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Hey Drama fans! Becca and Megan here with another round of ideas to make your drama viewing experience a little more creative! What is more exciting than bringing together some of Korea’s most loved stars for a show all about one of its best pop culture offerings — the variety show?!

We are beyond excited for the premiere of Producer, exclusively on DramaFever, so we put together some fun ideas to make your premiere party extra memorable. Megan even works as a producer at a news station, so we guarantee these ideas are 100% producer-approved! Though we have to admit — no one in the newsroom looks like Kim Soo Hyun!

1. Get into the variety show spirit!

What better way to celebrate the premiere of Producer than by celebrating the ultimate Korean variety show: Running Man? Not only is Mr. Capable himself — Kim Jong Kook — debuting as an actor on Producer, our quartet of leads are working on a variety show. In homage, we created these incredible Running Man-style shirts, by velcroing tabs with everyone’s names on the back. If you don’t have a Jack-of-All-Trades like Becca around to do the sewing, improvise — you can use white duct tape, even something as simple as paper.

2. Eat like a producer!

Most producers are workaholics and don’t have time to stop and eat something healthy for lunch or dinner. We wanted to stay true to the job, so our menu features a well-rounded meal — found exclusively in a vending machine! Chips, candy, soda — it might not be the way to eat all the time, but in honor of our over-worked producers, one night can’t hurt! We added some instant ramen for a little more substance — but ordering pizza or burgers to-go is also acceptable. (Don't forget antacids as a parting gift!)

3. Mix it up with some variety-style games…

We researched minute-to-win it type challenges online and came up with a handful to play during breaks. We even personalized them for the occasion — like this round of “Gong Pong” — named in honor of Gong Hyo Jin. Each competitor gets a few ping pong balls and a cup. The challenge: try to be the person who gets the most ping pong balls in the cup in a minute. It’s simple, fun, and keeps the energy up.

4. Or go all out — Running Man-style!

You’ve already got your “authentic” Running Man shirts, so use them just as a decorative nod to the show, or plan your own epic game of hide-and-seek around your neighborhood. You can even set up a capture the flag course in your house. Break into teams and set the rules — then let loose. Every time I watch Running Man, I daydream about how much fun it would be to search across Seoul for a challenge. This way, you can bring a little of the fantasy to your own backyard!

5. Accessorize!

No producer can ever be caught without their name tag. In many places, it doubles as their key card, so it’s an essential accessory. For your party, it’s a simple and fun souvenir for guests to take home.

6. Stay caffeinated!

Pick your poison. Be it black coffee, energy drinks, or something a little fancier, like Becca’s “Cha Tae Latte,” it’s important to stay alert. Producers can’t afford to miss a beat, so a little help from your favorite caffeinated beverage is a must.

7. Carry a clipboard!

A little paperwork is not only authentic — it can also become a fun game to play during the show. Just create a list of common K-drama occurrences — you know the type — the plot lines that keep happening over and over in K-dramas, but no matter how much we roll our eyes, we’d be devastated if they didn’t happen at all. We listed a few of our favorites: amnesia, drunken piggy-back ride, mistaken identity...

You get the idea — and we’ll play spot-the-trope throughout the show. It’s great as the series moves forward. Even if you can’t have a get-together for every episode, you and your friends can keep track as the drama moves along!

8. Don’t forget to relax!

Remember — you’re not at work! Even if Producer is all about navigating the fast-paced world behind the scenes at a variety show, this is your chance to kick back and relax, so do it in style! Do a little role reversal and act like the talent. What better way to look your best for your big debut than by pampering yourself? We bought these Korean sheet face masks online, but you can find fun beauty products at your local pharmacy. Note: Remember to remove any cucumbers from your eyes before trying to watch the show.

9. Invite your friends!

This could be the perfect time to introduce hesitant friends to K-dramas. The variety theme is fun for everyone, and a great gateway into the world of Korean entertainment. Plus, you’ve got the added bonus of some of Korea’s biggest stars coming together on the screen. Lure them in with the junk food and games. They’ll likely stay on their own.

10. If the variety theme doesn’t do it for you…

Why not pay tribute to K-drama sweetheart Gong Hyo Jin? With her many memorable roles, she’s always a drama favorite — just throw together some Pasta, take a style cue from her character in The Master’s Sun, and even break out the ding-dong’s in honor of her little brother in Greatest Love

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