Welcome back, Rookies! Have you ever had one of those times when a song keeps running through your mind, and it just seems to sum up everything that’s going on? Join Tiara, Logan, and me, Cici, as we discuss who is or isn’t getting what they want, as well as just what it is that they actually need, in episodes 9 and 10 of Producer.

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Tiara: Cindy had another tough week. She put herself out there with Seung Chan again and was shot down. Which we knew he wasn’t going to return her feelings; however, it’s nice to see her break out of this protective bubble. She’s getting a chance to live life by letting herself like not only Seung Chan but herself too. Of course, her CEO is off to try to replace Cindy like Yuna five years ago. She’s got a great battle in front of herself and so far she’s handling the situation nicely.

Cici: I don’t think I’m alone when I say that Cindy has become one of my favorite characters...and I certainly didn’t think that would ever happen at the beginning of the show. Her character has had the most satisfying dynamic arc, and I’ve really grown to love her. I couldn’t believe how sweet and sincere she was in her thank you/acceptance speech.


Cici: And then the way she turned things around with CEO Byun--I may have cheered and fist-pumped just a little. Okay, a lot. I just wish that she could be happy on a personal level, but I don’t think the ship with Seung Chan is gonna sail.


Tiara: I’m right there with you, Cici. I never thought Cindy would become one of my favorites by the end when we first embarked on the dramatic event. Her story is more than a love line. It’s complex with a dash of politics, which I’m digging. Her speech for her win was perfect, but I love how she’s using her brain to manipulate the situation her CEO has placed her in.


Tiara: She’s got her anti-fans on her side too. By far my favorite part this week is Cindy meeting her anti-club. She’s growing more as a person with her interactions with the PD's and her fans. It’s fairly amazing to witness her growth and I can’t wait for her to bring down her nasty CEO for good.


Cici: Cindy has become so cool! I thought I would die laughing when she met her anti-fans. Their expressions when she removed her hat and mask were priceless. And then she turned them into fans for life by “fixing” her previous mistakes with a group selfie and autographs. But my personal favorite was when she insisted that her newbie replacement sit in the car with them while she had it out with her CEO. The way she turned to her afterwards and asked if she’d been listening was amazing. It not only put CEO Mom in her place, but it may just have saved the newbie some grief in the future. At least if Ji Ni continues, she can’t say she hasn’t been warned. Ditto for the CEO!

Tiara: I felt bad for newbie Ji Ni with how Cindy treated her at first. It was rude of her to push Ji Ni’s chair, but the more I recalled about the scene, it wasn’t directed at Ji Ni. It was Cindy putting a line in the sand against her CEO. I was impressed with her having the newbie in the car to witness what will happen to her when she is no longer useful. I too hope Cindy has saved the poor girl from a horrible end. Speaking of ends, Yuna was the idol Joon Mo made promised to take responsibility for. It’s pretty horrible the way CEO crushed Yuna to the point only bad rumors remain and nothing else. It makes sense why he’s afraid of making anymore promises. However, I nevertheless have a bone to pick with him. He proceeds to make me want to hurl my computer at the wall. Why must he continue to be stupid?


Cici: Yep, he’s by far the most frustrating character we’re dealing with right now. Just because you make a promise you can’t keep once doesn’t have to turn you into a wimp for life. Although I do wish Seung Chan would take his advice and back off from Ye Jin a little, lol. At least Joon Mo did manage to tell Ye Jin that he didn’t want her to move out, but why couldn’t he have made his reasons clear? Of course she’s going to assume that it’s just because he wants her to continue taking care of him, rather than for any romantic reasons. And because he’s so inept at actually expressing his true feelings, neither he nor she are going to get what they want.


Tiara: GRRR!!! He had the perfect moment to express his true feelings. Instead, he opened his mouth and put his foot in it. The second time he had a chance he confessed while Ye Jin was asleep. He’s made no progress as a character in too many episodes where I’ve gotten to the point I just don’t care about him and his issues. At this point, I want Ye Jin to be happy and live a full life. If Joon Moo can’t put on his big boy panties by now, I don’t believe he will. He’s either too scared and/or doesn’t want to lose his best friend for over 20 years. I do get it and understand his fears are grounded. It’s just we’re two episodes to the end and he hasn’t shifted from his passive and mopey way.

