13 and hasn’t been capable to genuinely live. It’s deplorable and I feel for the petty little girl.

Cici: I can see where her OCD tendencies could get annoying, but her ability to sort the trash certainly impressed Seung Chan’s mother, lol. Too bad Cindy didn’t realize who she was talking to--she could have used that to her advantage. She /is/ developing depth to her character, but she still isn’t above a bit of manipulation when it’s to her advantage.

Logan: Go Ara’s cameo was so great! One thing that I thought was interesting was that her character didn’t have any friends either. She and Cindy both had a similar sort of childhood-forced into being adults early- and it had the same effect on both of them. It would be great to see them become friends. I love the contrast between Seung Chan’s mom with Ye Jin, who refused to recycle properly, and with Cindy, the neat freak. It’ll be interesting to see if that comes into play down the road when she realizes that both of them have attachments to her son.

Tiara: The cameos are pretty awesome. I can’t wait to witness who shows up next. Go Ara was another great one which added more depth to Cindy and her lack of a childhood. I’m a bit afraid for Cindy as her CEO is a psycho. She more or less threatens to replace Cindy much like she did five years ago. I’m wondering whom it was the CEO harmed and got away with it. Joon Mo seems to know the young lady. Could she be the reason he’s gun shy about professing his feelings toward Ye Jin? He couldn’t protect the girl and is worried he can’t assume responsibility towards Ye Jin?

Cici: I was actually relieved when the CEO clarified her relationship to Cindy. Once we found out that Cindy’s real parents were killed in an accident when they were coming to see her, it makes sense that the CEO kind of took over the position of Mom. She really doesn’t seem to have a maternal bone in her body though--she’s horrible! But at least now I feel a little better disliking her so much. So that question has been answered, but the one that’s really getting me is /why/ Joon Mo is so reluctant to tell Ye Jin how he feels. Whenever he looks at her when she’s not watching, it’s painfully apparent that he loves her. For me, that’s the biggest unsolved mystery of this drama.

Logan: I agree that it’s possible that the CEO’s former star was Joon Mo’s girl. He obviously was attached to her in some way and that’s what makes him leary with Ye Jin. It is clear that he has feelings for her, but that in his mind he has very valid reasons for not confessing. I just don’t buy his reasons. I don’t think he’s a bad guy, he’s actually quite reasonable most of the time. But he’s not doing anyone any favors by keeping his feelings to himself.

Cici: Oh, rats, you guys. Just when I thought I had the CEO witch all neatly figured out, you go and tie in another mystery. I wonder if we’ll ever get to find out who the girl was that Cindy replaced, and what her relationship was to the other members of the department. I’m thinking she may have been Joon Mo’s sister, and that when CEO refers to her “disappearing”, that she actually committed suicide from all the pressure of being an idol.

Tiara: It seems like Joon Mo will be keeping these mysteries wrap up for another week. I’m with you Cici about the former idol being his sister. It kind of fits but I was totally off bat when it came to CEO in the beginning so I might just sit on the sidelines to wait until we get some answers.

Cici: Speaking of frenemies, don’t you just love the budding relationship between Kim Hong Soon and Ko Yang Mi? She is rapidly becoming one of my favorite side characters. I love everything about her, from her hair flip to her nose grab.

Logan: Definitely some great chemistry there. Can’t wait to see where their relationship will go!

Tiara: Those two are tons of fun to watch. They’re going to end up together, you mark my words. However I do need to say about the racing scene, Hong Soon totally let Yang Mi win.

Cici: That was pretty funny, considering he’s a /Running Man./ I do love the jokes in this drama. I’m just sad that it’s only 12 episodes long.

Tiara: We’re more than half way done with the drama. It’s sad to see how many episodes are left, but the length of the episodes have seem to gotten longer. I can’t say I was super thrilled over the hour and half.

Tiara: Four episodes are left with tons of story to tell. We're no closer to figuring out who will end up with whom. Seung Chan is in love with Ye Jin in a much different way than his previous Sunbae. Instead of looking at just her beauty, he's learned to see his new crush as a whole person flaws included. Will his noona ever see him as a man? Cindy has been given the chance to learn to love herself again. I know many want to see the Umbrella Couple end happily together, but maybe this isn't the point to her crush. Seung Chan was able to help her break her egg shell to live again or will he be the love who is walking towards her? Joon Mo has gone to the background but it's a matter of time before we find out the secrets which are holding him back. Will coming to term with what happen in the past free him to confess his love or will it be too late? Ye Jin's crush on her best friend continues with her sad looks. Will she finally be able to move away from her one-sided love? Who will sweep Ye Jin off her feet and take her heart away from Joon Mo? We will have to wait and see. Until Next Time, Watch More Dramas.

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