Cici: I have to agree with you, but I do think there is still a slight chance things might still work out between Joon Mo and Ye Jin. I had to give her props for the way she explained how their friendship would probably change dramatically “when they each marry someone else”. It’s as if Joon Mo just wants things to stay the same forever, nice and comfortable and safe. Ye Jin’s finally made him see that holding back isn’t going to protect their friendship--if he doesn’t do something drastic to make her really his, he will lose even that. And with Seung Chan racing down the stretch, he doesn’t have much time! What did you think of that sneak kiss attack?

Tiara: The boy does know how to make an impactful kiss. Kim So Hyun has some of the memorable kiss scenes. I was pleased with Seung Chan’s confession. It was sweet to have Ye Jin find out about his one-sided love. Considering she’s spent the time thinking he was in love with Cindy, it comes as a huge shock. I’m glad to see Seung Chan putting himself out there. No more pining away in the shadows this time around. He wants Ye Jin’s love and this time he isn’t going to stand to the side and hope his Noona Sunbae sees him.

Cici: I was kind of miffed when he went to all that trouble to create a really thoughtful and insightful confession and record it with the bear, only to stuff it on a shelf when he thought he’d missed his chance. It was just plain luck that she heard what he had to say. It was pretty funny how the Queen of Relationship Intuition was blindsided by it, though.


Cici: Once she admitted that she found out how he felt, it really did take a lot of courage for him to go for it. I was sure she was about to try to let him down gently when BAAM, he went in for the kiss. I’m really wondering where this is going to go now. Will he get what he wants? And will it be what Ye Jin needs?

Tiara: Sometimes you don't get everything you want. It could honestly go either way. The situation is giving Ye Jin the chance to figure out whether her feelings for Joon Mo are just friendly or more than friends. I’ve always thought Ye Jin needed to move on from Joon Mo. They’ve been in each others’ space for months and it’s getting her feelings all mixed up more than they have been. Yes, Ye Jin has had a crush on him for years, but they have been attached at the hip for 20 plus years. It’s time for her to have some separate time away from Joon Mo. This could be a good start for Ye Jin to consider Seung Chan’s confession.

Cici: If the drama gods were ruled by common sense, you would be right. Ye Jin and Joon Mo need to be apart long enough to miss each other, or  to find out that they don’t. I’m not so sure that’s what will happen, though. Thank goodness we have one couple who have managed to hook up against all odds! Yang Mi and Hong Soon have me rolling on the floor every time they get near each other. Yang Mi is getting (read that taking) what she wants, and Hong Soon is getting exactly what he needs!


Tiara: I will go down with this ship!!! Hong Soon better realizes he needs Yang Mi. If they get back together, she needs to allow their relationship to not be a secret. Hong Soon is a gossiper; I’m surprised no one has suspected anything yet. The Music Bank writer might have put two and two together with the photocopies. Perhaps she’ll help bring the OTP together again.

Cici: I’m not worried. Yang Mi knows just how to play the game of push and pull, and she also knows that’s how you reel in the really big fish, lol. . . So, any final predictions? Next week is the wrap, and I still have no clue who will end up with whom. Maybe no one will end up together? Except for Yang Mi and Hong Soon, of course.

Tiara: Joon Mo will finally tell Ye Jin how he feels about her. It’s got to happen or at least for them to have the “big talk” about where they stand as friends or not. Cindy is going to leave her horrible company. She’ll become a bigger star than she already is and become a little more humane with more friends to call. Seung Chan will become PD of a show down the line and it will become a great hit. Cindy will be a guest star on his show a lot. Ye Jin and Cindy will become BFF's. Joon Mo will get his numbers up either with his current show or will try out a new one. As for who ends up with whom, I got zilch. I’m fine if no one ends up together and they all just stay friends. I’ve loved watching the maturation of these characters from episode one. Each of them has learned to love themselves, to not stand in the shadows waiting, and that moving on isn’t a bad thing.

Cici: Great predictions, but I’m wondering how all this will be resolved in just two episodes! I have a feeling we may be in for a time jump the last episode just to fill us in on “the rest of the story”. I’m cool with that. It was actually one of the best ploys in Heirs. And I think you’re right--they will all end up friends. That may not be what they think they want, but it is probably just what they need.

Well, Rookies, it's coming down to the wire. Be sure to share your thoughts as well as your own predictions for the final two episodes in the comments below. And until next time, watch more dramas!

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